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  1. 18 hours ago, lemniscate said:

    I tried the Semi-dried Antipasto Vegetables and thought they were fantastic.  Had them as a side dish room temp.  The texture of the veg was not mushy, but toothsome and had lots of flavor.  The oil is subdued and not too much.


    Product of Turkey, I know they sun dry a lot of veg in Turkey, so I wonder if these are sundried or?


    I bought the antipasto cherry tomatoes and the grilled artichokes but have yet to open them.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.29.57 AM.png


    These have become a staple in my pantry. I love them with pasta and sausage. Or, even mixed in with roasted potatoes or other veggies. Very versatile. The tomatoes, too.

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  2. On 4/9/2019 at 11:23 AM, dtremit said:

    I'm fortunate to have stumbled upon an apartment with a fantastic kitchen layout -- despite being compact, it's got a great modified-galley layout that's a pleasure to work in. However, the previous owner who built it stuck a pie-cut corner base cabinet in one corner, and that thing is the bane of my existence. To be clear, it's this kind of cabinet (though it's got a single two-piece door) :




    Like the one in the picture, it's got a L-shaped, half-depth shelf.


    Sadly none of the nifty organizers used for blind corner cabinets seem to exist for this style -- there's just lazy susans, which a lot of people seem to hate. And I don't even have one of those (though I think there's a mounting hole).


    I have bad knees, following an injury, and I can't even reach half the cabinet; I have to call my partner over if I need something that's slipped in the back. And the shelving arrangement makes it difficult to store little-used stuff; the shelf is too shallow to store big stuff, too short to store tall stuff, and even at the ends it's hard to reach.


    Does anyone else have a cabinet like this, and if so, have you found a good way to use it? Do you have a lazy susan you love? Is there hope for me and my cabinet? 🤣

    I would gladly trade mine for yours! We have the worst cabinetry lay-out I have ever seen. In our corner area, the stove is next to it, so the cabinet doesn't make an L--just goes way long with no way to get back into the depths of it. I put stuff in there 10 years ago when we moved in and haven't seen it since. Then, we have another one that goes back over the sink, which is set in a corner. To get into that one, I literally have to climb up onto the counter to reach the top shelf. And no, I am not short. I could go on and on, but trust me on this. I'd rather have yours!

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  3. 19 hours ago, MelissaH said:

    We found a new snack mix the other day. Components are:

    • Cheddar rocket crackers
    • Chili lemon corn sticks
    • Corn chips with flaxseeds
    • Honey roasted sesame sticks
    • Honey roasted peanuts
    • Honey mustard pretzel pieces

    The only things I haven't seen sold separately anywhere are the chili lemon corn sticks. I like this mix enough that I'd like to put a larger quantity together, and I'm trying to think what I could substitute that would have a little zing and a little acid.IMG_3845.thumb.jpeg.fb7308a679435e009c7937ad067206e0.jpeg


    I am becoming addicted to this stuff. If I was making it, I'd put fewer cheese rockets. Way too many of them in the can I bought.

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  4. 16 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

    Not sure if this has been reported already or not but the frozen puff pastry has returned, at least to my TJ's. 

    It disappeared immediately after the holidays - like there was none left on Jan 2 - last year so I didn't get a chance to stock up.  I will have to be more diligent this year. 


    Oh, man! I hope mine still has it in a couple of weeks when I get back!

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  5. 23 hours ago, gfweb said:



    Give 'em the recipe. Unless you are in business, who cares if they cook well too?


    Exactly! I am actually happy when my British friends tell me they made my corn pudding that they had at our house one Thanksgiving and always think of us when they have it. And the same for when I make my friend's Shepherd's Pie recipe. Brings me happy memories to remember when she made it for us when we were there for their daughter's wedding. 


    Just like food, recipes are meant for sharing. JMHO


    P.S. I am not a big "recipe cook"but rather wing it as I go, using a recipe as a general guideline. It can be difficult for me to tell someone exactly how I made something when every time I make it, it is a little different.

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  6. 22 hours ago, rotuts said:

    Im very much a fan of fruit deserts , w flaky pastry or crumble.


    I had high expectations for this :




    came out like this :




    the pastry was decent , w large granules of sugar for crunch .  nice


    the filling was a disappointment , unless you like a few unripe peaches in your tarte


    " for added crunch "


    took the container back for a refund.





    I had better luck with this. The first one was so good that I picked up another when I went back. Sorry you got one that wasn't ripe. 😞

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  7. 22 hours ago, BeeZee said:

    I was happy to see the bag of mini avocados at TJ's over the weekend (Teeny Tiny Avocados)...product of Mexico, 6 per bag, under $3. The pit is in proportion to the fruit, the one I had last night was creamy and unblemished. It is a nice size for garnishing a leaf lettuce salad, or avocado toast for one (I find a whole large avocado a bit much and wrapping half is so-so).


    Yes, I've been buying these for the past couple of months. They are the best avocados I've been able to get in this area for a long time!

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  8. 14 hours ago, FauxPas said:

    Bought some TJ's just Beets today. Not sure why, I guess they looked kind of chippy and I like beets so why not? All they are is dehydrated beets, the ingredients list is: Beets. This little bag will set you back a bit over $2. I know these aren't NEW, I can see they were around back in late 2016 with a search, but it's the first time I have noticed them. Would I buy them again? Possibly but probably not. I like the slightly sweet beet flavour and the crunch, but hey, if you need some fiber in your diet, these provide 7 gms in one little bag! xD






    I also noticed some 3-seed beet crackers and 3-seed sweet potato crackers for the first time. I don't like black sesame seeds, so passed them by, but I like that TJ's gives some variations on the chip and cracker theme. 








    Completely agree on Just Beets. They weren't awful, but I couldn't find a good reason to even finish the bag. I do like both the Sweet Potato and Beet 3-Seed Crackers. A few go a long way--I never want too many in one sitting unless I have enough different cheeses to mix up the flavor. They start to wear on me after a while, too.

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  9. Printer ink and Kirkland brand paper towels. And big bags of peanuts (in shell) to feed the squirrels. Tons of other stuff, of course, but don't think those have been mentioned yet.

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  10. I did just sign up for this, though not sure how closely I will follow it. I wish I could see a month of the plans instead of just 2 weeks. And we get a Butcher Box from a local butcher every 2 weeks. We don't know what is in it until we pick it up, so I will have to do a lot of switching out of proteins.


    I figured for the same thing I pay for Sirius, I can at least get some cooking inspiration.

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