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  1. Thanks, Hope to clarify some questions. We are both very good walkers, and typically when we visit a city we walk between 10-15K a day - we live at 6200 feet, so are good lower down. We have guessed there are a couple of areas to avoid at night, so would prefer to avoid those, otherwise, no dietary for either of us, we are leaning towards Mise for our anniversary - understand they will be on Croydon at that time - otherwise, no budget, we like the little hole in the wall as much as the new fine dining spot. Thanks
  2. OK this may be way off topic (I think???) but my wife and i will be there for our 20th anniversary, and first visit to Winnipeg - what are the must do's - we understand pierogies and kielbassa are amazing etc, but outside of the Indian vibe to this blurb, is there some great local food we need to try - thinking of staying at Inn at the Forks, and want to be able to walk to all our experiences (we do 15-20km a day in most cities - love to walk)? Thanks for the help Chris
  3. Came to egullet to check out the commentary on the announcement in todays Globe & Mail about Daniel Boulud taking over as exec chef at Lumiere, but didn't see any post yet???? Quite the announcement!! Should be great for the Vancouver food scene and vancouver in general, as the press that will be garnered from this will be huge in the States as well as through all of his existing restaurants - quite a coup for the Sidoo's - it will be interesting to see how this dynamic works out!
  4. Hello all and thanks for the recommendations. Obviously the game was amazing and the atmosphere was fantastic. For food in the area we kept it pretty simple, and had dinner at St. Brendans both nights and while the food was very good, and I mean very good, the service was average to below average. Had a very nice experience at Titletown Brewing Company with great service and suprisingly good food. Went to Brett Favres for the tailgate, and unfortunately it was a gong show, and while the food served was decent, it was too many people in a very tight space. Loved Green Bay, and will definitely be making a pilgrimage back in the near future!! Again, thanks to all for the recommendations.
  5. Excellent, thanks so much to both of you - really getting excited about this trip, especially with Green Bay playing so well - go Pack go!!
  6. If anyone is talking to Rob, let him know I am looking for a chef at the 9 room backcountry lodge we manage in K-Country, AB, especially if he wants to get away from all the hubbub in Vancouver -haha! Only have good things to say about him from dining at his restaurants, and having him shoot his Christmas special at The Wick when I was Chef Concierge their. Business is business however and as they say - shit happens. I think we all know we will be hearing again from him very soon - hey who knows, maybe at Mount Engadine Lodge!
  7. Hello all, I am making the pilgrimage to Lambeau for my first game ,the December 9th game in Green Bay against the Raiders (coincidentally my birthday - yahoo). We will be in Chicago for the 5th through 7th staying downtown at Rafaello (spelling?) then heading to Green Bay on the 8th staying at some Irish B&B/Pub(?) for the 8th and 9th then back to Chicago for the night of the 10th before returning back to the Rocky Mountains of Alberta - my wife and I manage a 9 room backcountry Lodge at 6200 feet. Having said that this trip has cost us a bit of money between airfare, hotels, rental car and of course the tickets - but hey - as a fan since 81 and it being my birthday - I of course deserve it - haha, thats what I keep telling my wife! We both love all kinds of foods, and are looking for neat little spots with killer food (I know all feeds of Green Bay here have not been too endearing, but is there anything other than Krolls?). Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated - we are ready for the cold - hey, we live in the Rockies! Thanks!
  8. Hello all, Just a short note about Famoso Pizza on Jasper at 119th West (I think) - simple cafeteria style, thin crust pizzas that are incredible. Pulcinella in Calgary is supposed to be some of the best, but this place is much better, with the dough cooked right through to the center (what a concept). Bob, when are the two of you on Chestermans - Shari-Lynn and I have also rented a place on Chesterman from the 11th to the 18th - drinks at the Pointe? Chris
  9. Hello, Yes I believe his name was David Neil, and I heard he was available at several charcuteries in the market but when we searched them out and enquired they said they had none at the time - too bad!
