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    haha, I can relate. I went to Costco with a friend on Saturday saying I didn't need anything after having bought tons of food at Fort Lee Fairway during the week and after having bought a lot at Costco a month ago. And I spent $167. Here's the list. (z = ounce) Dawn Ultra Platinum Advanced power 90 fl oz $9.69 x 3 (two for hostess gifts; don't judge lol!) Grey Poupon Dijon mustard 2-pack 16z each $6.79 Kirkland wild-caught sockeye salmon 8 (6z) individually vacuum packed & quick frozen boneless skin on, total is 3 lb, portion size 5z-7z, product of Russia $34.89 (it used to come from Alaska; hmmmm, don't love this) Mrs. Dash original salt-free 21z $9.99 Organic no-salt Kirkland seasoning 14.5z $7.99 Chosen Foods toasted sesame oil (flavorful finishing oil) 33.8 fl oz $8.59 Litehouse freeze-dried parsley(one jar is equal to three fresh bunches) .53z $4.29 Litehouse freeze-dried dill .81z $5.49 (One jar is equal to two fresh bunches Litehouse freeze-dried chives .44z $4.39 (all glass jars) Made in Nature organic dates, deglet noor dates 32z $7.99 organic frozen berry supreme (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries)3lb $7.99 Heinz vinegar 1.32 gal (5 liters), $2.99 x 2 Alouette brie $3
  2. The party was last year and I brought all the food in from this great place in Cliffside Park: Dayi'Nin Yeri, 201-840-1770 Very small place, very reasonable, and great food. I also love Santorini in Fort Lee. http://www.santorini-taverna.com/Santorini_Taverna/Welcome.html
  3. I'm having 8 friends over here on December 4. Two years ago it was Spanish (paella and stuff all brought in from Segovia in Moonachie). Last year was Chinese, food from Baumgard's and Su. This year it's Greek and I'm planning on using It's Greek To Me. 8 of us. Two of them have never been to a Greek restaurant! Any suggestions?
  4. That's one of my favorite items at Costco and I love it: $25.89 Kirkland wild Alaskan sockeye salmon 48z (3 lb), individually vacuum packed & quick frozen, boneless, skin on [portion size 5-7z] I bought it in March 2010 and in December 2009. I hope when I need more they have it. I just adore it.
  5. Looks delightful. Will look at their site and stop in when I'm in Nutley. Thanks for posting!
  6. After a few batches, I have perfected this stovetop technique for steel-cut oats: 1. boil 4 cups of water in a pot on the stove 2. add 1 1/2 cups of steel-cut oats 3. bring to rolling boil again 4. cover tightly and let it keep boiling for a few seconds 5. turn off flame and forget about it. It doesn't take too long, under 1/2 hour I think but not sure, and the water is totally absorbed and you have the perfect combination of creamy/chewy steel-cut oats. You get enough for quite a few servings; not sure how many. 10 maybe?? Nothing has stuck to the bottom of the pot. What a delight. Still glad I have the Sanyo rice cooker because it's great for cooking beans. I love not having to watch the pot, no adding water, no worry about the water evaporating before the beans are cooked. Also brown rice is wonderful. I bought this book, which is a absolutely fantastic: http://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Rice-Cooker-Cookbook-Porridges/dp/1558322035 Thank you all for your great comments about the oats and rice cooker. Much appreciated!!
  7. Hello Pounce! Thanks for your thoughts. I wasn't talking about a mess with the rice cooker. You're right: it's a pleasure with the Sanyo 5.5C RC ($120!). I had no overflow and the cleanup is so easy. I was referring to cooking SC oats on the stove in the traditional way: flame under the pot the whole time and mixing it fairly constantly along the way. That seems to overflow if you step away for a few minutes and that's a mess. Plus I always seem to burn the oats a bit and the pot is a chore to clean. You clarified my thought, though, about the proportion. 4 to 1 works for the stove in the traditional way. It might be 3 to 1 for my new favorite technique (thank you again, Melissa) of boiling the water, dump in and mix the oats, cover pot and turn OFF flame and after a few hours, it cooks perfectly and no sticking or mess or overflow. And 2 to 1 seems right for RC. I will try that. It was way too creamy with 4 cups of water in the RC. What are the health benefits of unflavored protein isolate?
  8. Honestly if I had known this great EASY way to make the SC oats, I might not have bought the rice cooker! Damn, it's easy. And doesn't make a mess on the stove or the pot. I added a pinch of salt and didn't see any difference in taste. I also added cinnamon. Oh, also 1/4 cup powdered nonfat dry milk. Gotta get calcium whenever I can. Don't think I'll do the salt again. I've read about the toasting but never tried. will try it and let you know. THANK YOU!
