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  1. I will be in Michigan in June on business, but will be taking 3 days afterwards to drive from Empire over to Oscoda via the Shore to Shore route. I am investigating the trail system and the campgrounds along it since I will be bringing my horse next year and riding across the entire state. Where can a gal get some decent eats along the way? Also, does anyone have suggestions for overnight accomodations along the way? I have perused Michigan's travel site and nothing is catching my eye. All suggestions are appreciated. Melissa
  2. Prior to independence, dinner was usually around 5:30 as my mother was home from work no later than 3:30. My father traveled constantly, so we never had to worry about him...heh. Breakfast for me consists of yogurt at my desk around 8:30-9:00. Lunch is whenever I have time; which generally leads to the lack of an appetite until around 7:30 in the evening. To second slkinsey's comment above; being a two income family is not conducive to having dinner ready by 6:00 p.m. I just cannot put something tasty and healthy on the table in 30 minutes.
  3. I was not aware they existed either. Thank you for finding them! What products have you tried so far? Now I must 'go shopping'
  4. My ex-MIL would add a can of tuna to her egg salad, which always included chopped onion, pickle, salt and pepper. It actually wasn't half bad, even though the combination does sound a bit odd. I will make it every once in a while this way. However, the favorite is egg (of course), mayo, green onion, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper on toasted multi-grain. Edited: I gotta try the addition of bacon!
  5. turckie

    Making Cheese

    Any advice on a starting point for someone who wishes to partake in this 'art'?
  6. I'm not quite sure what kind of responses you're trying to illicit here, and my intentions are all friendly, but I will give you my take on this situation: Age should never be an issue as long as you are physically and mentally able to handle the duties, stress, etc. There are always exceptions to this rule of course, depending on vocation. I give anyone willing to try something new kudos for the nerve to even admit it. From personal experience (former bartender), I would rather work with a more mature person with an established work ethic, than with some of the younger individuals there just looking for big tips and when they didn't get them, the whining started. Then came the excuses for wanting to be let off early. I always let them go home and told them they could come back when they were ready to behave and work like an adult. Kim, I say go for it if you feel you are ready. If you find out it doesn't work for you, at least you can say you tried and had the experience!
  7. and I thought that it was only me who indulged in this vice!! Have I got a black olive-cream cheese-garlic-butter spread for you, olive lover!! I can eat it with or without crackers .. it is that good! ← I believe I must have that recipe. Any kind of olive is not safe in my house. It goes in streaks though. I can go for several months without having any. But once the craving hits, an entire jar will be gone in one sitting. Same thing goes for those crunchy orange colored things that everyone else here is addicted to. I dare not say the name as it may bring about an unecessary side trip on the way home from work. Taco Doritos are the must have snack of choice when playing Monopoly with the kids for some odd reason. I don't hide them and I even share, but I get the majority of them. Guacamole will be eaten by itself (no dippers) in no time flat. I don't need to hide that as I'm the only one who likes it......yea for me. Edited to add that I second Susan's comment about.................BACON.
  8. JohnL, do you have children? Both of my children are very very slim, fairly active, and eat six times a day, three meals and three small snacks. They have done this since they were able to eat solid food. Making them do without meals in order to exercise most assuredly does not mean they think less about eating. Eliminating mealtime is not going to reduce the problem of childhood obesity. As I said upthread, I wish my daughter had more time to eat her lunch, rather than less. Eating to quickly and overeating often go hand in hand. ← Everyone knows what happens when you start skipping meals. Your body will eventually go into preservation mode; turning everything you eat into some type of fat. To expect children to have to skip a meal and then eat responsibly at the next meal is asking alot of them. It is then that bad food choices are made because EVERYTHING in their eyes is good for them! Yes, more exercise is a good thing, especially when the school reduces PE down to two days a week because of budget cuts. Once winter finally leaves us, we will once again be biking or walking at least 3 times a week with our kids and horseback riding on the weekends. Gets us and the horses back in shape
  9. I will agree with the general consensus that the school lunch program, at least in my school district, is horrible. As stated earlier, it is full of pizza, chicken nuggets, etc. All highly processed and loaded with sodium and other undesirable ingredients. I understand the concept of the schools offering what they know kids will eat and keeping within a district's budget. In this day of fast food dinners and dinner out of a box in a majority of busy households, it's no wonder that our children want to eat this kind of stuff. Fiance and I both work full time and we still manage to put a healthy meal on the table every night. There are some weekend nights when the kids get to pick what's for dinner. They can pick convenience foods if they wish as they consider it a special treat. Granted, they are no angels and I know they will make some bad food choices if given the chance. They do, however, want a bag lunch at least 3 out of 5 school days because they say most of the lunches at school are gross. They are ages 10 and 14 and wonder why their school doesn't have a salad bar like the high school does. Now, not to rant; but when I was in school, all lunches served by the school had to be made from scratch. It seems that now, the kitchen will make it only if it's frozen or already put together and can be put into an oven or microwaved (I have a family member who works for the school). I hope this is not true of all schools now, but it is sorely evident in my children's.
