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Found 352 results

  1. I love fruit in breakfast bread, but have a difficult time finding recipes without nuts in the loaf as well. Is there a "bread science" reason for the nuts or can I just forge ahead with extra fruit in lieu thereof? Also... what is your favorite sweet/fruit/breakfast bread? Thank you!
  2. So, I'm on the home stretch of a rather lengthy, and career deciding application: medical school. All I'm doing right now is sitting at home putting in some drudge work to finalize it. But, it's also ~10:20 a.m. and I'm just about ready to start my second beer. What is too early to start drinking beer, and why? I think the earliest I've ever started in was about 7:30 a.m. when I was camping... unless you count a few times when I saw the sun come up 'cos I was still at the beer. No, mothers, this is not a healthy or socially acceptible topic. Moderator, kill it if it's not appropriate.
  3. I've already polished off half a box of Harvest Crunch Granola today. I haven't really eaten cereal in years, but these crunchy granola clusters are hard to resist. What's your favourite cereal, and what do you eat with it? (Big bowl, big spoon, and 2% milk for me.)
  4. cakewench

    Hash Browns?

    Alrightie. Back in Amsterdam after a weekend with the in-laws in Germany. I've had it up to here *gestures* with foreign-ity right now. When I get in these moods (rare, but powerful when they occur), only Comfort Foods can help. I'm typing this up after a long, tedious car ride, and will be falling into bed shortly. I hope to wake up to find an answer or two to this question. Which is: Any suggestions for hash brown preparation? The potato-and-onion sort. Minimal frills. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but I think I've only made them myself once, a long time ago, and I don't recall what I did. For example, perhaps a question better suited to the 'stupid question' thread, but does one cook the potatoes first? ie, am I frying raw potato (okay, it already sounds wrong, somehow), or boiling/roasting beforehand? Any other suggestions regarding nice, fried, breakfast-style potatoes are welcome, also. I'm picturing some nice over-easy eggs, toast, and hash browns on the menu tomorrow for lunch. (no, not breakfast. I might like the 'American breakfast', but it's a bit ...much... for actual breakfast. Unless I'm on vacation. Which I'm not. /sidetrack) Thanks!
  5. After bemoaning the plethora of mediocre restaurants in Charlotte, I decided it was time for me to highlight one of our city's greatest: The Coffee Cup. I have lived in Charlotte for 12 years and have tried many breakfast establishments. To me, a good breakfast is a place where you can get good bisuits, good grits (I like mine on the firm side -- not runny), excellent bacon/country ham/sausage and hash browns or homefries. We have tried John's Country Kitchen on Central, Andersons, Athens, The Landmark, Eddie's Place and countless others. We mourned the demise of the Cupboard on South, which had really good biscuits and country ham, not to mention a deadly coconut pie. My husband almost cried when Rogers Barbecue closed - meaning the end of their deadly breafast "casserole" of scarmbled eggs topped with onions, bell peppers, potatoes, cheese and sausage gravy. We have missed the country ham and red eye gravy at Nashville's Loveless Motel since we left that city in 1991. We have been to the Coffee Cup before. After yesterday's breakfast, my family decided it was the ONLY place worth going to in Charlotte for a traditional country breakfast. They make real biscuits that don't have flecks of the yellow butter-flavored Crisco used by so many restaurants. You can order chicken and waffles, salmon patties, steak - even fried chicken with the fixin's for breakfast. I devoured my bacon - which was really more like fried side meat - fatty, crispy, melt-in-your mouth bits of salty bacon. Their smoked sausage and potatoes with bits of onion are excellent. Their sweet tea willl throw you into a diabetic coma if you're not careful. And the service - while a tad slow - is friendly and efficient. To all who visit - go here for breakfast. To all who live here - keep this place alive!
  6. I'm going to Baltimore on Friday and Saturday to do research for a brewery/bar guidebook. I'm bar-hopping to exhaustion Friday night (fatigue, not pass-out, I gotta stay sober enough to take notes), and I'm going to need lots of really great coffee and a rib-sticking breakfast Saturday morning. So...what's the best non-chain place in Baltimore for breakfast? I want coffee, and biscuits, and shellfish, and pie, and maybe some local breakfast favorite I'm not aware of. And I would rather starve than eat at Denny's or some other damned chain restaurant pit. Educate me, hon!
  7. My wife an I will -unless something urgent comes up- be in Dallas on the 24th for the Dallas e-gullet get together. We plan to have a nice dinner that evening and a breakfast/Brunch Sunday. I pretty much have my dinner places scouted out thanks to an earlier thread about the Dallas restaurant scene. However, I would appreciate a good breakfast or brunch spot. So far a friend suggested a place called "Bread Winners". Thanks Elie EDIT: to fix the name of the place
  8. Greetings, all! I have a brunch to attend next Sunday, it's potluck, my fellow attendees are food appreciative, if not "gourmets" - I'd like to bring something different that won't scare off the "meat and potatoes" crowd, to serve about 10 adults. It needs to be something that travels well and can sit in my car during church (it's about 20 below zero Celcius here these days...no worries about it not staying cold!) This may be a witless question in this forum, but forgive me...I'm a newbie here at egullet, and occasionally feel I'm in over my head! glad to be here, though...and curious to see what folks can suggest!
  9. On the Chinese food forum we began discussing foods named after places - that are unknown in the eponymous* places. You know them - "French fries", "Greek salad", "Singapore noodles". Sometimes, these names are for real. When they are not, where did they come from? Are some of them "semi-real"? Let's make a list. BB * - $64 word loved by food mags.
