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  1. I made this Parmesan Mushroom Casserole for Christmas dinner. I tweaked the recipe with a generous splash of sherry, thyme and lemon zest. It was absolutely delicious and went perfectly with the beef tenderloin.


    I also made Creamed Kale as a side. I'd thought about creamed spinach, but was afraid the spinach wouldn't hold up well to having to prep ahead of time and cart it to my sister's house. This was so easy and really tasty!

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  2. As a collector of cookbooks, I can see in other times of economic downturn and rationing (WWI & II), how quickly the media and publishing world reacted to the need. This was pre-TV cooking shows, and while there were certainly some renowned chefs, am not sure there were celebrity chefs in the same sense that they exist today. But print media certainly reacted quickly to fill the need of home cooks who needed help in dealing with food shortages and budget issues.

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  3. I used my Cuisinart a lot when I had my big kitchen in California. When we moved to this place with its dreadful tiny kitchen, it has not been used because I have had no room for it. I pulled it out recently and am trying to figure out how to make a place for it because I really need to use it for the sake of my hands and the safety of anyone within range of flying knives since I can't really hold onto them anymore.


    And I need to make one of my favorite salads that requires paper thin sliced celery, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. 

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  4. 21 hours ago, heidih said:

    Ex brought me one from Baja, MX. I did the rice thing numerous times and still got dark grit - it became an attractive avocado bowl  for disply on counter.

    I have the same problem. I asked for a large one some years back. I have ground rice so many times, it is stupid. Still isn't really "clean" enough to use for anything edible.


  5. I cook this way often, but don't really do recipes--just start putting stuff on a pan, add seasoning and start roasting. Whatever takes longest to cook goes in first, then the smaller items get added later. 

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  6. Recently I wanted pancakes but didn't want to have to stand at the stove making them. I mixed up the batter, spread it out on a lightly oiled baking sheet. sprinkled with blueberries and baked. I cut it into squares and served with butter and syrup, as usual. Just square pancakes!

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  7. 21 hours ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    My Mame-like aunt used to amuse 5 year old me with a snack of several soda crackers on a saucer, topped with a spoon of canned milk and boiling water, sprinkle of sugar.    She gave it some fanciful name and I thought it was wonderful.   I'd go home and tell my mother who would shake her head in disgust.    But I remember these "treats" as delicious to this day.



    I'd try a version of that, only would use all hot milk, buttered Saltines and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Mom always made milk toast for us with cinnamon toast. It was wonderful!

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  8. My sister and her husband are hosting this year. My BIL is insisting on having beef which is fine, but he hasn't said how he intends to prepare it. I keep asking what sides I should bring, but my sister hasn't planned anything yet. Time is running out! I need to get my planning/shopping done. They are last-minute people. I am not.

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  9. 17 hours ago, heidih said:

    Pillsbury seems to have maintained a good quality level. The "whomp" type biscuits as some here enjoy. I occasionallly crave the ones my mom used to make for dinner parties, baked in muffin tin, many pull apart layers. I thin they were the Grands flaky pull apart but baking in tin made a difference I may have to indulge one day if I can locate. And your garlic pul aparts with a salad sound like a plan too.

    I think they were called Butterflake Rolls, but it doesn't look like they make them anymore.

  10. I went this week and was sad they didn't have my French Cultured Butter. This happens every other time or so. Don't they realize I'm addicted?


    I picked up a pkg. of their refrigerated ravioli--Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, I think it is. Haven't tried it yet and not sure what I will put on it yet. Just couldn't resist trying it.


    And, of course, they nailed me once again by having the Butter Toffee Pretzels. Warning: DO NOT BUY THESE! There is some sort of drug in them that makes you unable to stop eating them.

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  11. I love those Cambro squares. Will have to look for them. It only took me 69 years to discover that square containers/cannisters fit everywhere better than round ones. I bought round Cambros some years back to use for dough and promptly pushed them to storage boxes in the basement because they are too difficult to deal with. I had no idea they made squares, but they just went on my Christmas list.


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  12. On 11/26/2022 at 8:10 AM, Norm Matthews said:

     I also thought the cobbler was good and plan to make it a holiday staple.  I plan to make it again for Christmas.  I put the recipe I used on my blog.  The address is http://normmatthews.blogspot.com/  PS I used all white flour instead of two kinds in the recipe.  PPS I put the cobbler and under pan on the oven shelf before I poured in the water, then just pushed it in to cook.  That way there was little chance of it sloshing out while transporting it to the oven.


    Thanks Neighbor! Just noticed you are in KCK. 

  13. 16 hours ago, Shelby said:

    Has anyone seen just the breast of the turkey for sale?

    I've been watching because that's what I usually pick up just for the two of us. Haven't seen any bone-in yet. 

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  14. 12 hours ago, blue_dolphin said:

    The Royal Coronas are rather spectacular. I recommend soaking them for more even cooking, though I believe @Shelby had good results without. This bean confit recipe is a luxurious thing to try with those RCs. People have added sun dried tomatoes and/or marinated artichokes instead of or in addition to the olives. 

    As to the King City Pinks, people in the bean club group have reported using them in almost every way possible, including refried so I’m sure they’ll be good. 


    I might be tempted to try the confit with a good dollop of Little Green Dress instead of the Kalamatas.

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  15. I'm not sure they appreciate it, but I often give food and related gifts to my sister and her husband. We are all at the age where there is really nothing we need. I just ordered a few things for my milkman to bring--a couple will be taken for them when we go there for Thanksgiving.



    Whiskey cake - was not sold out when I ordered, so I have my fingers crossed that I will receive it. If not, plan B is to pick up a Jude's Rum Cake


    And I keep planning to get some vanilla made--I have the beans. Won't be ready for use by Xmas, but it is the thought that counts. And some spicy-sweet nuts in a cute jar is my standard for quick last-minute gifts, hostess gifts and neighbors.

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  16. I'm torn as well. I've been a subscriber from the beginning, but we just can't keep up anymore, even cutting back to the Lite plan. I don't cook as much and we don't eat as much as we used to. Having a hard time letting go. I keep asking myself if looking at all these beans sitting in the pantry is bringing me joy. Ummmm...

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