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  1. It's hard to believe that it has been almost 3 years since anyone has posted anything in this thread. A lot of water has gone under the bridge includinig the opening of Ray's the Classics in Silver Spring and Ray's Hell, the unbelievable burger place a few steps from RTS. The most current news is that Chef Michael Landrum intends to move his Ray's the Steaks format to a new location a few blocks up Wilson Blvd. effective February 3. He told me this Saturday evening when I dined at RTS. The rumor is that the current location will remain open with a prix fix menue at a lower price point with the terrific current menu migrating to the new location (he did not tell me this). All should be revealed in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to the new location with much anticipation.

    Landrum, you ROCK.

  2. AMF

    The Colorado Kitchen, which drew hordes to its off-the-beaten-track location for homey dinners and a celebrated brunch -- and which provided fodder for at at least one memorable dust-up on eGullet and a more memorable eGullet event is closing its doors. No word yet from outspoken chef, autobiographer, eGullet interviewee and co-owner Gillian Clark as to next steps.

    I'll never forget that eGullet dinner at CK. Afterwards, Stretch, MDT and Tweaked and I went back to Stretch's house and smoked cigars and drank all of his Scots. Mrs. Stretch was preggers with the Whopper at the time and was fast asleep upstairs.

    We started the event at Firefly and I recall giving mdt, Stretch and Al Dente a ride over to CK. The two tall guys, Stretch and mdt, had to ride in the back because Al had a bad back and had to sit in the front seat.

  3. Busboy is right that there is no local cuisine to speak of. But shad roe is a local seasonal speciality that is just coming into season; when the shad start to spawn. In additioin to Oceanaire (which is a chain), I would check the menus at Vidalia and Bistro Bis to see if it is available.

  4. Try any of the following:

    Rustico for unbelievable beer selection and great menu, including pizzas

    Evening Star Cafe for a reasonably priced but good-quality neighborhood restaurant w/ a great wine list

    Vermilion in Old Town for a more refined menu with serious commitment to local farmers and purveyors

    Have fun!

    Kind of funny how all three of these places are owned by the same group. Makes me suspect that the maker of the post has some affiliatioin with the ownership group. Monavano has the better suggestions, which includes Vermillion.
  5. ban starts  january 2007 ,

    there you go !!

    It's a little early but yesterday the city councel voted to approve the smoking ban by 11-1. The mayor knows that if he vetoes the bill, the council will override him. The question remains whether Congress will override an override. Keep in mind that Congress has the final say with regard to DC matters.

  6. I don't think that's quite right.  They're not saying that the outside air doesn't meet the NAAQS.  What they're saying, I think, is that the outside air isn't clean enough for air-exchange to clean smoke-filled inside air at any reasonable exchange rate, and that the outside air would have to be 60% cleaner in order for 80 changes/hour to work. 

    This might mean however, that something like 300 changes/hour with "regular" outside air would clean the inside air sufficently to meet the NAAQS.  But the point is that 300 changes/hour isn't workable, so therefore it is impossible to clean the indoor air sufficiently without cleaning the outside air as well.

    There are many variables involved. I imagine factors such as how big the place is, how many people are smoking, what they are smoking, would effect the type of equipment needed. A big place with just a few people smoking cigarettes will need different equipment than a small place full of cigar smokers will. But, under the DC proposal, cigar bars are exempt (with cigar bar defined as a place that has 10% or more of smoking related revenue).

    And John W., if /when this ban goes into effect, you might want to consider expanding out onto your patio in the spring, summer, fall. Get Kimpton to pop for some awnings and plastic.

  7. The unfortunate reality is that even a "really good ventilation" system won't do the trick.  As detailed in This definitive article, which was published in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (46(9):887-905, September 2004. Repace, James MSc), details:
    Estimated outdoor air exchange rates were very low, apparent casualties of economic pressures in the hospitality industry coupled with the lack of regulation. However, increasing ventilation or air cleaning to satisfy the NAAQS [National Ambient Air Quality Standard] during smoking would require an impractical 80 air changes per hour if the outdoor air were 60% cleaner than it actually is. At the actual 16.6 μg/m^3 PM2.5 level for New Castle County, the NAAQS could not be achieved without cleaning the outdoor air supply. Nevertheless, even if all these measures were taken, SHS would still pose a carcinogenic and toxic risk to be dealt with.

    Now, mind you, this is not talking about filtration, but instead about replacement of air in the room. Filtration is even more expensive, burdensome and difficult -- to the point of being effectively impossible from a practical standpoint.

    Read this more closely. According to this, in order for an air exchanger to bring the inside air up to the NAAQS standard, you would have to clean the outside air before bringing it into the establishment. The NAAQS standard is obviously too high a standard if outside air can't even meet it.

  8. There are a couple of places in a little town on the southern outskirts of KC just east of the state line called Martin City. First, 135th St. BBQ is my family's hangout. if you go, get the pit plate: a couple ribs, some sliced brisket and burnt ends. If you continue south on Holmes Rd, there is a place called Sneads. The place used to be run by the people who now run 135th St. It is good as well. I agree about Gates & Sons, no reason to go there. We never were fond of the Fiorella establishments.

  9. Now you're just playing lawyer games.  :laugh: The tunaburgers, lobersterburgers and (on the west coast) salmonburgers of the world are no more true burgers than sweetbreads are bread or fennel confit is a true confit.

    Not that there's anything wrong with them, mind you....

    Hey, the thread said "burgers" and also "fancy." How muchh more fancy can a burger get when it has no beef in it. Would a "bison" or "venison" burger not count as well?

  10. I generally mix some butter together with some dried sage and rub it on the skin and under. I stuff with a lemon that has been pierced, a quarterd onion and some garlic cloves. I'd really like to be able to reproduce that Chef Fowke trussing method. I don't think I baste. But rice is easier to make than mashed potatoes and sells just as well in my household.

  11. See, I disagree.  Pan gravy is the proper accompaniment to fried chicken, not roasted.  Aromatics in the pan create steam and prevent crispiness.  And roasted chicken is all about crispy skin and tender flesh underneath.

    I don't have that experience.

    edited to add: And I don't agree that pan gravy is a fried chicken thing. I always roast my chicken with aromatics, make gravy and serve it over the sliced chiken and the rice.

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