  10. Some very interesting points made here. I am very aware of food allergies and sensivity issues. I personally have sensivity issues with a several vegetables. I love them, but my tummy responds within an hour with terrible cramps and bloating. Several of my relatives have various allergy/sensivity conditions. I cook accordingly when any one of them is in my company. To reiterate, I just have no patience for the individual who refuses to try something because they insist they won't like it or it's 'weird' and there are no known allergies or problems associated with such item. I never force a certain food on anyone because they're picky or finicky. They are now told beforehand what is being served and I leave it up to them if they want to attend. Just leaves more for the rest of us! As a side note, I do have a few food items that I have tried many times, and I just do not like them. But, at least I tried.
  11. As far as ambushing goes, I will never try to sneak something in if I KNOW there is a validated allergy/sensitivity issue. But the picky eater thing is what really tweaks me the wrong way. Food inhibitions don't really get under my skin as long as the person is willing to at least try it. I get rather tired of the statement "I know I won't like it, so why bother trying it?" I have alway been the one to try anything once, or twice. Take for example, last year when we were in Cancun. The woman part of the couple we were with flat out told me that I eat very weird stuff. Now keep in mind that the fare they serve in the hotel isn't exactly AUTHENTIC Yucatan cuisine. It's very Americanized. Lots of seafood however, which I devoured. Both of them flat out said they will never eat anything that lives in water. I did get picky fiance to try the ceviche, which of course, he didn't like because it tasted like 'fish'. Go figure....
  12. Oh, this is a hot one for me. Before meeting fiance, my 10 year old daughter would eat any vegetable I put in front of her and loved them all, with the exception of acorn squash. Now, enter fiance who claims he hates all vegetables, except for corn, taters and most types of lettuce. I ask him why. He states that they were forced down his throat growing up; which lends me to believe they were prepared very badly by his mother (read boiled to mush). I have gotten him to try a few, although he would not even TOUCH the roasted cauliflower (get this, he'll eat it raw though). Anyway, now daughter claims she does not like some of the vegetables now. This is getting very frustrating and I refuse to cook two separate meals. I have dropped subtle hints along the lines of "When I was growing up, if you didn't like what was made for dinner and weren't willing to try it, you went hungry". Oh, he also says he's allergic to raw tomatos, but will chow on my salsa, which involves no cooking at all!!
  13. On any given day/week: Tuna Clams Whole tomatos and tomato paste Black olives Pineapple Peaches Mandarin oranges Black beans (for salsa) Smoked oysters (reserved for the saddlebag when camping with horses) Campbells tomato No green beans; my daughter would go on strike. She's become addicted to the fresh, which suits me just fine.
  14. Susan- Love that station in Hinkley. On our many trips to St. Croix State Park for our horse camping weekends, we either swing in there or to Tobie's and bag about 2 dozen of the cinnamon rolls, which never make to the park, which is only 15 miles further east; and if they do, they're usually gone by the time the horses are unloaded. If we're not headed that way, it's usually liters of water, beef jerky, some sort of flat, salty items and various forms of chocolate. Oh, and a small bag of Four Cheese Doritos for my horse (he loves 'em).
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