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Found 354 results

  1. Anyone know a good place for Easter Brunch in Morris, Somerset, Union, or Essex counties? I realize that this is like going out on Mother's Day but hey, short of converting my wife's entire family to Judaism (oy, my parents would be thrilled! ) this is what I've got to deal with. I do have a reservation for the North Maple Inn in Basking Ridge but I'm open to suggestions.
  2. I love hot cereal. I buy bulk ingredients and keep a batch of cereal in the fridge: the combinations always change, and to this day I still haven't hit the PERFECT mix. Suggestions would be appreciated... I start with rolled oats and cracked wheat and add any or all of the following: wheat germ quinoa cous cous sesame seeds sunflower seeds dates chopped nuts oat bran While it's cooking [i use milk and water, usually], I add some pure vanilla extract and grated nutmeg, and if I have it some chopped crystalized ginger and shredded coconut. A pinch of coriander adds excitement. I eat hot cereal with "cajun crystals" cane sugar and vanilla yogurt.
  3. Having enjoyed reading about what people's dinner creations at Dinner! Topic, I thought we could do the same for breakfast !! So, feel free to post what you made for this important meal of the day !! Cheers Percy
  4. There's been a disquieting lull for the last couple days, so I thought I would throw this out. Hopefully there are others that like going out for brunch.... I'm a sucker for buffet brunches, but too often run into tables-full of mediocrity. A couple weeks ago I went to the Calcutta Grill at the Golf Club at Newcastle because my wife had a gift certificate. It was great!, and the view can't be beat. The regular price is about ~$25, which I don't think is too bad given the spread they have. Some of the highlights were sushi (rolls), the carving station and an fantastic desert selection. For non-buffet type brunches, I like both Maximilien and Cafe Campagne a lot. Other fav brunch spots??
  5. In discussions with a colleague, I was shocked...SHOCKED...to learn that neither he nor his wife eats breakfast before leaving the house in the morning. Now I know there are certain clichés that are just not worth repeating; but frankly, I feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I basically always have breakfast, and always make breakfast for my wife, when we're in the same city. And I'm not talking about coffee = breakfast. I make oatmeal or some other hot cereal, cut up fruit, scramble eggs, whole wheat toast, whatever...it's breakfast. And for me, it's necessary, otherwise I start to feel like crap within an hour or two. So, seriously, do you skip breakfast? Why?
  6. Wendy's is joining the Fast Food breakfast crowd. The brief article: Wendy's to serve Folgers coffee in breakfast push Are Folgers' Gourmet Selections coffee flavors good enough to attract the breakfast crowd? As someone who grinds their own beans everyday, it wouldn't be a selling point for me. But then I'm probably not their target customer. The article says the company is already serving breakfast in 160 stores. Has anyone tried their breakfast menu?
  7. I had an exciting and fun filled morning re-exploring some places I have not visited in awhile- I started out in North Arlington and went down to River Road in Weehawken- My first stop was Mitsuwa-I haven't been there since they re-modeled I bought some sushi and other items from there I went to Whole Foods then went up Edgewater Avenue to Han Ah Rheum from there I went along Broad and then to Jerry's from Jerry's I went to Teaneck to check out some things Jewish-my son is about to become engaged- All and all I had a great morning exploring
  8. Does anyone know anywhere that serves silver dollar pancakes in Seattle?
  9. I'm looking for GOOD corned beef hash - made from scratch in Seattle for my birthday breakfast. It's one of my favorite things and not easy to find. Thanks. Mary
  10. Hello - I am looking for a great brunch/lunch spot in Wailea. It will be on Thansgiving day and will be for a "day after wedding" festivity (btw - wedding/reception is at Seawatch - otherwise I would probably go there). I am looking for good food and good ambiance. Potentially looking at Duo at Four Seasons, but would like to know thoughts as well as other ideas. Thanks!
  11. ate the tenderest lightest waffle with the crispiest lightest fluffiest (or was that the waffle or should i never use the word fluffy in conjunction with eating rabbit), i don't know, this dish was so terrific that i just can't get it outta my mind! restaurant: Zazu in the Russian river countryside. owners dusty estes, and her husband, adorable whats-his-name with the tatoo of the pig or is it a lamb, on his arm.....and who cures meat brilliantly, especially his homemade coppa which should be spoken about in whispers its so good. better than what i eat in italy, where i try to hang out as much as i can...... also the BLT salad was divine, everything was divine even things that just sounded ordinary on the menu. the lamb sausage sandwich wasn't as thrilling as i would have hoped but i was not in the mood for a sandwich at all and we pretty much ate everything else on the menu! includig fabulous gelato.
