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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Restaurant does not need to be barrier-free, as mom is not accompanying us. Still taking suggestions, since mom is still in the care facility; her personal goal is to be home by May.
  2. My mom is in a physical rehab facility in Oradell ( Bergen County). We live in Essex County. We often visit her after work, then look for a place to have dinner ( around 8-8:30 pm) . We are looking for a place that is known for or has good pasta. Something like Pazzo Pazzo in Morristown. ( homemade pastas, etc) . We'd prefer it be on the way towards home... which would mean anywhere from Oradell/Paramus, down the GSP/Route 17, to the Oranges. We really want to avoid chains, unless they have exceptional pasta. thanks!
  3. Based on the wonderful reviews and pix here, we were going to take a drive from Essex County, out to Philipsburg today. However, I could not find any website or recent reviews of this place, and Google Maps, gave me two addresses for it.. the one in P-burg, and another in Hampton, NJ. So I called the Pburg number this afternoon, and got someone's home answering machine ( child's voice). Called the other number in Hampton NJ, and a gentleman answered. when I asked if this was a bbq place, he said, it used to be. Turns out he closed down the P burg restaurant's location about 2 years ago, and is only doing catering. Oh Well. New info: Hog Hollow Barbecue 44 Foss Ave Hampton, NJ 08827-2724 (908) 537-4211 Maybe we'll head for Ol West BBQ instead. maybe the moderators can indicate in the thread subtitle, that this place is closed now?
  4. Any updates in the past 3-4 years?
  5. For Thanksgiving 2008 - http://njmonthly.com/blogs/tablehopwithRos...urant-news.html ( Scroll down to Thanksgiving)
  6. Just wondering if anyone has any comments on the Sunday Brunch offered at Rooney's? Was thinking of taking a drive to LB tomorrow for the brunch, but based on comments about other meals both here and on another related board, we will likely not go.. However NONE of the comments ( positive or bashing) mentioned the brunch. Also, no price was posted online for the Sunday Brunch. I feel stupid calling them to ask how much brunch is.
  7. I'd be surprised if there are any. Synagogues frequently host break fasts and seders. I doubt any host Rosh Hashana dinners. I'll be curious to see if anyone comes up with something. ← I've seen ads for Irvings Deli ( Route 10 East Hanover/Livingston) serving RH or YK meals, as well as Harolds NY Deli in Parsippany touting " open for RH, and serving" .
  8. Doesn't look like the Nemo's is going to last too long... website's been shut down and phone disconnected at Corporate (according to the news report below)... Apparently several in the area already shut down, and only West Orange, Union and maybe Brooklyn are still open. Shame, Shame, Shame: Nemos Seafood http://www.myfoxny.com/myfox/pages/News/De...TY&pageId=3.1.1
  9. Do you know how long ago it disappeared ?-- The car we were in is a 2008 model , so the GPS might have data from 2006.
  10. Driving around the area yesterday, hubby wanted to go to a seafood restaurant for dinner. So he plugged in Seafood restaurants ( in his in-car GPS) and it said nearby was Bay Crab House... we drove to the location provided by the GPS ( East Main St, Little Falls, NJ) , and couldn't find it. The address appears to be a Drug Fair. Is this place in fact, gone, and is now a Drug Fair, or were we not in the right place? . We really didn't want Red Lobster, ( in Wayne, which is where we headed after not finding the Bay Crab House), but instead stopped at South City Prime for steak instead.
  11. Here's a link: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2008/07/l...county_din.html
  12. I think when you open up the menu page ( and a new window opens) you can get rid of the music by closing out the original window.
  13. WHAT?? When did this happen??? Nothing is listed on their website. ( i.e. Verona location still lists hours, etc)
  14. They are auctioning off the Ryland Inn in a Foreclosure sale, apparently.. http://www.nj.com/news/ledger/index.ssf?/b...5200.xml&coll=1
  15. Will there be a schedule posted and a URL so we can access these live links?
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