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  1. Bushey, Nauset Fish Market is right next to Sir Crickets, in fact they are owned by the same people. If you're going to be in the Brewster area and want great seafood, go to the Brewster Fish House on 6a, it's wonderful and worth the wait (there usually is one).
  2. Dali is terrific. Their sister restaurant is Tapeo, on Newbury between Gloucester and Hereford (or the block just before). Both restaurants are very good. For Mexican, Ole in Inman Square (cambridge) is quite good, but not as unique an experience as Dali or Tapeo (incidentally, I'd go to Dali over Tapeo for atmosphere, Tapeo is nice and all, but Dali is much more fun). There are a few portuguese restaurants in cambridge that are supposed to be good--Atasca in Kendall Square in particular. Hope that helps--have fun!!
  3. John Dewar's in Newton, Ma is the best. They supply to many of the top restaurants and markets in the area. Click here
  4. Hi Amanda, some of your writing expands beyond food and cooking--wondered if you ever seriously consider writing non-food-related stories, fiction, other non-fiction topics of interest? Thanks for participating in this Q&A!
  5. Oga's is on Route 9 in Natick. Going west it's on the right side of the road in a little strip of shops just past the exit for route 27. It's been a few months since I was there, but my recollection is that I had their fresh spring rolls, house nigiri platter, shrimp tempura appetizer, and beef rolls appetizer. They also have an extensive sake offering. The owner is one of the original founders of Ginza, he's done a lovely job of renovating the interior of what was a fairly bland Chinese restaurant.
  6. I've eaten at Oishii in Sudbury on several occasions and it is very good. There are other good places for sushi in the Boston area, so it's not b/c there's no competition. I will add, though, that the new Japanese restaurant in Natick that Ming Tsai mentioned, Oga, is excellent, potentially in a league of it's own for sushi and Japanese in this area. It's well worth the trip outside the city to try it.
  7. Sepal, the Falafel place featured in Watertown, Ma is very good. It's kind of amazing that they even found it, it's pretty far off the beaten path. I was speaking w/the owner recently and he is banking on the publicity from the show to give him an enormous boost.
  8. researchgal


    we have the Chantal blue enamel one too, but love it. Boils water quickly and looks great sitting on the stove. Also love the special german harmonica whistle--probably not a good thing if someone in your house likes to boil water before others rise.
  9. There's one in every crowd I had a funny feeling as a typed the word "treatment"...
  10. that sounds good, Jin. What treatment do you give the onions?
  11. researchgal

    Dinner! 2002

    fall feast...beef carbonnade using Guinness egg noodles mashed balsamic sweet 'tatoes salad of mixed greens, toasted walnuts, maytag bleu, pears
  12. some good vinegars, in addition to all the fine suggestions above. oh and some large made-that-morning, daily-changing panini that can customers can buy by the piece.
  13. researchgal


    Here be Total: Clickiopolos here
  14. researchgal


    Tommy, if you're going to make the sauce use Total Greek Yogurt if you can find it, it's much thicker and works great for Tzatziki. Mmmm!
  15. Are you sure you're not thinking of Pabst Blue Ribbon? here... Edit to say... but guess what... it was from Pabst Breweries. But its an antique can... either the label is quite old, or its simply been a less well-known ongoing concern. But I can't find references to it as a modern product. Yes, that's it. I think that even is the way the label looked way back in the '80's when I drank it...(does that qualify for antique???)...
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