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  1. I am still just a tad surprised that Micah was shown the door. The chicken a la king person could just as easily been given the boot. It's all in the editing, IMO. Hung is funny, edited to be the bad ass and jerk and better than thou. You always need that for something like this to be entertaining, right?
  2. Dang. Always meant to try this place and I guess I never will. Oh well.
  3. Lots to try in this fine city.... Palena Dino Tosca Mendocino Blacksalt (if you don't mind a trip over to Macarthur blvd)
  4. After 3 min of the last episode, I called it quits. I can't watch this show anymore, it's pathetic!
  5. We split our purchases by getting a Thermador 5 burner cooktop and a double wall oven by Miele. Could not be happier!
  6. A new high, or low depending on your point of view, for me was my first (and possibly only??) trip to The French Laundry. When my wife and I finally got in there (took us 8 years to get there, over four trips to CA (we live in MD)), I wasn't going to limit myself on the wine list. So our tab, with everything, including the extra gratuity I threw in, was $900 (for two of us). Probably some of the best money I have ever spent. The wine was a Peter Michael Le Moulin Rouge Pinot (which was outstanding!).
  7. I like Macarthur's & Circle. CW is tend to avoid because I always seem to go there when it is busy and the way they have it set up, it gets too damn crowded. Bah! I keep mesning to check out Schneider's and WOW. I have been to Cecile's once, but definitely mean to get back there again. In the greater DC area, I do avoid Total Wine in VA and Corridor Fine Wine (owned by Total Wine) as they suck.
  8. Check it out Fred AND dinwiddie are in the house. Woo-hoo! Looking forward to the next coupla Crü outings.
  9. Man that is weird. I'll ask what was up when I am there on Saturday. They better be open Saturday!
  10. It's been a few months since I've been to Palena for dinner. My wife and I were kicking around lots of places we have yet to try in anticipation of a great meal.... After a few places being booked (CityZen, Restaurant Eve) and some out of the price range (Maestro, went last year and it was aMAZing, but many shekels), we thought we settled on Le Paradou. Wrong. After realizing we had been to Palena many times (mostly in the back room, only once in the front), we realized we'd never been there for our anniversary. A quick phone call (they are no longer on OpenTable.com -- grrrr) and I got the reservation -- Kelly recognized me by my voice, if you can believe it. Looking forward to going there again. Anything new and exciting on the menu? What's this I hear about donuts?
  11. Well, despite the mostly negative view of Le Bernardin as evidenced by prior posts here, my wife and I are looking forward to dining there next month. I'll report back after we go.
  12. I love Kaz, too. Dee-lish. I only wish they'd make champagne available as there is nothing quite like sushi & champagne!
  13. What day of the week do they have half priced wine nights?
  14. I've been to BdC several times and I've always enjoyed myself there. Their wine stems generally suck, but sometimes they will bring out the better stemware if you ask real nice. The food is enjoyable but I will agree that the service leaves a bit to be desired. But I always do seem to have a good time whenever I go there. Their cassoulet is pretty good, but sometimes they serve it too hot.
  15. My wife and I went to a number of places in late September in Rehoboth... We always go to Chez la Mer, which I felt had been slipping the last few years but they have recovered a good bit once more. Still recommended IMO. Also went to the Back Porch for the first time ever (even though we have meant to go for years) and we enjoyed our dinner there, but it was a bit noisy for my taste. Still, the food was quite good. But, the surprise of our trip then was Eden. Eden used to be on the main drag, but they moved a block north in much bigger digs and the place is superb. It's definitely on my list to go to again next year. Highly recommended IMO. Vinocellar
  16. You've already discovered the best way to enjoy great wine at Palena, but I do agree -- their wine list needs help.
  17. Yeah. Pleeease! Oh, and can I have the pumpkin soup recipe with the sweetbreads? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
  18. Eating a Julia Childs recipe for Leek & Potato soup right now. Also had a great (butternut) squash soup recently too.
  19. Laurel Meat Market has prom pretty darn good bacon available.
  20. Have been to Eat First a number of times, usually pre or post Caps game. Always enjoy it. Wasn't Full Kee closed for a bit and didn';t they relocate sometime in the not too distant (18 months) past?
  21. I've never had anything but great service at Palena. Seriously.
  22. There was far too much leading insight to that first post. Though there's no confidentiality agreement I don't feel that saying ugly things about ugly people is in anyone's intrests. The official reason why Nectar closed from the horse's mouth is this: GW, who owns the hotel wanted to scale back or reconcept the restaurant. Something Jamison and I were not willing to do. Instead of coming to the table people on both sides jockeyed for postion, and as things came to a head it was a race to see who could shoot first. The name is ours, you may see it again, you may see something completely new, or you may see me become mister-mom and sit in front of this damn computer screen with my bourbon and bon bons. Thanks to all for your kind words. ← You keep us posted as to where you pop up once more. We very much enjoyed our one and only meal there. We were planning on returning (soon!), too.
  23. without sifting through this thread, anyone know if there are any suburban MD places like this that have Guatemalan Fried Chicken? Specifically in Montgomery County or PG County?
  24. This totally sucks. I am counting on the rest of you to fill me in where the fine crew of people there end up. Mrs. TJ and I had dinner there recently on our latest 'What's available on Open Table tonight?' dinners. It was wonderful.
  25. Never been there, but my wife wants to try it one day.
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