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  1. I had a chance to taste five kinds/varieties of wild salmon this past fall at the Canadian Chef's Congress and I was a little surprised at how vastly different they tasted, side by side.

    I must admit that without someone telling me which was which, I doubt I could have identified all five correctly.

    As with a farmed salmon vs wild salmon..........I could probably pick that out no problem.

    One would taste like wild salmon and the other like styrofoam. :)

  2. The Cioppino's example is a little excessive.

    Would you grab a hot dog from a cart instead of going into the Bean Around the World sandwich shop for your lunch?

    Would you grab a taco from a street vndor instead of the Mexican place on Pacific.

    These examples are probably more fitting.

    Ok, the hot dog might be cheaper, but he does not have to pay $10,000.00 a month in rent and $2500.00 a month in property taxes.

    In a business where profit is made in nickels and dimes, we do not need the City putting extra competition right on my doorstep, literally.

    Oh, and BTW, the Hot Dog vendor wants to know if he can use the bathroom, and can I have a bucket of hot water?

  3. That is quite a list.

    IIRC, the number of restaurants is down from last year.

    Because of the timing of DOV, I think some of the people have stayed out.

    We started our menu this week. I like to start early just to get things sorted out in the kitchen....placement, amount needed etc. Every year I think I know how much of each item I will need and people surprise me and order the other.

    This year the surprise is more Goat cheese and white balsamic vinegar salad over the soup.

    Had I thought about the time of year a bit more rather than year's gone by menus, I would have known this.

    On the positive side, halibut is in season and we are featuring it on the menu.

  4. Was that when Brian Fowke was there ( the last few months of operation ) or during the first six months? The first six months had a few different chefs. Brian was brought in to help with the concept, but alas, it was too late.

    I like the new version room : clean lines, simple, not cluttered.

    I have always been a fan of Brian's food. This menu is a reflection of Brian's cooking. Anything he might have done in the Mon Bella days was trying to stay inside the French / Italian / Bistro / trattoria theme ( hence the name ) .

    Try and make it down and show him some support. He has a kitchen staff of, well, none..........just him.

    The menu is full plates ( hence the price ) , although he will do a tasting menu if requested.


  5. I never left Anne, it just got a little quiet in here.

    This topic is going to get a little more traction in Vancouver in the coming months.

    It is my understanding that a brick and mortar type business cannot also operate a street cart. With the new Japadog storefront opening up, it would seem some new rules are getting written.

    I am all for some diverse choices but as a business person in Yaletown ( and as the President of the Yaletwon Business Improvent Association ), I would not want to see any of the restaurants harmed by having to compete with a street vendor for customers. The guy who spent a million dollars on building a place, paying for staff, opening rain or shine, paying high rent, incredibly high taxes and levies cannot compete with a guy who rolls his cart onto the sidewalk to operate a cash business all the while buying his hotdogs from Costco.

    There is no review process once a permit is issued, nor is there any follow-up.

    We have a street vendor directly competing with a brick and mortar business and there have been numerous complaints about it. There has been suggested relocations proposed but the reapplication process is automatic without any oversight. The permit keeps getting issued again and again ( this has been going on for years)

    The excuse from the person who issues it.............wait for it, here it comes........................you are going to love it............................................."Oh, I forgot about that. I will try and remember next year."

    Anyways, there is no perfect solution to this and I, like everyone else, want to see some diversity but placement is an issue.

  6. As a business owner, I would be a little upset having a street vendor open outside of my business. I have invested in this area and am committed to it. The street vendor does not have to pay property taxes which goes to help maintain this area and keep it clean and safe. The street vendor does not pay into business improvement levies, nor do they pay for garbage removal for which they would be contributing. There is very little monitoring of these street vendors because of the transient nature of the business.

    If there was to be an expansion of street vending......................and I do agree that we should have something other than hotdogs..................then they should be placed in an area where they do not harm any brick and mortar type business, like on the seawall or near the beaches. If the City is so supportive of these businesses, let them compete with the concession stands that the Parks Board runs, and not me, the business owner who pays lots and lots of property tax!!!

  7. Is there a restaurant in Vancouver that is known for its pork chops?

    Who serves the juiciest, tenderest, most flavourful pork chops in Vancouver? My preference is for that which is simply-prepared and crispy on the outside and slightly undercooked on the inside -- greyed-out rubbery meat need not apply!

    Any suggestions?

    I have them at the Hamilton Street Grill from time to time. We use the heritage breeds from Sloping Hill on Vancouver Island................but Chef Robert Belcham at Fuel is the master of everything pork.

    Your best bet would to head to Fuel, get a seat at the bar and let the boys do their thing.

  8. These ratings are part of a new upgrade to Opentable.

    The above list represents nothing more than the highest frequency bookings through Opentable.

    The list is based on volume through Opentable, so West, although an excellent restaurant, because of it's size, would not rate in the frequency.

    If you click through to Opentable.com, you will find a few other charts which might give you some of the stats that you are looking for.

  9. Ducked out of the snow (?!!) last night and into the warm environs of the Hamilton Street Grill, and who should be at the door greeting guests but that infamous restaurateur, Neil Wyles himself! The rule, as I understand it, is that you're supposed to reveal yourself as a gulleteer, so I did. I confess I haven't been here since the gullet get-together a couple years ago. Not because it's not a swell place, but because I live in the Burnaby boonies.

