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  1. I can't see the list: Oooops ... an error occurred NotFound Site Error An error was encountered while publishing this resource. Resource not found Sorry, the requested resource does not exist. Check the URL and try again. Resource: Unknown
  2. I never understood the whole White Manna vs. White Castle debate. Both are small burgers with tons of onions.
  3. Ted's Deli on Route 183 in what I think is Stanhope makes excellent soup
  4. Holly has been there already; it's on the home page when you click on the link he provided. Speaking personally, for the first 30+ years that I lived in NNJ, I never went to RH. I went last year, and now I never need to go again! My 'research' since that visit tells me that for most people, it's about the nostalgia of the place, NOT THE FOOD. YMMV, but that's my opinion! Just. Don't. Get it. ← Yeah, I'm sorry but Rutt's Hutt was too much grease for me.
  5. I have to agree with Perona Farms. Great food and atmosphere. I had one of my bridal showers at Seasons and was not impressed with the food, staff and the loud music from downstairs.
  6. At dinner though there is a better selection of sushi. I love eel and they tend to have more rolls with it and what not. Also the hibatchi is open and the all around selection is better. I think it's worth it to go there for dinner.
  7. For great Rib's, in Congers, NY, we like to go to Rick's Club America off of Route 303 about 3-5 miles north of Palisades Center Mall on the left.
  8. John, I think you are now my husband's new idol LOL I read the story to him and he said " I think we should invite him on the hot dog excursion" My hubby and one of his friends want to go to Rutt's and a whole bunch of other places to eat hot dogs. Mostly North NJ and NYC places. I'll check out that link you posted. He loves hot dogs...beer too.
  9. Wow! I came here to ask the same thing. We're staying in Brewster. I didn't know there was a dinner train. Any info on that? I'm also interested in seafood restaurants.
  10. Maruca's originated from Trenton. My mom use to live next door to the owner. She swears by their pizza. LOL So she was quite happy when they opened one up in Toms River where we moved to. I was happy when they opened one up on the boardwalk where I worked as a teen. I also like Vic's in Bradley Beach.
  11. I heard it is a really nice place but is very exspensive as well.
  12. Wow! Thank you all so much. Sorry I haven't been here sooner but we're busy. LOL $75 for dinner for two in very reasonable. menton1 ~ We're moving to Hopatcong. I mentioned that in my original post. :) Suzilightning~ We actually went to a wedding at Perona Farms. I had no idea they had brunch. We will be going there. dbrociner~ Tell your co worker I said thanks! LOL Thank YOU for looking into it. We are actually down the street from Franks and have eaten there twice. Very good food. I keep hearing mixed reviews on Blue Coyote. We are about a half a mile down the street from Pavinci. It looks nice so I was hoping that the food would also be great. One of my in laws friends got us a gift certificate there for when we don't feel like cooking.
  13. Hi folks. My husband and I are moving from Bergen county to Hopatcong in Sussex county. Can anyone steer us in the direction of some restaurants. Any and all would be appreciated from pizza to a gazillion course meals. LOL TYIA!
  14. I go to Triangle Farm in River Edge on Kinderkamack road.Can't beat their prices.
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