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  1. So has anyone found out if it is or will be available at a bookstore, or is it subscription only? Jason
  2. Thanks Alana, Yes, I haven't posted in some time ( although my sign- in is mckayinutah, I am now in Massachusetts )I haven't seen much on this site lately that I feel I can contribute to - but that is another story. Anyhow, I have seen the website for Pastry and Baking: North America. That may be my next subscription. PA&D appeals to me more because it has content that is more along the lines of what I do and what I want to do. I like Pastry's Best as well, althought the content listed on their website for the last issue has I believe a recipe that involves cuttlefish - something that doesn't really appeal to me. ( but I guess you sometimes have to take the bad along with the good in things ) I wish I had the money and literary knowledge to do a pastry magazine- might be fun as well as rewarding. Jason
  3. Hello all, As a professional pastry chef and avid reader of anything that will help me improve upon my skills, I anxiously long to see the newest issue of Pastry Art and Design in the magazine section of my favorite bookstore. ( I had a subscription years ago but found it less stressful to purchase it when I find it at the store ). I in fact make a mental note of when I see it so that I can start to look again in 2 months when the newest issue should appear - give or take few days. But I now have gone almost a month looking for the lastest issue, but no luck. It has been almost 3 months since the last one and I am kinda jonesing for it. Has anyone seen it? Now to add to my frustration I also am a fan of Pastry's Best magazine, which has only been in circulation for a few years I believe. Well, I was just on their website looking to subscribe since I know I can't find it at the local bookstore, only to find out they are presently not taking new subscriptions because they are looking for a new owner! So now I can't find Pastry Art and Design and can't get Pastry's Best through the mail! Hopefully this is just temporary! Jason
  4. I saw that. Wondering whether to get it sooner than later before JB Prince comes to their senses Jason
  5. Hello all, Does anyone have , or seen the content of, the new Frederic Bau and friends book " Sweet Cuisine "? JB Prince has it for $58 and it looks like a good book, but I don't want to get it if I have to try to track down unusual ingredients. Also, anybody know of any other pastry books that are either out or coming out soon that look like they will be good? Thanks in advance, Jason
  6. Please keep us informed of what the CD contains ( that is, whether it is just the notes or contains anything else) Thank you, Jason
  7. I just noticed that the World pastry forums that every longs to go to each year are being offered on CD. Does anyone have more info about them? Their website doesn't conatin much info, like length of time or whether or not they cover all or just some of the classes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jason
  8. It seems to be good, especially for the price. I scrolled down and noticed that Andrew shotts has a chocolate book out as well. Does anyone have or seen his book? I know he is a good chocolatier and his book may be a good pick-up as well, especially for the price. Jason
  9. Ted, do you have the 1st one, and if so, how would you rate it against Bau, Herme, or any of the other top pastry chefs books? Thanks, Jason
  10. A creme brulee will set fine in a convection oven with a water bath... ← Well then that is news to me. I have tried 5 different recipes, all with water baths, and none of them set, even after 1 1/2 hours. I finally found a recipe that is specifically designed for a convection oven and it stated that a water bath is not needed. Also, why would you risk burning yourself with hot water when a non water bath produces the same results? Jason
  11. Is the oven you are using conventional or convection? The reason I ask is creme brulees will not set in a convection oven if the creme brulee is baked in a water bath. No water bath is needed if your oven is convection. All my ovens are convection and freshly made creme brulee in 6 oz. ramekins take about 30 -35 minutes to become almost completely set. Jason
  12. You don't need glasses, because those are just like them. The only problem is that they're even more expensive than Pastry Chef Central, which is why I'm not going to buy from them. ← sorry, you made it sound like they were 2 different things , and that is why you are still looking, not because of price. Jason
  13. I must need some new glasses because the ones on dr.com look exactly like the ones on tomric Jason
  14. Thank you Xdrixn. I didn't realize who you were until I saw that you have a website and checked it out for myself. Very nice stuff. I appreciate your input on these books; it has been very helpful to me. Jason
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