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  1. Was leafing through the current issue of that dreadfully declasse mag, "Gourmet" and happened on an article on Chicago places, written from the rib-sticking viewpoint. Hopleaf, that wonderful bar in Andersonville, got a good mention. Something like...one of the best bars in a great bar city. My daughter used to live around the corner, and it was her local. Went there once and loved it. Plain, reasonable decibel level, terrific beer list. No food, or even snackies, but one can BYO pizza or whatever. Closest thing I've come to a good British pub on these shores. Cozy. And then, of course,
  2. ctgm

    My local's offerings

    Local pub Thought that this might be of interest to show what hardships I have to put up with! Generally they have an interesting cask or two on tap. It is a well known pub with pretty frightening prices, but the beer is kept very well (apart from a bad patch a few months back) Would be interested to hear what your local watering holes have to offer.
  3. Just discovered Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA. I bought the first six-pack off my local store's shelves and consumed most of it in joy and wonderment that very night (it was Friday, I was allowed). The bits I didn't greedily guzzle went to my girlfriend, who liked it almost as much as I did, but backed off in defrence to me when I began to sob and moan and kiss the bottle. For those of you in the middle parts of the east coast of USAia, this beer is a must have. It may have caused to me forswear even my beloved Hop Devil. It's a bottle-conditioned real ale with a great, mildly citrusy hop f
  4. I'm new here, just found this site last night looking up beer's and wine's. So my fav. Beer is Budlight or Bud.
  5. In less than 10 days, we will once again experience Friday The Firkinteenth at the Grey Lodge Public House (6235 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia). a benchmark beer event in Philadelphia for the last 7 years. Every Friday the 13th, our buddy Scoats (owner Mike Scotese) brings forth almost a dozen (I think it's actually 11 this year) small barrels of cask- conditioned beer, arranges them around his bar and serves them up via gravity pour, to the giddy delight of beer aficionados from up and down the East Coast. This year, the lineup is really impressive, I think. You can check out the detai
  6. While in London recently I had a few pints of the Guinness Extra Cold which I found far superior to the original stout. The bartender told me the only difference between the two is that the pumping system for the extra cold variety keeps the pipes cold. Would anyone know of a bar or pub in any major American city that has this equipment? Usually, with most other brand names uniformity is a goal for the product. But with Guinness I have noticed alot of variation in their stout internationally. For one reason or another, the Guinness sold in Europe is generally better than that sold in the
  7. Stone


    I personally find that Becks and Heinekin always taste skunky.
  8. The hangover cure thread made me think of what we did to cover up our beer breath when we were out drinking unbeknownst to our parents. We always went to McDonalds, ate a boatload of fries, and followed that up with half a pack of orange Bubble Yum. This worked 2 out of 3 times!
  9. Just tried Anchor Steam Porter for the first time, and WOW! That's got to be the best Porter I've had yet. Slightly caramelly, good finish, not too much carbonation. Really quite good. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it...oh hell, if you've tried it, I recommend you try it again.
  10. mickblueeyes

    Beer Online

    I am in search of Hoegaarden. None of my local retailers carry it or any other Belgian whites. Does anyone know any good online retailers for beer? I have found a couple, but they were overseas and shipping was way too high. TIA for any help.
  11. StephenT


    I recently bought some Fraoch, which is a Scottish heather ale. It's brewed with heather instead of hops and (IMHO) is brilliant. It's dry, has a floral aroma and a full taste which is quite unlike most other beers. I'm going to be drinking a lot more of it. Has anyone else tried it? I'm not sure it's available outside the UK though.
  12. Stone

    All About Beer

    The current issue of "All About Beer" magazine, contains an interesting Buyer's guide for Beer Lovers, describing over 400 British and North American Ales. It describes general styles, i.e., Amber, Bitters, Pale Ale, and specific beers, such as Red Tail, Sunset Red Ale, etc.
  13. tighe