  12. What drinks are considered common for breakfast? Of course mimosa, bloody Mary and screwdriver, but how about the White Russian? It is milk-based, so why not?
  13. My daughter will be baptized in about a month and we would like to have family and godparents back to our house after the baptism. The baptism will be at 9 am, so I am thinking breakfast foods, BUT everything needs to be done in advance, since we will all be coming home together. And there could be up to 20 people! Please help because I am stuck on pastries and fruit salad.
  14. I'll be in NYC in a few weeks for a long weekend. While I've had no problem making reservations for dinner/lunches on the weekdays, I must admit, this non-NYC native is having a hard time coming up with some great places to try on the weekend mid-day meals... I'm trying to maximize my eating opportunities (ie higher-end establishments). Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. u.e.
  15. So, we're* finally heading off to San Francisco in July for a 10-day visit, staying with my stepson in the Potrero district the first few nights (THANKS, guys, for the neighborhood eatery recommendations), then driving up to Napa & Sonoma with a 2-night stay in Calistoga. We've been to SF and wine country many times, though not for several years. However, our flight arrives from Honolulu at 6:15 a.m. on a weekday. We're not due at SIL's house till 6 p.m. Where should we go/eat in between, especially early breakfast spots? We'll be picking up a rental car at the airport and were thinking of driving into town to check out the new-to-us Ferry Marketplace, but I just read that most of the shops don't open till 10 a.m. We'll also probably need a shady place to park and catch a few winks. Ideas? * We = me, my husband, and our 9 year old daughter.
  16. We are looking to plan a last minute surprise 60th birthday brunch in about 2 weeks - probably Sun 10/23. Looking for new ideas for places. 30 +/- guests - 5 or so will be kids age 3-13. We live in Englewood Cliffs & have thought of most of the usual: Assembly, Bicycle Club, Villa Amalfi, but are hoping someone might give us some names we didnt think of. Thanks
  17. I've been trying to make waffles and muffins that have about 50% whole wheat along with regular unbleached flour. They have a nice flavor, but seem kind of chewy and maybe a bit tough. I really try not to overmix, but am not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've been just using recipes that are for regular muffins/waffles and substituting whole wheat flour, but maybe I should be changing something else... Anyone have good recipes for this? Thanks! [Also -- if anyone has a suggestion for a book that has good quick bread and other baking recipes, please share]
  18. Lo-Lo's Fried Chicken and Waffles is the best fried chicken and waffles in Phoenix and some of the best that I have ever had. Larry White(Lo-Lo) is the grandson of the owner of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe in Phoenix. Larry gets his food right-chicken, waffles, homefries, mac and cheese, catfish, grits, red velvet cake etc. Larry (Lo-Lo) White-Fried Chicken Maestro There are many options at Lo-Lo's, but this is the namesake. The waffles are delicious and the chicken is ......divine! A few squirts of hot sauce does not hurt either-depending where you put it The platter comes with 3 pieces of chicken, 2 sides and cornbread. pictured beans over rice and homefries Cheesy Grits-yum Mac and Cheese-please. Cheesy Eggs 10 West Yuma St. Phoenix, AZ 85003 (just 2 blks. south of Buckeye Rd. & west of Central Ave.) Catering & Delivery Available Still closed on Mondays Tuesday - Thursday 10arn to 7prn Fridays 10arn to 2arn Saturday 10arn to 7prn Sunday 10arn to 5prn 602-340-1304 I think the Fried Chicken at Horny Toad in Cave Creek is good, but Lo-Lo's wears the crown in town. I have brought many people to Lo-Lo's and always leave happy. . He is located at 10 west yuma which is 2 blocks south of Buckeye just off Central. Good Eating, Molto E
  19. George Jetson, this one's for you: https://thespoon.tech/the-founder-of-reviewed-com-wants-to-reinvent-cooking-with-robot-cooking-appliance/
  20. Omelette with courgette and tomato salsa. Today I added a bit of chili pepper to tomato-basil salsa. Because it was quite spicy I decided to add it to a mild dish. I prepared an omelette with courgette and goat cheese. The salsa added an excellent piquancy to it. I recommend this dish for a fast and light meal. Ingredients: omelette 3 eggs 150g of courgette 3-4 slices of goat cheese 2 tablespoons of milk 1 tablespoon of flour 1 tablespoon of butter salt and pepper salsa 2 tomatoes 3 tablespoons of minced basil quarter of an onion 2 cloves of garlic half a chili pepper 3 tablespoons of olive oil 2 tablespoons of lemon juice 1 teaspoon of honey Start by preparing the salsa. Cube the tomato and dice the garlic, onion and chili pepper. Mix the vegetables together. Make a sauce with the olive oil, lemon juice and honey. Add it to the vegetables and mix it in. Leave in the fridge. Slice the courgette very thin. Whisk the eggs with the milk and add the flour. Spice it up with salt and pepper. Melt the butter in a pan. Pour half the egg mass into it and fry for a while at medium heat. Arrange half of the courgette slices on top along with the slices of goat cheese and the rest of the courgette. Pour the rest of the egg mass onto it and fry it. When the eggs have congealed, turn the omelette upside down and fry for a few seconds. Serve at once with the tomato salsa. Enjoy your meal!
