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  1. 23 hours ago, gfweb said:

    I'm having taxonomy problems.  How does this panade differ from what North Americans call a dressing/stuffing (other than being cooked outside the bird)?

    In the case of the one that I make, it is a much wetter consistency and vastly different ingredients. I don't have my recipes on this Chromebook, but the panade I make is much like this one, though mine has more wine. https://relish.com/recipes/86770/spinach-and-mushroom-panade


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  2. @Shelby I can't believe you got dandelion greens. My choices never include anything that interesting. Pretty pedestrian stuff here.


    I did get an order this week. The onions were not great and will likely go bad before I use them. Here was the odd thing: Everything in the box was soaking wet except the kale which was on top of everything else. I had gotten a box of snack bars and the box they were in was so wet, it was falling apart. They just can't seem to get their packing and shipping done properly. While I've gotten things I have enjoyed, I am probably going to cancel--prices are too high for what I'm getting.

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  3. 1 hour ago, weinoo said:

    I like to offer butter in a little side dish (if butter is being offered at table) in order to not suffer the indignities of anything ending up in the butter writ large.


    Otherwise, if I'm prepping the toast with butter and jam/jelly/marmalade/etc. in the kitchen, I am impeccably careful with the butter, and then I use a little spoon to remove said additional topping from its jar and onto the toast.



    I can't stand it if someone gets crumbs in the butter. It gives me the jim-jams!!!

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  4. 1 hour ago, BeeZee said:

    I appreciate when a blogger (usually the more professional ones vs the hobbiests) have the “jump to recipe” link to avoid the backstory and excessive explanation.


    I do, too, but someone in a food group I belong to recently said that if you use that feature, it lessens the ad revenues the blogger receives. I think many of us don't consider that some bloggers do it as a source of income, rather than as a hobby. I respect that, but wish they could do something a different way so that you don't have to scroll forever to get to the recipe. The ones I really object to are the ones that you have to keep clicking on the arrow to go through 6 pages of crap before you get to what you want to see.

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  5. 22 hours ago, ElsieD said:


    If you can catch it before the final rise, you should be able to take it out, shape it, replace it and let the machine carry on.  I have found that helps a bit.

    I always stop mine, take out the dough, remove the paddle and put the dough back in for baking. Much easier than digging out the paddle and leaving a big hole after it is baked.

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  6. I am not going to order any more meat/fish/perishable from Imperfect Foods. I had an issue with pork a time or two ago. Today (and it isn't warm--it is in the 30s), the meat and fish had defrosted. That is not surprising since they are no longer putting insulation in the boxes. They put those items in a paper bag with 1 ice pack. That is not enough to keep it frozen. They are taking it all off my bill, but now I've not got the stuff to cook with that I'd planned for the weekend. I need to decide if it is worth it to even continue at all with them.
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  7. I remember at some point seeing a post in a forum somewhere about someone who was looking for a lid for her "soup tureen" which she had posted a photo of with soup in it.  When many pointed out to her that it was not a tureen, but a chamber pot, she was horrified that she'd been putting it on her table to serve soup.

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  8. 1 hour ago, weinoo said:

    I really think Imperfect is more perfect that Misfits.


    Completely agree. I finalize my Imperfect order today for delivery Thursday/Friday. We have dreadful weather here in KC area so I am being mindful of that and not ordering anything that will suffer from freezing. I am learning that you have to keep weather in mind when you order.


    I have been getting Facebook ads for marketwagon.com and think I am going to give them a try in the next week or so. I really like the local provider aspect. I also have a milkman from a local dairy and can get some produce and meats through them. https://shattohomedelivery.com/ 


    It is wonderful to have all these choices during the pandemic and bad weather.

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  9. I'll have to get it from my PC to post, but came across a recipe in my old files last night for pork tenderloin roasted in rosemary and salt with fingerling potatoes. T sounded delicious. Will post it later.

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  10. I am so sorry to learn this. Many condolences to all her family and friends. She will be missed by all in the community.


    Passing along sad news is not pleasant or easy and we are grateful to you for letting us know, Smithy.

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