    Smoked beers

    The latest issue of Bon Appetit has a blurb about 'smoked' beers and mentions examples by Alaka Brewing, Rogue and Anchor Brewing. I haven't had any luck finding any of these yet, but am very intrigued. If anyone has tried smoked beer, verdict? Klink, what do you think about throwing a couple steins in the smoker next time you fire it up?
  14. I loved that beer! But cant find it anymore...
  15. mamster

    Cantillon gueuze

    The other night I was looking for somethign to read in bed, and I pulled the recent Art of Eating issue that concerned Belgian beer. In it, Ed Behr travels around Belgium talking to brewers, musing about whether the traditions are dying out, and picking the best brews. He was most generally positive about Cantillon gueuze, which is a blended lambic. The Cantillon brewery (http://www.cantillon.be/) is run by nth-generation beer traditionalists who refuse to join the lambic brewer's association because those other brewers leave residual sugar and do other untoward things. Maybe I'm not tellin
  16. This article on Mike.com made me laugh: How to make a pumpkin keg - you know you want to. I like the cheekiness of both the title and the idea. I wish I'd thought of it! I think the beer would have to be carefully chosen to benefit from the pumpkin. What say you, beer connoisseurs? Has anyone tried this? Would this treatment augment some special autumnal brew?
  17. The question though simple might be really complicated from the biological process. How do you best control acidity when adding a juice to a beer? How do you make it stable?
  18. Schlafly Bottleworks will soon be brewing their Raspberry Hefeweizen. This is a seasonal beverage, and the beer is made with real raspberries. I think that the natural ingredients make it taste better than beer brewed with artificial flavors. The beer has a tangy taste that goes well with bratwurst. I usually don't drink to excess, but if I decide to knock back a few, it's good to know that The Schlafly Tap Room is a five minute walk from my house! Cheers!
  19. The Brewers Association has just produced a pretty comprehensive list of Beer and Food Pairings the kind of thing I always enjoy reading, but frustratingly, it's a tad incomplete. Hell, it's more than a tad incomplete. Now this list has a lot of the usual suspects (and an inordinate amount of barbecue pairings), and I would imagine that it serves a beer novice pretty well. It also has a nice column devoted to just cheese pairings. But it still seems incomplete somehow. Maybe I'm just expecting too much. It's missing a few beer styles (Saison, anyone? Or is it just classified in a way that I do
  20. Hi folks, I spend most of time here in the Spirits and Cocktails forum, but I'm popping up here to remind you, in case you didn't already know, that today is the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brewery. On this day in 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on the brewery site. So, instead of popping champagne this New Year's Eve, perhaps a Guinness, or even a Black Velvet?
  21. Earlier today, local brewery Boston Beers (maker of Samuel Adams) created some buzz with the announcement that they'd partnered with the world's oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, in Germany to create a champagne-like ale. Labeled "Infinium," it's a limited release that will be on the shelves for the holidays. Short story in the Boston Globe here.
  22. nakji


    Has anyone else tried this? It's from Estrella Damm. My local pub was carrying bottles and my husband couldn't resist taking one home last night. It's in a champagne-style bottle, and has a label that is very reminiscent of Sapporo - a black field with a gold star in the centre. According to the accompanying booklet (!): So, perfect with a vindaloo? We actually had it with a well-dressed salad, and I thought it did pair well. The citrus and coriander notes came through nicely, although I thought no better than a bottle of (much cheaper and more widely available) Hooegarden.
  23. Carlovski

    Innis & Gunn

    Had a couple of bottles of this again last night, and forgot how good it is. It would be a perfect 'gateway' beer to introduce a commercial lager drinker into the wider world of beer, it's best served cold and has quite a bit of sweetness. Is anyone else a fan?
  24. Had a party last night and we drank all but say 1/4 of the keg (shame on us, I know). The keg was left outside and it was very cold last night, so I'm fairly certain it froze. Once it thaws, what should I expect from the leftover beer? Completely flat, or drinkable? This wasn't high quality craft stuff to begin with, so I won't be heartbroken if it's a loss, but it would be nice to not waste it. If it matters, this was a half barrel.
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