  21. Raspberry porridge Today, I used the best part of my raspberry shopping for my summer second breakfast. I recommend it for those who only drink coffee in the morning. The rolled oats and chia seeds ensure that it satisfies our hunger very well, and the empty bowl means that you are sorry the dish was so small. The inspiration for this dish comes from "Smaki życia" ("Flavour of Life") by Agnieszka Maciąg. Ingredients: 100g of raspberries 3 teaspoons of honey 3 tablespoons of rolled oats 2 teaspoons of chia seeds decoration 3 teaspoons of natural yoghurt raspberries, blueberries, banana slices, cashews, sesame seeds Mix together the rolled oats with the chia seeds, pour in some hot water and leave for 20 minutes. Wash the raspberries and drain them. Leave a few nice bits of fruit for decoration. Blend the rest of the raspberries with the rolled oats, chia seeds and honey. Put it into a small bowl. Put the natural yoghurt on top. Decorate with the banana slices, blueberries, raspberries, sesame seeds and cashews.
  22. I have been contacted by a friend who is going to school and has been given a project of developing a dessert. She asked me for advice on chocolate dipping waffles. Personally, this sounds beyond sweet for my tastes so I was wondering if anyone has had such a thing and was it something you would eat again? I have had chocolate syrup on a waffle but not a chocolate dipped. Perhaps I will have to get into the kitchen and do some experimenting. Beth
  23. We have reservations at 11:00AM on a Sunday at the Barnes, and we would like to get something to eat either before on after our visit. Looking for places anywhere along the Main Line from Bryn Mawr to Merion.
  24. Hi everyone, I was talking to a friend and she mentioned a place doing upscale brunch dishes - not the usual greasy spoon fare - in Old Montreal. I think she said it was called Le Cartez. My friend definitely pronounced the 'z' sound. This bears mentioning because although she speaks perfect English, she is a Francophone, who probably wouldn't have added the 'z' sound to a name ending with an 's'. Is anyone familiar with this spot? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi everyone! Before I get to the point here, i just want to introduce myself. I'm Hillary, a suburban mom/veterinarian/person-who-eats, and former avid poster to the phl.food newsgroup. I know some of you around here "know" me from there (not to mention my former incarnation as a support person at a local ISP) (Hi Holly! Hi Sandy! Hi Andrew!). Anyway, I just joined egullet, and have been reading up a bit (I'm now suddenly DYING to go to the Sansom St Oyster House, and I actually poured myself a glass of limoncello before sitting down to write this, if you can believe that...), and I figured, well, I'm never one to wait around, I'll just dive right in. So. Maybe you kind folks can help me out with what's been a continuing problem...where to go on Sunday morning for an early breakfast with the kids (who are 5 mos, 2.5 yrs, and 4.5 yrs old!)?? For the past oh, 4.5 years, we've been going to Ruby's Diner in Ardmore, the 401 Diner in Conshohocken, or the Ardmore Station Cafe in Ardmore. Ruby's and ASC get extra points from my son, because he can see the trains from there. But I can not tell you how sick (and tired) I am of this food. Oy. I really really REALLY really really want to go somewhere else for a change on a Sunday morning. When we go out, it's usually early - like, 8, 8:30 early, although if we go farther afield from our Lafayette Hill home, we could certainly end up arriving later - and we usually go with my parents-in-law, making us a total of 7 people (well, 4 adults, 2 children, and 1 infant). So. Any ideas where we could try that is casual, would take a party this size, be kid-friendly and serve food that picky eaters will eat (pancakes, fruit, waffles, bagels, etc), while perhaps having something for the more adventurous to go for as well? I mean, my husband and I love Carman's, but the kids would just about die there. :)
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