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  1. Culinary Artistry and the New american Chef arrived today.
  2. pattimw

    Dinner! 2005

    I lurk on this thread more that I post, and Jinmyo's posts are always interesting! please come back.... last night was fairly simple. Farfalle with Brussel Sprouts and Bacon from Weir Cooking in the City by Joanne Weir (I seem to have a very high rate of success from her cookbooks - I've never been disappointed by a recipe.) I have recently acquired a liking for brussel sprouts and have never had them in pasta - this was delicious, especially with the bacon - are brussels and bacon natural matches? The sauce consisted of leftover bacon fat, butter, and reduced chicken stock. Oh, and toasted hazelnuts. Sprinkled with parmigiano-reggiano cheese. No herbs, no aromatics. The kind of dish where you want bread to mop up the last bits of sauce in the bowl. Served with an Argyle 2003 Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley. Very good I have to say - lots of cherry flavor, not overly lean, like some Pinots, it had a nice fullness and heft (for a Pinot, I thought).
  3. Thanks spaghettti! I will have to try those this weekend. My pancakes do not come out as nearly so light and fluffy!
  4. technically you can use any grain, wehter it be wheat, barley rice or whatever. but i think to make it an actualy "risotto" you must, and i mean must use risotto. the term risotto hasbeen bastardized in north america as a marketing ploy. risotto is no longer a recipe. it's a method. on menus every whee you see barley risotto, wheat risotto, yam risotto, jasmine risotto. the one true risotto demands arborio ← Sorry, I probably should have been more clear - I meant what kind of risotto rice - arborio, carnaroli, etc.
  5. Those pancakes look delicious!!!! how do you make them?
  6. Patti, how do you drain the yogurt? I recently ran out of cheesecloth, so I used a paper coffee filter in a strainer...worked like a charm !! ← Hi, Percyn- That is exactly what I do - works perfectly overnight!
  7. pattimw

    Dinner! 2005

    A kind of soup/stew consisting of- hot italian sausages, red potatoes, garlic, artichoke hearts, red wine and crushed tomatoes. whole grain boule from the bakery mixed greens, red wine vinaigrette Santa Rita 2002 Cabernet A great meal for a cold night - it was 5 degrees F here last night!
  8. What kind of rice do you use, and more importantly, where do you get it? I have made risotto many times, but find varying outcomes with the different rices I use. This one brand (can't remember what it is) I get from the supermarket does not produce good risotto and I am on the hunt for a new kind.
  9. 53 Plus i just joined the Good Cook Club, and am getting- Bouchon The Vineyard Kitchen by Maria Helm Sinskey On Food and Cooking So I guess 56!!
  10. pattimw

    Dinner! 2005

    Sunday Sundried tomato tapenade on goat cheese coated baguette slices with a mixed green salad, red wine vinaigrette Pork tenderloin with a stuffing of: sage, shallots, mascarpone, pine nuts. Wrapped the pork in prosciutto, roasted it, made a sauce of the pan drippings with white wine and mascarpone. roasted potatoes brussel sprouts Dessert- chocolate sorbet and almond cookies Monday I brined a chicken over night, stuffed it with lemon and rosemary and roasted it. I never brined chicken before and couldn't believe how great it was! I will brine forever now. Served with roasted potatoes and caramelized fennel Dessert was chocolate sorbet and almond cookies again.
  11. Just curious, Andy, how did you learn to cook? Culinary school? Self-taught? I actually did not know how to cook when I left home, either. My parents cooked and ate for sustenance only, and they didn't cook well.
  12. I am very much enjoying this so far. In college, I did a study abroad program at the University of Sussex in nearby Falmer and spent quite a bit of time in Brighton. Bringing back lots of good memories. Is Disco Biscuit still there? And Food for Friends?
  13. pattimw

    Dinner! 2005

    I am on a pasta kick this week. goat cheese on crackers first, because I was starving. St Supery Sauvignon Blanc 2003. sauteed some italian-style chicken sausage. Removed that from the pan, added oyster and shittake mushrooms, shallot, got those nice and soft, added canned tomatoes with juices, and some red wine (Bonny Doon's Big House Red, leftover from the night before), salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary. Simmered for 20 minutes. Served over bucatini.
  14. banana drained plain yogurt (so it's nice and thick like greek yogurt) with blueberry-banana granola - not homemade, unfortunately, but i plan to make some this weekend. I am now drinking coffee at my desk - dark roast, cream and sugar. Try as I might, I can't forgo coffee without cream.
  15. I wanted to bump this up and see if anyone had any shops or resources to add. I collect cookbooks and am turning my attention from new books to used, ones that might be out of print, etc.
  16. I tend to go for sweet stuff in the morning: whole grain english muffin with peanut butter smoothie with yogurt, mango, banana, and frozen blueberries.
  17. pattimw

    Dinner! 2005

    I really need a digital camera after looking at all these mouthwatering photos! little ms foodie, your pictures in particular make me want to run to the kitchen!! Last night- Mixed greens with sliced pears and dried sliced figs, hazelnut oil and white wine vinegar dressing. Penne pasta with portobello mushrooms, sirloin steak in a cream sauce with blue cheese. Bonny Doon's Big House Red.
  18. I live 1/2 mile in from Wollaston Beach, and I've only been to the Clam Box, but based on the recs here, I'll try Tony's in the summer. Clam Box does do a good, generous lobster roll.
  19. I have had sushi many times at Sakura Bana on Broad st. many times and it is excellent.
  20. I may have to consider this. I called Stoddard's last week and they said 7-10 days. What! I can't live that long without my chef's knife!
  21. There's also Chesapeake Knife and Tool in Fanueil Hall. I mourned the loss of the dowtown Stoddard's.
  22. Being familiar with eating disorders, I almost can't begin to get my head around this. Eating disorders are incredibly complex and can have very different causes. It is a bit strange to start a restaurant that caters to those with a very serious psychological disorder. And I am not implying that the existence of a restaurant like this would perpetuate the problem. Maybe it is almost missing the point. For while food becomes the focal point or the tool of the disorder, it's ultimately not about food at all, it is about other issues, like control and self-esteem. Also, one thing that people with eating disorders learn is that they can't always have total control over food. And maybe this restaurant perpetuates that part of the disorder.
  23. Last night, I had leftover spicy chili. And i would have had a nice hearty wine, but i was still kind of hungover from the weekend. Today, it is supposed to be warmer (30 degrees F) so i don't know if I should break out the grill.
  24. Thanks RobInAustin! just what I wanted. Something to get the ball rolling. Is there a price consideration? $10-15 will get you something decent (in general)? Visiting BIL this weekend and they are foodies and winos like myself. Wanted to pick up a nice aperitif and sherry sprang to mind.
  25. I know a fair amount about wine and would like to branch out into sherry. The ones I have tried were not very good. astringent and mouth puckering. Clearly, a bad sherry, right? Any aficionados who can guide me? Recommendations, etc.?
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