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Found 595 results

  1. beergirl

    Dogfish Head Beer Descriptions Updated

    Check out the newest update to Dogfish Head Beers. They've added taste descriptions, food pairings, serving glass suggestions and comparable wine style.
  2. AuntieEm

    And it's Kosher!

    Coming soon to a city near you! HE'BREW
  3. Susan in FL

    Beer and Cheese

    Russ also shopped for cheeses when he went to Delmarva, and three that he brought home are blue cheeses. I was searching for some ideas of what to drink when we taste the blues, and came across this. Click here for a good article on Beer and Cheese.
  4. AmyinMotown

    Decent nonalcoholic beers?

    (this is my first post ever, so please forgive and gently guide me if I make mistakes) So here I am, eight weeks pregnant, and two of my hometown teams are in playoff mode right now, which likely means some evenings with the sports-fan spouse at our local watering holes to watch both games. Fine with me, but I get tired of drinking water at the bar and wonder if you have suggestions for good nonalcoholic beers? Or, more accurately, ones that don't taste like gym socks. I have tried: Haake Beck St. Pauli NA (both not bad) O Doul's (eh) Coors Cutter (so bad the memory of it is triggering nausea...must eat some saltines) None of these are decent enough to have more than one, and most are pretty foul. Also, I would love to hear either fact or opinion on this: why do more micro/craft breweries not set to making a decent nonalcoholic beer? Is it just too difficult to dealcoholize decent beer, or do they figure there's not enough of a market? I went to several wonderful micros while I was in Colorado a few weeks ago and most looked at me like I was crazy for even asking if there was anything they made that I could drink.
  5. mickblueeyes

    Beer Online

    I am in search of Hoegaarden. None of my local retailers carry it or any other Belgian whites. Does anyone know any good online retailers for beer? I have found a couple, but they were overseas and shipping was way too high. TIA for any help.
  6. Lew_Bryson

    Opening the No Bull Inn

    There's been some issues with opening the Friday night beer chat session on StarChat, the No Bull Inn. StarChat limits "unregistered" rooms to five participants. Right now, it appears I'm the only one who knows how to register rooms, and if I get there too late, only five people get in. So here's how to register the room. Do what I do every week, and go to StarChat's Help page and read it. StarChat Help page You'll have to have a registered nickname: if you don't, there's instruction there on how to do that, too. It's not easy, but it's not too difficult, either. You have to open the room first, and then go back to the initial screen and register it. StarChat is a clunky system, but it does what we want it to, so... Hope this helps!
  7. Lisa1349

    The Best Beers of 2006

    The Drafting Room is hosting an irresistable event with Victory 10 Years Alt which is not even available directly at the brewery. More info here See you there!
  8. beans

    Coors for US Senate!

    Reuter's April 7 article from CBS MarketWatch here. Now I wonder if he is elected, will there be a Senatorial sort of name for a commemorative brew? Cheers!
  9. Verjuice

    Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout

    Has anyone tried this stuff?
  10. SBonner

    Seasonal Beers

    Less than a week into October and Steams Works Brewpub is pumping out alot of it's pumpkin ale. Alot better this year! less sweet and great balance of spice, fruit, and malts. Anyone else tried anyother seasonal beers? Cheers, Stephen
  11. Meow-Mix

    South Pacific Lager

    Anyone here remember this beer? I used to drink it in the late 80s, lost track of it and haven't seen it since. It was brewed in New Guinea and was quite good. Does anyone know if they still exist?
  12. JAZ

    Some Rocky Mountain beers

    We tried a few new (to me) beers while on vacation, a couple of which are worth mentioning. I finally tried Moose Drool brown ale (brewed in Missoula MT). Good solid beer, very drinkable, not too complex. Light bodied for a brown ale. I had not heard of Bitch Creek ESB before, but that was probably the best beer I tried on the trip. Brewed by Teton Brewing in Idaho, it's very well balanced, with the hops apparent but not dominating.
  13. thrasymachus


    I had a bottle of Kingfisher in an indian restaurant a year or two ago and thought it was great but I was never able to find it at my liquor store. Then last weekend they had a whole row of six packs ($7.99 a pack...bleh) so I bought one. It was still pretty good, but seems blander than I remember it...do they maybe have new owners...an american brewery or something? Not sure if I am imagining things or it is not as good.
  14. sylunt1

