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  1. Also, within one block, a Tim Hortons, a Blenz, and a Starbucks. Coffee culture alive and well on the West side.
  2. I organized my work Chirstmas Party this past Tuesday at Cru, Mark did mentioned he opended his doors at Dolcetto that day. I plan on checking out the panini's sometime next week, and will post some pictures at that time. ← Yes, we're open. 2967 West Broadway 7:30am to 7:30 pm daily Serving 49th Parallel coffee, Panini and baked goods from Rise Artisan Bakery and Cru. Dolcetto
  3. Thanks Tsquare, but I left Friday morning and missed your post, as I didn't have internet while I was there...... so, not much luck. We had a fair.. meal at Barolo (solved a craving for Burata, no-one else seemed to carry it) And a highly disappointing experience at Dahlia Lounge, I was hoping for a years-of-polished-service and food evening, instead I felt like I'd taken the wrong turn into a worn-out tourist trap.
  4. Hi Folks, I'm heading to Seattle this weekend and looking forward to dining in your great city again. My dining companion doesn't eat meat, or shellfish, but fish is Ok. Last trip we enjoyed Lark, Zoe, and of course Le Pichet, plus drinks at Vessel and a bottle of wine at Black Bottle. I'm making a list of choices for this trip, having read this thread. Any suggestions for this weekend would be helpful, thanks in advance!! Is there some sort of "Dine-out / Dine-around" event going on? I'm sure it's for a good cause, but it sometimes blocks up resos at the good places.
  5. This is some sort of joke, right? Cockroach in the food and you took it home? To eat? WTF?
  6. Didn't call in time to get in to your favourite restaurant? As we are confirming reservations for the following day, there have been some cancellations (most of them were booked on Jan 2!) So, .... I recommend calling the evening before you want to come. Some space may have opened up at prime seating times
  7. These types of people are never "polite enough to at least call to cancel". They don't consider for a moment that this will not only screw the restaurant, but the other diners, cherished regulars, concierge and vips that couldn't get in. We phone all our bookings the day before to confirm. We had a very low no-show rate, but... This is my first year on the Opentable system and I'm a little nervous. (we're pretty much sold-out) You could always tell on the phone, because the people who want 6:30pm but take a 10pm booking will cancel or no-show, so we could flag those ones, or just talk them out of it.
  8. Where can I get a real day-after-christmas turkey sandwich, y'know, with stuffing and cranberry sauce, maybe some gravy? I had a wonderful dinner with a special someone who doesn't eat meat, so it was salmon, plus the usual christmas-type side dishes, but now I'm craving that turkey feeling. I'm guessing it's boxing day or nothing. Any suggestions?
  9. Breville die-cast Espresso maker: on Breville USA website: $399 Usd on Sears Canada website $399 Cdn at Williams-Sonoma Granville $499
  10. Williams-Sonoma also owns Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, so it looks like they have those few blocks of high rent Granville St. pretty much covered. You can just comparison shop there! Word on the street is that they are going to open a "Pottery Barn Kids" or some such store in the old temporary Pottery Barn location (now vacant) two doors South of Williams-Sonoma, so that will make 4 locations between Broadway and 14th!
  11. I guess they're lease was up? I don't think an owner can raise rent after the lease was signed over a certain percentage as per the same type of rules as the rental tenancy act (perhaps a percentage allowed is higher). Commercial Tenancy Act I guess that is the nature of renting space for your business right? The owner does reserve the right to kick you out when the lease is up. I am pretty sad SOMA had to move though as I really liked their space and location. ← No such luck. The residential rules do not apply to commercial leases in our free-market world. The commercial lease is a legal agreement between you and the landlord, and if lease extensions are laid out without restrictions or provision for arbitration, you're S.O.L. Once the lease is up, if you have not negotiated a new one, the landlord is free to charge whatever they want for rent, or refuse to rent it to you for no particular reason. Hint: When you see a commercial lease, get a really good lawyer and go over it very carefully.
  12. Of course, if you flavour, spice or sauce your fish in any way that will change your pairing options. Many good BC "aromatic" varieties with some body will work well with Sablefish. I really like CedarCreek's Dry Riesling or Sumac Ridge's Gewurztraminer (which is a little sweeter, better for the smoked fish) A good Pinot Gris would also work. We do that grape so well here in BC. Try Mission Hill's Reserve. All these wines should be easy to find.
