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  1. nerissa

    Pabst Blue Ribbon

    I was drinking PBR when you were still drinking Hi-C See above for an article about the appeal of PBR to hipsters in The NY Times magazine.
  2. cdh

    Celis beers

    Michigan Brewing Co appears to be making Celis beers... Has anybody had the opportunity to give the revived Celis a try? Does it live up to its former glory? The website makes it look like the Celis is being shipped back to Austin, which makes one wonder why the brewing moved from there to Michigan in the first place... Anybody know anything about the future plans to broaden distribution? I'm really missing my Celis... the closing of the Austin brewery was a tragedy... but the worse tragedy was the decision to cut the distribution before they closed the plant.
  3. Read all about the remarkable turnaround in this Sunday's NYT Magazine. The roots of PBR's comeback can be traced not to it's home town of Milwaukee, but to the microbrew haven of Portland, Oregon, where "in local supermarket sales it trails only Coors Light, Budweiser, Bud Light and Corona." The trend has now gone nationwide; "it is endorsed in 'The Hipster Handbook,' a paperback dissection of cool, and is popping up in trendy bars from the Mission District to the Lower East Side. Sales in Chicago are up 134 percent."
  4. Same idea as as the IPA thread here. Brown Ales are a favorite of mine, for some reason. I've just always liked the nutty flavors and the caramel taste. But I'm a wimp. I've already admitted to not being a hop head. And yes, I'm sure the term is damn unscientific and unspecific. Although hey... Michael Jackson seems to think its okay... If so, tell me why, I guess. Otherwise, lets just throw down some names. These guys list some guidlines. Are they right? Here's a bit: This seems quite wide. But I seem to know one when I'm drinking it. Or do I? Are a lot of beers mislabeled as Brown Ales? Here's another very short take on Brown Ales, really just this bit:
  5. Catseye

    The Beer Guy

    I needed to find out something about Turbo Dog beer. Whilst searching, I found www.twoguys.org/~gregh/beer. A guy, Greg, has as his life's goal to try as many new beers as possible. To date, he has sampled over a thousand. He began in 1996 to keep a record of his tastings, and they are listed here, by brewery. Also by type -- top or bottom fermented, bock, cider, India pale ale, malt liquor, porter, etc -- and rating, zero being poor and 15 being excellent. I guess his feeling is, it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. :) By the way, are you familiar with Turbo Dog? I collect from Greg's note that it is dark and sweet, maybe a malt. I have a recipe from Emeril I want to try for Turbo Dog braised cabbage, and I'd like to try to come as close as I can with a beer that's more readily available in my area. Thanks! Cats
  6. Stone

    Beer v. Wine

    Most people partake in both of these ubiquitous beverages. Personally, I'm a greater fan of beer -- I find that the differences in styles, tastes, and textures are far more interesting than the more subtle differences in wines -- at a far cheaper price. I'm sure you know what reaction I get from my "wine" friends. But both drinks are firmly embedded in our culture. There's something about sharing a cold beer that brings people together. And wine is seen by many as a necessary companion to any good meal. What are your thoughts on which is more important? Which has made a better contribution? And why?
  7. every time i go to delaware to visit family i bring my husband back a case or two of yuengling from atlantic liquors in rehoboth beach--believe it or not, we really can't find yuengling in atlanta, even tho they have a brewery in florida now, i hear. i noticed 12-packs of Magic Hat beer out of vermont. i admit the catchy labels attracted me first. i've tried the fat angel lager, but am saving the stout for my husband. i like what i've tried--the lager was brilliant amber, not too hoppy, with a nice cloudy texture--it felt like sustenance. other opinions? how widely is this distributed? neither my husband nor i had ever seen it before. but, hey, nothing beats a yuengling porter!
  8. So you can't make it down to your local microbrewery... what's your compromise?
  9. Has anyone ever heard, or seen a beer called "Prior's Double Dark". I've never seen it in a bottle, just tap. I know of only two places that had the beer, both being in New York City. One was the Barrow Street Alehouse, which no longer carries it. The other bar was one on 6th Street between Avenue A & B. I forget the name of the place. It has always been one of my favorite beers, well worth going out of your way for, however I'm not quite sure if it's because of it's taste or the novelty of finding it. It is a dark beer, like it's name says, but tastes like a lighter beer going down. I can't quite describe it, but Warsteiner Dark may be in the right neighborhood. It's been a while since I've had a pint of the stuff. Anyways, if you've got any info at all on this beer, I would be grateful.
  10. Shiva

    Fullers Vintage Ale

    I dug into the beer cellar the other evening and here's the scoop: 1998-- Drink now, it's past it's prime. 1999-- Perfect. Smooth, rich in caramel and ready to drink now 2000-- Drank it all last year :(
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