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  1. Was it just me or (with the exception of the American Cheese Society) was the North Hall much better than the South Hall in terms of exhibitor quality and creativity?
  2. Here's my roundup for the show: Chomple Awards I still can't believe the best product I found was a waffle mix. And seriously, what's up with the 15,000 water vendors? "Here's our new concept... water with just a hint of flavor!"
  3. Did anyone feel a sense of supreme irony when Rocco gave a contestant props for making fresh pasta?
  4. In-n-Out is one the few things I truly miss about California, 3X3 animal style please. Rocky ← The funny part is that my girlfriend has spent most of her life in California, many of those years eating at In-n-Out, and had no idea there was a secret menu. The first time she heard me order she thought I was high...
  5. I remember Louisa talking about how El Bulli uses induction... when they actually use stoves that is heh
  6. ohhhh barberton chicken... yummie :) And before you trade the chicken for the hot sauce, try an order of chicken paprikash--their take on chicken n dumplings. Back to the topic and hand (har har I kill me) the back, like everyone else has said, is for the skin and breading lovers. Last time I was back in Ohio I went to Hopocan... 4 backs, 4 thighs, a large order of paprikash and a large side of hot sauce. One sitting, 40 minutes. My tummy will forgive me someday.
  7. branch


    My mother introduced me to her ex-boyfriend who apparently was the owner of the "original" sriracha sauce company. Jolly fellow he was...
  8. Ok, that impromptu therapy session was just... odd. I need a drink now.
  9. Ummm.... does the inclusion of Krystal disturb anyone other than me?
  10. Quite honestly this is rather easy.... Just wander the streets, if you don't want to eat food from hawker stalls (see 101023049 threads about this) look for restaurants.... err how do I describe this... basically carved out of the base of large concrete buildings. Look for: 1) Enough flourescent lighting to give you an artificial tan. 2) Nasty faded posters on the walls (special bonus if it's the Coca Cola poster of the last Miss Thailand that won Miss Universe about 10 years ago... Porntip something... always seemed to be a common factor for places like this that I have had great meals in... look for the crown). 3) Tons of Thais inside. Thai people will downright refuse to eat at a restaurant where the food is not really really good, at least when it comes to Thai food. All bets are off when it comes to other places coughPLANETHOLLYWOODcough. Don't know whether this is more downmarket than you are thinking, but trust me, it works. edit: Forgot the most important part... that the restaurant is actually walled in at the front (you know, doors and windows and a/c... for a lot of Thais, that's considered elegant enough)/
  11. So I spammed Rachel's poll to my old college buddies. 34 sent, 23 back with answer saying yes they watch the show.... what follows is my scary compendium of their answers 1) Do you watch The Restaurant? If yes, please continue.. . 23/34 said yes. If you knew the eclectic crowd I sent this to, you would be agast that this show had suckered in that many of them. 2) Do you like the show? How do you think it compares to other reality TV shows? Universally loved except for the product placement, which sparked a very entertaining flamewar on our mailing list between the one guy who works in advertising and well, everyone else. Guess which side he was on? 3a) If you live in NYC, would you want to go to Rocco's? Even though the cameras are no longer rolling? OR 4/23 live in or around NYC. None have gone, none plan to... one made a comment he would rather go to the tgi fridays near wall street and spend his money on "foofy drinks". 3b) If you visit NYC on vacation, would you make it a priority to eat at Rocco's? Of the 19 responders who live outside NYC: -4 have actually made the trip to Rocco's already (not made a trip just for Rocco's... business took them there but they made it a point to dine at Rocco's). Of these people, 3 WUV'ed it and i mean W-U-V. The fourth said something about the combo parm followed by many words I can't repeat here. -All but one of the rest would go given the chance Hmmm... interesting results on this question hmmmmm? 4a) How much does Spaghetti and Meatballs cost at your favorite Italian-American restaurant? Taking into account that the food at restaurants in NYC tend to cost more due to high overhead, is $15 for Spaghetti and Meatballs too much money, cheap, or an appropriate amount? 4b) Same question for veal parmesean, only the price is $23. There was a lot of laughter about this one. As one commented "hell that's 15 cans of Chef Boyardee" 5) If you do go to Rocco's would you expect: the food to be good or bad? the food to be served hot or cold? to see celebrities? to have a good time? the service to be good or bad? to see Rocco? to see Rocco's Mama? Universally the people that have not been there say that they expected it to be just like the show. Bad food, cold food, see celebs, be loud and raucous, the service to be poopy, and yes, not only see Rocco and Mama, but be disappointed if they didn't.
  12. damn those Coors placements... sooo many I was gonna post about shrimp salads tonight, but this last episode combined with my ad placement drinking game has rendered me incapable of posting said message... I feel like it would sound something like "shrimp good, spices good, Rocco's bad" Oh those Coors placements... coors taps, coors down the loading ramp, coors neon sign in the kitchen, people at tables toasting with longnecks of coors... aaaaaaaargh
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