  13. I was there last week and had: A very good lunch at Bistro 7 1/4. would love to go back for dinner. What a great and very-open kitchen! My food (Salade Nicoise, Lemon Tart) was fresh, well-prepared and tasty, and the service was professional and friendly. Great Cappuccino too. Late night traditional visit to Sals. Prices are up, but the satisfaction is good, and appropriate for the mood, time and crowd. Long live the Cheese Nip. I was on my way to heavenly cottage country and picked up some fresh fruit and vegetables at Soby's. All the produce was from the U.S. or Mexico. With the abundance of fruit and veg in season right now in BC (and I'm presuming other Canadian areas) is it more difficult to cross provincial borders than international? What gives Winnipeg? Believe me, I love my home town, but how very prairie for the local Joeys to list seafood as "Ocean Meat"!
  14. Not when it is illegal to BYOB to a restaurant and your budget is $150! Sorry to burst your bubble but your budget is way out of wack for a wine event now days. I've read your posts in the past and I know you like great chocolate, NY, and Kitchen Aid set the bar higher and have a great wine event. Cheers, Stephen ← I have to agree with Stephen..... maybe I read it wrong, but $15 a head for food and bring your own? That's a Capers grocery receipt for food for 10. A lot of restaurants would be happy to have a group for early Sunday, (mine included) even without wine revenue. But if you want a private room, glassware, etc. and that's your entire budget, you'll be better off doing it in someone's home.
  15. I'll be in Winnipeg May 9-12 to visit family and attend the Winnipeg Wine Festival. I'll have a couple of nights and most days free, so where should I go? Oh, Please don't make me go back to La Vielle Gare. I would rather not return to Tavern in the Park or StepN out either. Is Glutton's the place in the Old Pappas furs building on Corydon? Had a nice lunch there. I've tried 529. Also, Fusion Grill is a favourite, but I'm trying to find new. Also, where does one go to wind down after the wine festival Fri and Sat nights?
  16. I'm surprised Raincity Grill hasn't been mentioned yet.... So, with C, Cardero's, Nu, and Ocean 617, we have just five places with a view and excellent food in Vancouver. What is it, zoning? real estate?, lack of desire? Is Harry the only guy with smarts enough to make it work? By the way, Jericho Sailing Centre has great cold beer on a hot beach day. Bikini views, plus the north shore and cityscape in the distance. It's already packed in the good weather, so I'm not spoiling it for anyone here.
  17. I drove by Tamarind on West Broadway (across from Bogarts) today and it's "boarded-up" closed. I mean, with real boards. Was there a fire or something? I was speeding in traffic and didn't notice the details. Hopefully this wasn't covered upthread two months ago.
  18. Applauded? you must be joking. I agree that people should not take too much crap, but they should also be taught to deal with conflict in a constructive and mature way. True, there was obviously some internal strife here, but this was a childish and unprofessional way to deal with the situation. If these people had a problem with the owner(s) there are better ways to resolve them. If they had real employment standard issues they could have gone through the proper channels. It looks like "you should have been a better people person" was their only real reason for abandoning this guys shop and quitting. What sort of damage was done? Why not just quit or not show up for work? The "nasty" note on the door is simply juvenile. What if a restaurant owner posted a sign on the door when he fired someone? The whole city would be up in arms. Hopefully Jorge Carrillo, Hyun Kim, Paisley McHaffie and Stewart Yu will have better luck at their next places of employment, but it's unlikely.
  19. We had a great night at Cru, this is our third year in DOV. Fully booked, and every last reservation showed up with the exception of a 10pm. duece. (I won that bet). Amazing. One group of three with a 5:30 booking, promised to be out by 7:00, was complete by 6:00, ordered at 6:15, paid the bill at 7:30 and stayed drinking water until 8:10 pm. Other than that, no glitches whatsoever. The bar was full all night (we don't book the bar) with regulars, tourists and drop-ins. Some people drank good wines, only two tables were 53.50 (waitstaff knows what I mean). Sales were up, average was up, floor staff was great, kitchen was awesome, owner is on closing shift and dog-tired but happy. Sometimes it feels a little like New Years or a party where you've planned for so much it turns out to be easy. Did I just say that? Crap, now I've jinxed it. 13 to go.
  20. Fud wrote: Wow, I'm not sure if I understand this question. Are you saying that you book tables of 4 to 5 people at several restaurants and then just try to fill the seats? So, you might have what, 45 reservations around town? Then you have to call and make the changes, increase or decrease each table? That seems like an awful lot of juggling and calling and cancelling (you cancel, of course) just to attend DOV. Yes, it's a pain for restaurants, but what about you? Am I reading this right?