  9. Melissa, You're ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. It works!! After 2 hours, I peeked and it looked done but it wasn't done. So I mixed it up, turned on the flame, got it back to a boil, and then covered the pot and let it sit and it absorbed all the water. Next time, I'll do 1C oats and 3 3/4 cups water to get it a little crunchier. LIVE AND LEARN!!! THANK YOU FOR REPOSTING!! MARGE
  10. Melissa, I will try this this week. I don't care about hot because I only eat it hot the day I cook it and cold the rest of the time. Even when I'm home I don't heat it. I love it cold. I will try a pinch of salt, too, like 1/8 teaspoon just to see. Have you done this technique with double: 2C oats and 8 cups water?
  11. Melissa, I presume that it's fully cooked/absorbed albeit not hot? Do you use the salt for flavor? I never use it in oatmeal. Don't want to ever get too used to salt, even a pinch, when it's not necessary. Is it a cooking technique, the salt?
  12. Great advice again, Baroness. Yeah, it sure is wetter; that's for elucidating that for me. Actually yesterday even though I filled the water up to the "1.5" line, I don't know that I put in 5 cups of water because I did, as you mention, put the oats in the pot first. So it was less than 5 cups of water to 1.5 cups of oats. The ratio of 1 cup oats/4 cups water and, my personal preference because I like to make a lot and eat it all week, 2 cup oats/8 cups water for stovetop clearly won't work in this wetter RC environment. I will try 2 cups oats and 6 cups water next time, real cups and not use the water line in the pot. According to the manual of the Sanyo 5.5-cup RC, it says the max is 1.5 cups oats and don't go over the 1.5 water line, but it seems to me that that water line is not so high and I can go higher without spillover. Do you think the RC will overflow with 2C oats/6C water (real cups)?
  13. Thanks, Baroness, for the good advice. I see that the 1.5 porridge line (meaning the water line for 1.5 cups of SC oats) is 5 real cups of water so according to stovetop cooking, that would take 1 1/4 cups of the oats. Clearly stovetop and RC cooking are very different. So far I prefer the stovetop SC oats but I'm not giving up. Today I tried 1 1/2 C of SC oats and filled the water to the "1.5" porridge line and set it to "porridge" and after 1 hour and 20 minutes it was done. Still too mushy and not as good as my "2 cups oats/8 cups water" on the stove. But no mess to clean and no standing over the pot and stirring. I like that. Now I have to find the magical combination in the RC. The next batch will be what I read in amazon: slow cooker: 1 cup oats, 4 cups water, cook for 1.5 hours (real cups for both) Let's see if "slow cook" and "porridge" produces a different result.
  14. I adore steel-cut oats because they're so delicious and filling but more because of how healthy I read they are. I am doing an experiment to eat some every day and see if my cholesterol of 210 goes down. I make a lot once a week and eat it all week cold (sounds bad but it's great) and add freshly ground flaxseeds, another nutritional powerhouse that's ugly but adds a nice little crunch. I bought this: Sanyo ECJ-HC55S 5½-cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker and Slow Cooker I bought it because I don't want to stand over the pot for 30 minutes stirring and also it's a mess, pot always boils over, stove a mess, etc. Tried it once so far. The "porridge" water line was below what I deemed to be the appropriate amount of water. Normally I do 2 cups of steel-cut oats and 8 cups of water (as per the McCann's directions). The Sanyo directions said use 1.5 cups max of oats so I figured 6 cups of water. I decided to use the proportions that I'm accustomed to and used 6 real cups of water (not rice cooker cups) and used the porridge setting. When it was "done," there was a lot of water left so I put it on slow cook and went to work. When I came home, it was warm and done (all the water absorbed.) However, it was MUSHY and not the nice little crunch that I like. I ate it all anyway, still enjoyed it, but need to fix it with the next batch. I will try it tomorrow but fill to the porridge line and report back. Here's 2 interesting things I read in the amazon reviews: 1. Cooks steel-cut oats beautifully. I use the slow cooker. 1 cup oats, 4 cups water, pinch or two salt. Cook for 1.5 hours. Add dried fruit and additional water if needed (it usually does) and cook for another 15 to 30 minutes. I cook my oats at night for the week ahead so that I can haul it to work. 1 cup serving reheated for 2 minutes. I then add a touch (about ½ cup) soy or almond milk. Sweeten to taste. 2. For those of you who've never owned a rice cooker before, it's important to understand that 5½ cups equals 11 cups, and that their cups are 6 oz. You can make much smaller amounts (as I do) with excellent results. Would love to hear about other healthy things that everybody has tried with their fuzzy logic rice cooker/slow cooker!
  15. great review!! Fort Lee has a farmer's market too which I haven't gotten to ever (shame on me) so let's see if your great review will motivate me to get over to Tenafly!
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