    For the brewers out there

    Hello brewers... Just wanted to let you all know about a new feature on Brew-Monkey.com. Over the last few months I have been putting together a database of yeast info and how it works with the different beer styles. If you go to the Yeast Information section of http://www.brew-monkey.com/brewschool/ you can check it out. It has taken quite a bit to compile the data and code the pages - so I hope you find it useful. I haven't seen anything like this on the web before - so maybe I'm the first :) As always, if you have articles, product reviews or other related items that you want posted - please let me know. If you know someone who may be interested - please pass this on. Hope to see you around on Brew-Monkey.com.
  15. StephenT


    I recently bought some Fraoch, which is a Scottish heather ale. It's brewed with heather instead of hops and (IMHO) is brilliant. It's dry, has a floral aroma and a full taste which is quite unlike most other beers. I'm going to be drinking a lot more of it. Has anyone else tried it? I'm not sure it's available outside the UK though.
  16. beans

    Oh, for the love of Moretti!

    This appeared today on Business Wire. edit to rework link
  17. fimbul

    Dogfish 60 Minute IPA

    Just discovered Dogfish Head's 60 Minute IPA. I bought the first six-pack off my local store's shelves and consumed most of it in joy and wonderment that very night (it was Friday, I was allowed). The bits I didn't greedily guzzle went to my girlfriend, who liked it almost as much as I did, but backed off in defrence to me when I began to sob and moan and kiss the bottle. For those of you in the middle parts of the east coast of USAia, this beer is a must have. It may have caused to me forswear even my beloved Hop Devil. It's a bottle-conditioned real ale with a great, mildly citrusy hop flavor with a slightly-roasty malt flavor right behind. (I'm not a trained reviewer: I liked it, it was good, go try it yourself... unless you live in the Northern Virginia area, in which case keep your mitts off it, because it's mine, MINE! DO YOU HEAR?) It's nowhere near as overpowering as Dogfish's 90 Minute IPA, if you were put off by that stuff. And at a mere 6% ABV, it might be my new session beer of choice.
  18. gbredben

    Guiness Rebate

    Saw this posted on one of the daily deal websites. Guiness is giving rebates for St. Patrick's Day for Guiness Draught in a bottle. $2 for any 6-pack or $4 for any 12-pack. Offer not valid in AL, AR, IN, KY, ME, MO, NC, OH, OR, TX, UT, WV and expires March 31. Here's the url to print the coupon: http://www.guinness1759society.com/offer/B...22qp~FNLddaSFBD
  19. johnnyd

    Geary's Porter takes top spot

    David L Geary Brewing Porter takes the top of the heap in a Porter Taste Challenge, Story here in NYT dining, 10/18/06 Visit D.L. Geary Brewing Co. in my foodblog: dining downeast from August 2005.
  20. LJDolan

    Sam Adams Chocolate bock

    Saw this in the store the other day and decided to try it, a bock beer with real chocolate as an ingredient. Basically a good but not great beer. I thought the chocolate taste was too strong. Reccomend this as no more than a dessert beer. I also those that it was way overpriced at $16/bomber sized bottle.
  21. beans

    Blossoming Brews and Beer Floats

    Darwin's in Chicago has some cool ideas with selling those microbrews. Highlight "blurb" here. I've seen those champagne stems in the stores during the holidays and thought they'd be rather inconvenient for guests. (They cannot put them down anywhere....) But quite clever for their restaurant! And that Beer Float sounds fantastic!!! Cheers!
  22. eje

    Hoppy Brew Years Eve

    Celebrate Brew Years Eve We'll be celebrating with a growler of Blind Pig from Russian River Brewing. What are you drinking tonight?
  23. beergirl

    July is American Beer Month!

    Be sure and celebrate the diversity of American beers. Check out American Beer Month for more information.
  24. Rich Pawlak

    On To Oktoberfests!

    They're HERE! The beverage store shelves are starting to show this season's Oktoberfest beers, and it's a wonderful time of the year. SO far I've grabbed sixers of local Flying Fish Oktoberfish (had a glorious glassful of the stuff at Philly's Grey Lodge Pub the other night, and baby, it's a winner) and Lowebrau's Oktoberfestbier, and am planning to sample them tonight in our weekly beer chat on www.starchat.net (click on StarPirch, Channels, the "No Bull Inn") at approx 11:30 EST. Tasting notes to follow..... So what have you found out there, Oktoberfest-wise? Tasting notes, please!
  25. john b

    Anything good in Ft. Lauderdale?

    I may have an hour or two to kill tomorrow night in FLL. Are there any bars of note with good beer selections? I didn't see anything on pubcrawler.com that jumped out at me.