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  1. OK, I’ll play what might be possible even though I’m not the creative working with these companies. Let’s say I have a frozen sirloin and I’m wanting a reverse sear steak tonight. My options are to a) go to a steak house or b) wing it with what I have at home. Going with the plan b option, I put the frozen steak in a Joule sous vide bath and the Combustion thermometer tells me when I have reached my target, pre-sear temp. Meanwhile, the technology has started my Breville Joule oven to the desired temp to sear the steak. Later, I get a notification that the steak is done in the sous vide, transfer to the Joule oven where I later receive a notice to flip the steak. Then, when the steak has reached the desired pre-rest temp as determine by they Combustion probe, I get a notification to pull the steak and let it rest. All of this may sound like unnecessary BS for those who like to manually steer every function of cooking a meal, but for the folks that at best are ordering meals delivered by grubhub, this could change everything.
  2. I forgot to mention-congrats on your purchase! I’ve only used mine thus far in manual (non Joule) mode, and I’m convinced it is a stellar countertop oven. So much nicer that the Cuisinart that it replaced..
  3. I agree completely. I don’t see the draw of the Joule oven/Combustion thermometer to be what it can do now, but the possibilities that might be in the future. There are some really creative and brilliant people behind the Joule and Combustion.
  4. Please, explain to us how the manufacturer of a wireless temperature probe is in direct competition with… the manufacturer of a pellet grill.
  5. I don’t recall where I said that I had, or would be, buying both the Joule oven and the Combustion thermometer. I have the oven, but the Combustion thermometer won’t ship for another 2+ months at best so I don’t expect a lot of folks to have purchased both today. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Young perhaps has both today. I’m just saying that I believe there is a market for using a wireless probe in a PID controlled oven. Why else would Traeger, arguably if not factually, the largest seller of PID controlled ovens in the world buy the MEATER company when they already ship their grills with wired temp probes?
  6. You don’t think that there are already people today buying the wireless MEATER probe for use in a PID controlled pellet grill that comes standard with wired temp probes? And I assure you there are people in this thread who have, or will be, buying the Joule oven and Combustion probe. Just because you are not their market doesn’t mean there is no market for this technology.
  7. The Control Freak probe is, for lack of a better term, a dumb technology probe. Who would prefer a wire probe for use inside their home oven? The wireless probs from MEATER and soon from Combustion are next level in how they monitor ambient and food temps. Combustion has already said they are working with oven appliance manufacturers to pair their thermometer technology, so time will tell what that looks like.
  8. There is only one app, but some of the recipes in the app require multiple stages (times, temps, etc.) and those are controlled with Autopilot. The balance of the recipes are straightforward time, temp, duration. I suspect there will be a lot of additional technology incorporated with the oven and app. As one example, I would expect that Chris Young’s forthcoming Combustion, Inc. wireless thermometer will be integrated with the oven. Just my opinion given the prior relationships involved here-I have no inside info on this.
  9. I have some of this in my freezer now, and opening/resealing does not change the product when the bag goes back into the freezer. Now I will add that I don’t thaw the entire bag and re-freeze what I don’t use-I take out what I need and immediately put the rest back in the freezer.
  10. I’d be interested to know why Dr. Taber blames Wall Street for the wheat panic. Commodities are traded, and thus pricing is established, on the Chicago Board of Trade, not Wall Street.
  11. Interesting. I’ve been paying $6.99 for shipping since I joined them back in January. I did not receive an email about price increasing/loyalty program.
  12. It’s both WiFi and Bluetooth capable, as well as voice activated with either Google Assistant or Alexa. Not compatible with Siri.
  13. I bought the SS Joule Oven (to replace this nearly-new Cuisinart oven) and it arrived yesterday. I haven’t cooked in it yet, but I have tried all the basic functions to become familiar with it. I have the app installed and I like that you get notifications, similar to a controller on a pellet grill. I’m a ChefSteps member and I got a 6 month membership extension, so that amounted to a $30 discount. I don’t think I would use the pre-programmed recipes in the Joule app now, but I wanted this model as I expect there will be a lot of features added in the future, including (hopefully) programming one’s own recipes. ChefSteps has more info on the oven, including videos, on their site, but I can’t tell you if you need to be a CS member to see it. ChefSteps In case anyone is wondering, I’m replacing the Cuisinart because of it’s lacking capacity. If they would have made the width 1/2” wider, it would be able to use 1/4 sheet pans. It’s otherwise a fine oven. I experienced a similar issue with a Cuisinart immersion blender. It was an extremely well designed, from a feature perspective, blender but it’s head was about 1/8” in diameter too big to fit inside a wide-mouth mason jar.
  14. Not familiar with their upcoming cookbook, but is it still going to happen? Chowhound is shutting down next Monday.
  15. It seems like needing to email them now to claim a a promised referral reward for a discount on a. product that won’t ship for, at best, 6 months might be problematic? I think I’m out on this one.
  16. Nope. I got the referral email, but no codes for the people that accepted my referral.
  17. It will be interesting to see if the multiple sensors make this a useful feature. The MEATER also has predictive done times, and it is worthless. You could throw darts at random times posted on a wall and have just as much a chance that it is accurate.
  18. Same here, on all the points you mention.
  19. Well, it’s not really a ‘gadget’ but I would not have even known about the Control Freak if not for eG. And now I own one.
  20. I’m a little over a third of the way through the Kindle version and I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. I had read, and deleted, the Kindle sample primarily because of the organizational and formatting issues you mention. I bought it anyway because I hoped the content would overcome that, but it just hasn’t clicked with me.
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