  10. Growing up in L.A., there's this fantastic breakfast (though all meals are served there) called the Pantry, at 9th & Figueroa downtown. The place's been open 24/7 since like the '20s. Your breakfast includes perfectly crunchy exterior semi-soft interior screaming hot homefries and thick grilled sourdough slab-like slices, not to mention the endless coffee.... The bisquits & gravy from scratch.... mmmmm.... I'm seeking such a place on the Eastside or Renton. Any suggestions?
  11. i like pancakes. recently i got into the whole wheat & buckwheat ones. what does everyone else like? and if you don't eat typical breakfast food for breakfast, please share what you do eat.
  12. Hi, I've been a lurker for a while and this is my first post! I hail from sunny Malaysia and was just wondering....what do people eat for breakfast? Or is there a similar thread around somewhere already? I had a wholemeal steamed roll (called 'pau') filled with raisins and chinese wolfberries! Yummy!
  13. Has anyone had the brunch buffet at Fleuri? Their Sunday buffet price is 41 dollars this month. How is their Chocoholic buffet? Any other buffets you'd recommend? (Like Griffin's? Cafe Pacifica?) Just looking to stuff myself with huge amounts of food this holiday season. TIA.
  14. I have lived in NDG for many years and I feel you can't get a decent breakfast/brunch. Just came back from a disatrous breakfast. It was the third time I have been there and sadly my last. Any suggestions?
  15. We are weekend breakfast junkies, but we are looking for somewhere new to us. We have gone to Fatzos most recently (good breaky, bad coffee) and avoid places like the Sunshine Diner, Sophie's, Cafe Zen because of the ridiculous line ups. Any thoughts? We will willingly embrace diners and are looking for something reasonably priced! Cheers
  16. I'm always looking for cool dishes and I've had some tasty breakfast items in Latin America. I'm not sure I liked breakfast until I ate it in Latin America. Interested in anything from your favorite pan dulces to chilaquiles to cachapas. Whatever. If you want to include a recipe, that's cool. But if you just want to give a brief description I'll try to find a recipe that matches. Thanks.
  17. I heard that Sunday brunches are becoming more popular now in Paris. We'll be there for a Sunday in Jan. Any somptuous or interesting Sunday brunch suggestions from recent visitors? I am guessing they'll be hotels mostly. Thanks.
  18. Hi all, I will be in Medford next week for a day or two and was trying to find some micro brewpub type place with great beer and great food, bar food stuff ok. Need great local breakfast too. The big 3 egg omelette with homemade bread and real maple syrup kind of place. Ashland to Talent ok I have a car. TIA D
  19. I will be staying this weekend in Bayhead at the Gables bed and breakfast. Would like suggestions on a brunch place not to far away. Grenville isn't an option my niece works there and i don;t like the stories i hear on food prep. The Old Mill Inn i understand has been done over and is good. Any thoughts on that one?
  20. During the week I always skip breakfast. I just dont have the appetite for it and am not hungry, at all. On the weekends, however, I am hungry for breakfast... Is breakfast still the most imortant meal of the day or this a myth?
  21. I've been reading for a while, but here's my first post. Hooray! This is my problem. My lovely wife started working evenings at a fine local eatery, and I would still like to take her out. We have a "Ste-Patate-24hr-grease-joint" on the corner, but somehow that just doesn't seem appropriate, and besides, I doubt they have good coffee. I've seen lots of posts about recommended Mexican, Thai, Sushi, One-day-in-Montreal places, so I hope people can help me out. I remember passing by a place on Mont-Royal just east of St-Hubert once, but the lineup looked hours long. Can anyone remind me what this place is called, and whether it is worth the wait? Are there other choices? Also, what are the approximate costs for a good breakfast? We probably wouldn't be having wine... Thanks!
  22. Okay, this July we are driving from Chicago to Cape Cod. We plan on leaving at 4AM which means that we will be hitting the Ohio border around 7AM. I think we will want a good breakfast at that point. Any suggestions for quaint, local breakfast spots just off the interstate in eastern Ohio? Thanks!
  23. Hi there, I've been thinking it would be fun to make a full on Irish/English/Scottish breakfast. In particular black and white pudding. also fried egg fried tomato rasher bacon Black pudding white pudding beans Bangers Am I missing anything? What do you drink? Is there anything the equivalent of Bloody Mary/Mimosa served? I found this site that sells all sorts of puddings/bacon etc. But I really want to make the pudding myself. http://www.foodireland.com/Merchant2/merch..._Code=breakfast Would love to hear about any breakfasts you had that you liked, recipes and in particular seasonings that you could taste that you thought put the breakfast or pudding over the top. I had a black pudding recently that had a distinct allspice flavor that was great. Also, anyone know how they prepare the tomatoes? I'm assuming just fried in a pan with a little butter. Thanks Grace
  24. I've been reading this topic on brunch over in Restaurant Life, and I keep wondering: what the hell is brunch, anyway? I surely don't have a good definition for it, and the bad definitions follow unpleasant paths (brunch is that which you have not yet sold by Sunday morning, e.g.). Googling "brunch" doesn't help, either. My favorite response is the first: Call me Amireaux and sign me up. What is this meal called brunch that you people eat?
  25. Fugu


    One of my apprentices, way back 18 years ago, now an exceutive chef, called me and we got to talking about among other things, buffet brunches served at her hotel. Does any of you still serve buffet brunch at your establishment? What is the current trend, if there is such a thing? Are the classical wellingtons and coulibiacs still being served? Any suggestions on how to make an exciting, cost effective buffet brunch that's uptodate with the younger crowd?
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