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  1. Can they fly? ← Of course. Frozen bananas have the natural flying ability of a chihuahua. Shades of UHF... Seriously, I want to see if a Vita-Mix can handle one of those...
  2. jsolomon

    Home Canning

    thecuriousone, a few responses 1: I don't have a good recipe for that. I have heard of some quick (refrigerator) pickles for watermelon, but I have no recipes. I don't think it holds up well to a strong brine. I could be very wrong, though. 2: Without further description of recipe and technique you used, I can't help on that. 3: According to http://www.ext.colostate.edu/PUBS/columncc/cc040817.html Alum is used as a pickle firming agent. 4: For pressure canning vs water canning, the main thing you need to keep in mind is the acidity of what you are canning. Lower acid foods need to be canned longer and hotter. The USDA has the canonical list of which for how long. 5: Yes, as long as your % acidity is maintained, you are fine. But, distilled vinegar is 5% and rice wine vinegar is 4.2% acidity. Prepare to do algebra if you are substituting those. A good substitution is cider, malt, or wine for white.
  3. jsolomon

    1/8th of French Vineyards

    I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing. Yes, affordable wine is a wonderful thing. But, as a general rule, I am against farm subsidies, which is part of the reason why there is so much production of grapes for wine. Farm subsidies are generally used as an international bludgeon, which I am against. Heck, I'd be happy if the US divested itself of many farm subsidies.
  4. Actually that does segue into something that I want to write a grant for once I get finished with med school. I wonder if Medicaid, or whichever pays for things like occupational therapy, would pay for the occupational therapy to be in the scullery of a hospital. There would certainly be lots of things necessary to iron out of such a plan, but I think from a life skills standpoint, the patients would do better, and also from a social standpoint, I think it could be beneficial for all parties involved. Plus, the hospital would then get a renewable resource of cheap(er) labor which could be carried back into lower bills for the hospital (or eaten up by executive pay raises in the modern era).
  5. It is a complex issue, because in places (like Broken Bow, Nebraska) there isn't a homeless problem. But, the hospital food there still sucks. So, I don' think the homeless issue is all to blame. It simply doesn't affect all hospitals the same, so calling it the root issue doesn't seem to pass the sniff test. There must be some other nefarious plot at the root of it.
  6. jsolomon

    Honey Jelly

    A second for lavendar (and cheers for someone else who spells it with a terminal 'a')
  7. jsolomon

    Honey Jelly

    Chezkaren, would you be so kind as to add your recipe to the recipegullet? I've never heard of honey jelly, and it sounds like something really cool to try.
  8. jsolomon


    No stale bread or garlic in your recipe... do you like it better that way? I generally like mine with less stock, but stale bread, garlic, and olive oil. The bread keeps the things like tomato guts and cucumber guts from over-hydrating the soup, and the garlic and olive oil really make it smile. I love gazpacho, and I think the world can always do with another recipe.
  9. I can attest to that. When I ran the Pike's Peak marathon, I carried 5 liters of water with me, and that was finished before I reached the summit! That's twice as much as I normally carry on a marathon and it was gone in half the distance, too!
  10. While I really like the thai salad they talk about, and Shogun in Lincoln has a really good Japanese-ish ginger dressing on their salad, if I had to choose only one to eat for the rest of my life it would be the one left off of the list. I would eat Seizure Salad (Caesar Salad) as my only salad if forced under penalty of death to choose.
  11. jsolomon

    Favorite Pilsners?

    When I was at the Santa Rampage in Chicago a couple of years ago, we had Hazed and Infused to drink. I don't know whether the particular bottle I had was maltreated, or whether it's just shit beer. But, I've never choked down another bottle. The only other beer I routinely turn down in chile beer. That stuff is atrocious.
  12. jsolomon

    Favorite Pilsners?

    Tongo, a thousand apologies. I blame too much work and not enough beer. But, if you're all complaining about skunky beer, you're not thirsty enough.
  13. jsolomon

    Salad Bars

    Jason, have you looked here for rabbit food?
  14. jsolomon

    Salad Bars

    Nah, the dodo's gone for good. Salad bars will have a resurgence in America as soon as we pull our heads out of our collective asses with regards to food safety and reasonable risk. [makes mental note to kick a lawyer on the way home]
  15. jsolomon

    Effect of freezing on chicken

    I'm not arguing with that. But, if you cook using methods that dissolve the collagen, the protein that holds the meat together, you will not have dry chicken. Ditto if you lube with added fat, like cream and butter. Or, cut thinly across the grain of the meat. Or add tangy flavors so the mouth waters more. Or... But, freezing doesn't disrupt the protein framework so much as the cell membranes which then spill their contents out into the extracellular space.
  16. I betting on Zaphod Beeblebrox, the President of the Galaxy.
  17. Glad to be of service. Have calculator, will travel.
  18. There are more scientific treatments. You just have to look hard. I'd find more, but my scifinder login is acting funny.
  19. Well, 9x5 = 45. 8x4 = 32. Assuming your heights are the same, then 32/45 should be your answer = .7 (give or take). So, if you multiply ingredient amounts by .7, you should be good. Honestly, I would try multiplying by .75, and have another dinner roll. So, 3 cups flour * .75 = 2.25 cups 1 Tbsp sugar becomes 2.25 tsp 2 tsp salt becomes 1.5 tsp and so forth. For your cooking time, start checking 5 minutes earlier. Same temperature.
  20. jsolomon

    Effect of freezing on chicken

    This can be overcome by proper preparation of said bird...
  21. jsolomon

    Effect of freezing on chicken

    I made a similar argument in a thread about breeds of pigs. Greater gains in quality of chicken will be made from buying frozen chicken that has led a better life than fresh chicken that has had a shitty life. Edit: clarity
  22. jsolomon

    Complete Transportable Meal

    Marlene, that looks like a spectacular menu. Certainly more than I would expect were I in the shoes of the receiver. They are highly blessed with your friendship.
  23. jsolomon

    Favorite Pilsners?

    For me, a pilsener tastes really similar to the wheat it was brewed from (and no, I do not recognize the form with 3 consonants in a row). It should have a flavor that comes on quickly, and very little aftertaste. After you swallow, there shouldn't be any flavor of the beer left in your mouth. What it reminds of is the flavor of chewing on a piece of straw hay.
  24. jsolomon

    Feasting on Asphalt

    I still think that part of the premise of this show is dubious. However, I wish Alton a speedy recovery. Collar bones are the achilles heel of both bicyclists and motorcyclists.
  25. It is true that saturated fats do not go rancid as quickly as unsaturated, this is due to both steric hindrance--oxygen can't get in to attack bonds in saturated fats, as well as resonance--when you have multiple sites of unsaturation, you lower the energy required to oxidize the molecule. Of course, your friend is making no distinction between cis fats and trans fats, cis fats do occur naturally and are generally thought of as healthy. There is an increasing body of knowledge saying the opposite of trans fats.