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  1. Thanks everyone - very insightful. Now I have also heard that Jose Jose & Compostela are better than Ajili Mojili - anyone beg to differ? Has anyone tried Agua Viva yet? Also has anyone got more insight on travelling 30 mins out of San Juan to Guavate where they roast pigs on a spit and dance the salsa??? Sounds like it cannot be missed, but would be very interested in others' opinions. Cheers
  2. Hi - I am pretty much an eGullet virgin but am loving all the posts and geez you are all so well travelled and do enjoy your adventures! I am heading over to Puerto Rico in September to celebrate my birthday and some friends are joining me from various parts of the world. So...I would like to throw them a dinner party to remember with the following criteria: 1. Must be Puerto Rican or Carribbean cuisine (fusion of this cuisine OK) with a modern twist or something different (quality needs to be great of course). 2. Venue must have a funky atmosphere - ie along the lines of what I have read of a Dragonfly without the attitude. 3. Moderate to expensive but not obscene, including drinks. 4. Preferably close to great nightlife (bars/nightclubs) 5. Must not be too noisy. 6. Slightly dressy place (ie not casual) so that the girls can all put on their pretty dresses & the boys can dress to woo said girls... A good enough combo of the above would be great - I know the perfect combination may be futile. Thanks so much! Sel from down under
  3. "I wonder what this would taste like as ice cream???"
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