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  1. Meow-Mix

    Buying Wine in Europe

    Thanks for the replies, lots of good info here from everybody. Bringing back more obscure items like Echezeaux said, would make it worth my effort of lugging the bubblies. Since we're over there anyways, bringing back at least a couple of bottles should be a minimum requirement. And since my carryon has wheels, I'm not too concerned about weight. We were hoping to make a trip to the Champagne region, so if we pull it off, Le Vigneron definitely sounds like a must.
  2. Meow-Mix

    Buying Wine in Europe

    Either or, whatever is noteworthy. I believe the duty is anything over 2 bottles, so whether this is adhered to would be interesting to know. I believe we have the aptitude to perform the packing/transporting successfully but it's always helpful to hear from someone who's done it before and has the program down
  3. We're planning on bringing back around 10 bottles of champagne next time we are in Paris, and not having done this before, wondering about any possible problems there might be with transporting them back (carry-on, of course). Does anyone here have experience doing this and have any caveats to offer? thanks
  4. I hope Starbucks disappears from France.
  5. What's your personal favorite rum to put in a -- Mojito? Cuba Libre? Ginger Ale? juice drink?
  6. What are you favorite cafes in Paris?
  7. I've seen it but never had it before. Sounds promising, will have to try it.
  8. ... oops forgot to add Pumpkin Ale and maybe some Jagermeister to the list
  9. Martha Stewart was making "eyeball highballs"... anyone have any special drinks they choose for the mood of the coming holiday? I'll stick mostly to red wine
  10. Anyone here remember this beer? I used to drink it in the late 80s, lost track of it and haven't seen it since. It was brewed in New Guinea and was quite good. Does anyone know if they still exist?
  11. Ok, I've never had Dutch-style before, so I don't know what that's like. I just thought it weird how some spirits are not conducive to shots, like gin, rum, as opposed to those that are like vodka, tequila, whiskey. It's strange because I like gin a lot, but when trying to drink it straight it tastes like crap. And I can't recall ever seeing anyone order a shot of gin. I wonder if there's ever been any protocol established on this.
  12. Wow, they better not do that to me, cause I love gimlets and mine need to be green.
  13. I like gin a lot, but only in mixed drinks. I've never heard of anyone drinking gin on the rocks or shots of gin. Does anyone ever drink it straight?
  14. Rum and cranberry juice is a combination that I haven't seen mentioned here. If looking for new mix variations, you may want to give this a try. It goes very well together imo. It's from Jamaica, where they mix a shot of rum with cranberry hibiscus juice, and ice of course.
  15. Great, now I have a reason for a roadtrip to Canada.
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