    Anyhoo, Neil, you were very gracious. Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Hope you made it home through the snowstorm OK! I sung the praises of the hanger to my fellow diners, so we all ordered it, and it was, as usual, fantabulous!  The complimentary GBP was a nice, generous surprise for the birthday girl in our midst. Didn't get a chance to say thanks before you left, so Thanks! She's just moved into the 'hood, so you'll likely be seeing more of her. She was  dutifully impressed.

    I know I'm supposed to mention three places but the others are obscure (Bellingham and Kamloops) so I won't bother. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy the HSG, a place I don't get to that often.

    Thank you!!

    It was my pleasure.

    I had forgotten your real name and could only remember your "handle", so I did not use it in front of your friends!

  10. My westside guilty pleasure is Minerva's in Kerrisdale.  I don't know if it's the nostalgia factor (I grew up on this pizza), or if the pizza is actually pretty good, but it's my default delivery place when I'm too lazy to drive to Rocky Mountain.

    Totally different style than Rocky Mountain though - nothing 'flatbread' about Minerva's dough.

    You were never really good at math.

    great pizza + hot offspring = $$$$

    Oddly enough, that same calculation = trouble!!

  11. Greetings all,

    Yeah I know it's the fall for us folks in Canada however for bbq-fans the grills and smokers go year round. 

    A couple of bbq teams from Western Canada are doing something notable this week...  team Mad Cow from Langley with Wayne Fettback as the pitmaster and House of Q from Coquitlam (me) are off to Douglas, Georgia to represent Western Canada at the Best of the Best invitational championships November 2-3. 

    The tournament calls the top 5 teams from each North American region to compete to ultimately lay claim to who is really the best on the continent.

    Friday, November 2nd is the day for turn-in trays to be sent to the judges for the invitational while Saturday will be the open category.  There will be about 50 teams for the invitational and close to 100 for the open.

    Here's a link for more information about the competition.

    I'll post photo's when we're back and please, send us some good luck.

    BBQ Brian

    Good Luck !!!!

    Bring home some hardware.

    funny, Wayne Fettback has been to the HSG a few times................tell him I hope he comes in second, after you !

  12. What's he going to do between leaving West in December and opening at the Georgia in Oct 2009 -  that's what I want to know!

    I am crossing my fingers that he would want to work a few nights at the HSG to keep his skills sharp, and it is a mere stumble from his front door.

    He has not called yet, but the phone lines are open. :biggrin:

  13. My wife took the kids on Sat. afternoon.

    A bit busy, some stuff sold out etc, some long lines but it was a perfect crisp fall day, and everybody had the same idea.

    My kids are nuts for apples and my son can identify quite a few different varities at 100 paces, and is quite picky aboout which ones he will eat, so they had a good time, learned something and stayed off the candy for a sat. afternoon, so all in all, a good day.

  14. We have recently started preparing poached beef tenderloin (CAB) at work, and not being familiar with this method of cooking beef, I did not know what to expect.  The steak is poached to temperature in a rich chicken and veal stock, with lots of good red wine and fresh herbs.

    The low temperature cooking yields a texture very much like carpaccio (so buttery) and the poaching liquor lends a rich flavour to otherwise relatively flavourless beef.  I am sold on this method!

    Anyone come across this method since 1970?  :wink:

    -- Matt.

    More details.

    what temp, how long etc.

    I could sacrifice a couple of misshaped filet mignons to the experiment.............and then I would eat them.

  15. [

    I could not figure out what you were talking about as far as the glassware goes, but so it happens, I was asked by one of the servers a few minutes ago how I liked to see a whiskey sour served.

    Before I could respond , one of the other servers starts talking about the traditional way to serve it blah, blah, blah and coaches the first server into using a port glass ( small hurricane without a flared rim ! )

    I stopped them both and directed them to serve it in a small rocks glass, on the rocks. This is the way I have seen it served before..................how they came up with the port glass, I do not know.

    So what glass do you serve a whiskey sour neat in. I have seen it served in a fluted glass often. Same for a amaretto sour.

  16. Is there a website to Marche Moderne ?

    We have a couple of days in the area.

    Perhaps I should have been clearer. Vancouver is a small, tighly packed city, so getting from one side to the other is not a big deal, especially when good food is involved.

    I forget how spread out L.A. and the area is. We do not mind driving a bit, but hours in the car just to please Daddy's dining curiosity will not go over well.

    How far is Craft from Disney ? in minutes ?

  17. Bistro Chez Michel does the same thing in Lonsdale...and it is brilliant, traditional and reasonably priced!

    My question is; does anyone downtown care about thanksgiving diner and want a restaurant to celebrate in?

    Are the hotels full? I would happily buy 5 - 6 turkeys and 'go to town' on them and present them in the 6 course Rare fashion; just think of all the great possibilities!


    IIRC, Brian..............you were lounging on my couch last year after a big feed, exclaiming how nice it was not to work on Thanksgiving!!

    would you really want to do a turkey dinner at Rare, or perhaps just take the day off ?

    Me, closed, full on turkey and a little nap.


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