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  1. Last season, I purchased half of a CSA share through Farm to City. I do appreciate supporting local farmers and getting fresh, delicious, seasonal produce. However, for a few reasons, I decided not to do it again this season. Even though I only purchased half a share, it was far too much produce for me. The fruit was really not a problem, but my SO isn't a big vegetable eater. It was up to me to eat or process most of it. I felt pressure to at least cook as much as possible as quickly as possible because with every day that passed, it was getting less and less fresh, and therefore less and less delicious. Also, I didn't like having to pick up all my vegetables on a certain day. I want to get the quantity of veg that I want when I want it. Often, there was a lot to wash and process. I really didn't feel like doing that after 10 hours at work. If our deliveries were on the weekends, I would have felt better about that, possibly. I think the solution for me is to frequent the farmers markets. I can support the farmers while still getting the amount and kinds of vegetables I want (within season, of course) and have time to deal with them. Anyone been to the Swarthmore Farmers Market or know when it starts?
  2. Glad to hear it, Chef! A happy, healthy New Year to you!
  3. I, too, am I librarian who is extremely interested in food. A group of friends (including another librarian_ and I are starting a cooking club. Most of these other friends are not librarians, as they are fans of good food and good cooking, we like them anyway! Our first dinner will be in January and I'm looking forward to it!
  4. Can I join the "I don't like the scripted stuff" club, too?
  5. I didn't get to go down to the auditorium, but I did get to hear him with the rest of the huge crowd in the front lobby. He was nice enough to personalize the 6 or 7 books I'd lugged along. He's more handsome in person than in his books or on TV. It was a very nice day. Thanks, Tony, and I hope you'll come back to Philly when you can spend more time here, I wish people would line up to get into the library on any normal day like they did yesterday!
  6. Tuscany is a beautiful, culinarily rich area. That's another reason this episode was disappointing. So what if Jamie Oliver, Nigella, etc. have been there? Tony hadn't and I was looking forward to seeing his take on it, at least a less scripted take on it than was presented.
  7. I thought the segments with the "director" were too contrived. I enjoyed the segments when he was absent. Normally, I love NR, but this was not one of the best. Sorry, Tony. Still looking forward to seeing you in Philly in December, though!
  8. foodE

    Hard Boiled Egg 101

    I really like the steamed hard-cooked method espoused by Alton Brown in his egg chapter of "I'm Just Here for the Food." I believe its on p. 226.
  9. Also, have you tried the delicious, fresh Chinese food from Ming's Coffee and Tea a few blocks further south on Burmont Road, next to Rite Aid? Don't miss the dumplings, steamed or fried, with plenty of hot sauce for dipping!
  10. Maybe the change of direction of Food Network in a bad way, will spark a change of direction for the PBS shows in a good way!
  11. I like roasted or steamed carrots with chick peas, red onion, a bit of celery, leaves of fresh Italian parsley (I guess cilantro would be OK, too), dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, s & p, a bit of garlic powder, and a ton of cumin. Too delicious!
  12. If you are reading this while at work at your completely non-culinary workplace.
  13. My office Christmas dinner was at Abraccio. Caesar Salad was served, but it was buffet-style, so obviously not table side. My guess is that they do not do it under normal circumstances, either. The salad and the other offerings were pretty good, but not outstanding.
  14. My boyfriend and I ate once at Cuvee Notre Dame (which is where we met, at the downstairs bar, a year before). We were both sick the next day.
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