  21. CRU still has seats available for the the new years eve dinner. Starts at 6:30pm. $140 includes all wines. MENU Canapés and caviar ( Champagne, Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, Lenoble ) Seared Quebec Foie Gras winter chutney, muscat reduction ( Sauternes, Chateau Roumieu, 2003 ) Terrine of chevre, haricot vert and oven-dried tomatoes with lentil salad ( Sauvignon Blanc, “cellar selection”, 2002, Sumac Ridge, Okanagan ) Lobster and Scallop Ravioli lobster nage ( Chardonnay, 2003, “Sonoma coast”, La Crema, Sonoma ) Bison Tenderloin cassis demi, celeriac and squash pave ( Bordeaux, Chateau Laulan Ducos, 2000, Medoc ) Warm Passion fruit Soufflé with biscuit sablé ( Moscato Frizzante, Mionetto, Veneto ) Aged Stilton with cranberry agrodolce ( Porto, Grahams Vintage 1991 ) We'll be closed Jan 1. Happy New Year!
  22. Damn, it's late on a Sunday, and I'm damn tired after a busy December weekend, but I can't resist... I'll try to answer these one at a time: I tip an average of 20%. I'm in the biz, and know lots of people, and lots know me, but I would anyways, because "live by the tip, die by the tip" y'know. Just OK service merits 15%. If it's bad, I let someone know. I have never left zero, or that inane "tiny tip to make a statement" tip. Stiffing the waiter is a passive cowards expression of dissatisfaction, and my therapist says.. well, that people shouldn't do that. If you're pissed at the service, do us all a favour and complain about it. Then it will change. (note: spelling of "favour" making this a canadian post) "Turning the tables", tip averages in Vancouver run at around 15%-17%, better Monday to Thursday, weekenders are generally a little less, you make it up on volume. Sunday can be hit and miss depending on the attendance of industry types who frequent my place (God bless you every one). Yes, people sometimes discount wine service, but they don't understand that at many establishments the tip-out to support staff and kitchen is based on all sales, liquor included, so if you "can't pay, don't play". Yes, Western Canadians are generally decent tippers, but that's mostly in the GVRD. In the Okanagan, for example, waiters are doomed, that's why it's hard to find a good one. Do Americans tip better? There's an old (american waitstaff) saying "What's the difference between a canoe and a canuck?" As for local demographics, I'm sorry Jamie but I can't answer that, I have no idea what you mean by that question. What are the signals that you're dealing with a short tipper? Can't see over the front desk. Booster seat. Small shoes.
  23. Hello Dumpling Girl, and as they say in Rome, welcome to the Forum. Look forward to welcoming you to Cru, as well. You can try that Smoked Albacore Tuna with truffle vinaigrette and crispy shallots, (pictured above) as we've recently included it on our regular small plates menu. Joie, thanks for the great coverage! ~M
  24. Thanks for the kind words, Arne.The wine was a Montgras "Quatro" 2003 from Chile. A carmenere-malbec-cabernet blend. They have a couple of single varietal wines on the market here, but I was impressed with this premium blend. ( a restricted listing ). That Yalumba "bush vine" Grenache is one great juicy red. It sounds like we had one of those impromptu "wild game" nights while you were in! ~Mark
  25. 100% is the standard here in BC, a hold over from the days when the government regulated the mark-up, as well. (yes, really) In some cases on my list, I'll offer a wine at less of a mark-up if I want to keep it under a sweet price point or I really want people to try it. Also, the "reserve" type wines are not marked up by much. There's no point in having a $125 bottle of wine sitting on my shelf gathering dust. Some hard to get wines or one-time-buys are a little more, but like any business, I have to offer good value to my customers. If I find a super deal I generally pass it on. You'll come back, and that's the whole point. For wines by the glass, I divide the bottle price by four, but I get five glasses. I make an extra few bucks because I keep 35 wines open and sometimes we have spoilage. (we date the bottle, then check the wines daily) Plus, I personally think it's still a good thing if I can have a glass of $48 wine for $12. Most pricing in Vancouver is good. Some places offer super deals, and make the money on volume and food. Some serious gouging happens. I was out for dinner with a visiting winemaker a few weeks ago at a newer hot spot. He had been given an Unlimited Budget for wine purchases. After a few minutes of looking at the winelist, we both drank beer. If my guests want to, I encourage them to take unfinished bottles of wine home with them. We bag and cork the bottles for them. I thought it was allowed. If not, screw the regulators.
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