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  1. FWIW, both the "Green Label" (46% abv) and "Dated Distillation" (cask-strength) series from Cadenhead's are un-chillfiltered. Cheers, Jay
  2. Hi, John - Yet another reason to visit Amsterdam again! Thanks for the info. I think I'll try to talk the guys here at Cadenhead's in Cologne into doing a rum tasting, too. Cheers, Jay
  3. Jason - Amen on that. I had a chance to sample the Inner Circle rums at RumFest in NYC a few months ago and was very impressed with them. Cheers, Jay
  4. Open at the moment are.... Flor de Cana 7 yo Havana Club 3 yo Havana Club 7 yo Mount Gay Extra Old Barbancourt 8 yo Barbancourt 15 yo Brugal Anejo (ack!) Wray and Nephew Overproof (ack! ack!) and from Cadenhead's Green Label series at 46%.... Cuban 5 yo Demerara 10 yo Demerara 25 yo Jamaican 12 yo and from Cadenhead's Dated Distillation series at cask strength.... Jamaican CRV Long Pond Estate 13 yo (70.4%) Barbados BRS Rockley 16 yo (67.7%) Guadeloupe Gardel Rhum Agricole 20 yo (57.8%) Guyanan PDW 28 yo (63.2%) Guyanan PM 36 yo (69.3%) So much rum, only one liver....*sigh* Cheers, Jay
  5. Hi, John - You're correct about the phone number. It's a toll-free number in the US. Not surprising about Jim Murray's tasting notes. If I'm not mistaken, Jim developed this blend :-) Happy Holidays! Jay
  6. LJC - Look for "Diplomatico." I tried it at RumFest in NYC and was very impressed. Cheers, Jay
  7. It's a standard for Cadenhead's "Green Label" series. Everything's 46%.
  8. Thanks for those two links! BTW, just picked up a new 5 y.o. Cuban rum @ 46% from Cadenhead's. Haven't opened it yet, but I'll let you know when I do. Won't be too long Cheers, Jay
  9. My vote's certainly for the 8 y.o. Not to say that the 15 isn't good; it's very good and exceptionally smooth. Even after 15 years in the cask it's hard for me to pick up any woody taste at all. On the other hand, the 8 year old just has much more character and seems to be a more rounded rum. I'd glady drink either, but if given a choice I'd take the 8. Cheers, Jay
  10. Amen, Brother Ed! The Rum Fest was terrific. Congrats and thanks to everyone involved. Some great rums and I really enjoyed our chats there and at the Whisky Fest the next night. It's nice to know our tastes in rum are so similar. And for those who haven't had a chance to try them yet, I wholeheartedly recommend the Diplomatica from Venezuela, the Inner Circle line from Australia (particularly the 115 proof), and of course, the Rhum Barbancourt 8. Cheers, Jay
  11. ctqm - Thanks for that info on VAT amounts. I hadn't seen an actual figure before. Re bottle size and US vs. EU vintages....I had a discussion once with an indy bottler of single malt whisky about this. I'd sampled one of his caskstrength bottlings in the US but couldn't find it here. Nobody here had even heard of this particular bottling. When I asked if he knew where I might still find a bottle, he mentioned that since it was a single cask and he'd only get approx. 200 bottles from it, he'd decided not to split it into different sizes, but rather bottle it all at 0.75 L for the US market. Makes sense from a marketing and bottom-line viewpoint. Luckily a friend in NY was able to track down one of the few remaining bottles for me Re an importer in the NY area....dunno, but I'll check around while I'm there. Cheers, Jay
  12. Hi, John - Yep, I remembered the new shop right after I posted. Haven't been there yet but I'm looking forward to it the next time I'm in Amsterdam. If you're ever in the market for Cadenhead's rums, though, it pays to phone or email around. Each shop has the same current bottlings, but their stocks of older bottlings vary between stores. Cheers, Jay
  13. John - While you'e in Cologne, you should also visit the Cadenhead's shop. Check their site, www.cadenheads.de, for their address and opening hours. They carry a nice selection of their own 46% abv "Green Label" and caskstrength "Dated Distillation" rums. The Rum Kontor also carries their rums, but they're a bit cheaper at the Cadenhead's shop. If you visit, please be sure to say hello to Markus (the proprietor) for me. To John Reekie - What are your impressions of the GM '74 Demerara? And for future reference, I'm near Frankfurt, Germany. Cheers, Jay
  14. Hmmm, the URLs I posted didn't show up. Is posting URLs a no-no here? How about just Internet wines and Sams Wine Hope that works.
  15. A classic case of Small World Syndrome. I'm that "German-American" who asked them and also the guy who got back to them with CVI's reply that their rums weren't available in NYC I called them a couple days ago after not getting any replies to my post here. They gave me CVI's number and suggested I get in touch. Oh well, nice try. You're right, though, a few of the bottlings are available online. I found some at and one at . I also found a source here in Germany, but since I'll be in NYC next week for a couple weeks I was hoping to find some there, too. The bottlings offered in the US are different vintages than what we find here in Europe. Seems BS bottles some casks at 0.75 L for the US market and others at 0.7 L for the European market. That's a pretty standard practice for independent bottlers of single malts, too. Thanks for checking and posting back! Cheers, Jay
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