  10. Just returned from 4 nights in Montreal with the following reviews: La Villette de Marche - St. Paul st. - this was our first meal in town, and probably one of the highlights, small local dine in/take out spot with great food, good service and perfect atmosphere. The 3 course plats du jour, gives about 4 options for main, everyone opens with the soup of the day and the dessert that day was a crepe with chocolate - all in all perfect. With francophone music in the background, peopel talking loudly above the din, and one customer having their large parrot with them on his shoulder it was true cinema - highly recommended. Holder - next door to the St. Paul Hotel on Mcgill st - this large and very loud (I'm talking decibels here), was an amazing surprise. We were lucky enough to get seats (bar area was slammed) and had a couple of nice courses of food - although huge servings - my hangar steak with frites was perfectly done - service here was impeccable - small team of lightning fast staff all watching out for each other - quite impressive. SoupeSoup - off of St. Laurent on Duluth this little hole in the wall offers 4 different soups daily combined with the same number of sandwiches. When something runs out they wipe it off the chalkboard and write up the next selection - cafeteria style - very cheap! Les 3 Brasseurs - small microbrewery chain, with multiple locations - very good beer, decent food - it is a pub - but nothing to write home about. Dunns - first time at their new location off of St. Catherines street, and it is what it is - always busy, very good smoked meat and decent poutine - and yes I had to have an Export with it - perfect combination. Fairmount Bagel - We walked everywhere while in Montreal, based out of the St. Paul Hotel (average spot in my opinion, needs some really good upper management to look after ensuring details are in order), so we walked and walked and walked some more, but Montreal is perfect for doing this. We figured over the 4 days we covered around 35-40 miles, but it all justified the pigging out we were doing - Anyway, this is all just explaining our long walk to Fairmont Bagel from our Hotel, and yes we would do it again!! I know Merlin has praised St. Viateur, but that was another distance itself, and we decided to settle on Fairmount. All I can say is it is possible to eat 6 warm bagels on a walk back to St. Paul Hotel - haha - fabulous bagels - Merlin, I need to find out where that great bagel shop is in Calgary??? La Garotte - located on a side street on the other side of the St. Paul Hotel - excellent food, I had the red deer medallions (more like chunks of loin), but everything was exquisite other than the service. Only 3 staff on for this decent sized spot and it was about 2 too few. Reservoir - also located on Duluth, just around the corner from St. Laurent - highly recommened for everything - microbrew was very tasty (especially the Scotch Ale) and the Sunday Brunch dishes being served were amazing - would go back here week after week - highly recommended. Papillon - on St. Paul st - very basic Italian fare, quick service - this was a default restaurant for us - several bus tours had shown up in Old Montreal about 30 minutes before we headed out, we were looking for pasta, and should have left the Old Montreal area, but had walked over 10 miles that day already, so went here - If the sign had said Spaghetti Factory on the door, the description would be the same - oh well! Otherwise, Montreal was amazing, croissants were delicious everywhere, next time would stay in the St. Laurent/St. Denis area and enjoy the bounty of what is going in that area for food, drink and shopping.
  11. Just returned back from our two weeks with family in Ottawa and area, and finished with 4 nights in Montreal (posted in the Quebec section) and had some very good eats, including the Wellington Gastropub due to Merlins' review. Wellington Gastropub was amazing, great food, comfortable atmosphere, interesting and tasty wines and impeccable service. Honestly can't remember the last time I was so delighted at a restaurant - high marks all around. Sweetwaters in the Market area - We went because I had read an article that one of the sous chefs was well known locally for his pates, and thought we would go to the source to try them there, but they do not carry his pates at Sweetwaters (?). Otherwise, good to very good food (my father raved about the bison burger), and I ended up with one of the terrines which was quite nice - service decent at best, but nice location on Murray street away from the big crowds in the Market. Haveli - Very good Indian lunch buffet - several locations I believe, we were in the Bells Corner spot - nice selections, great beef vindaloo. Otherwise most time with family, got my necessary fix of California Roast - a locally made dish combining pork tenderloin rubbed with spices which is then surrounded by boneless breast of chicken, also lightly spiced tied together. Barbecued at med-high heat for 45 minutes and it is amazing.
  12. Hello, In the Robson street area you are blessed with lots of restaurants and depending on style of food, you can easily get away with $100 for the two of you. Cin Cin - main courses here run around the $20-25 mark for great pasta, very nice atmosphere and attentive service. Zin - located in the Pacific Palisades Hotel, this is a fun spot to try a bunch of smaller plates - lots of diversity. At the west end of Robson, (past the Palisades) are a number of very good Asian restaurants which are not only fun but really cheap as well - Hapa Izakaya, Gyoza King etc., nothing fancy but very good food. Chambar - this is a little further afield than Robson, but depending where on Robson yo are staying this could be relatively close - Belgian theme, very good food, great service. Yaletown - again depending on where you are staying on Robson could be quite convenient - lots of options here including Hamilton Street Bar & Grill, Rodneys Oyster House, Brix (nice area to roam around in the early evening before dinner, lots of neat little stores and a very good wine store - Taylorwoods (?). Hopefully this helps, my information may be slightly dated, but I am sure the fellow egulleters will straighten out my recommendations as required. I haven't been back in the Vancouver area since November.
  13. Thanks, it truly is a spectacular place and with the road we are on being 60km long, we are the only year round residents on the road. The original couple was Swiss-German and sold it almost 4 years ago to a gentleman from the Calgary area, and we arrived here in early December 2006. Lots of renovation plans, but still the amazing setting, views that take your breath away, and now we are inputting a little Wick style into the service category, hopefully make it a very special place. Let us know when you are heading this way!!
  14. Hello all, My wife and I will be staying in Old Montreal at the Hotel St. Paul in mid May, and were hoping we could get some recommendations for dining spots. Ideally we want to be able to walk to everything (we are taking the train from relatives in Ottawa, then flying out of Dorval back to Calgary). We will probably do one night of spoiling ourselves (meaning cost here), and the rest of the time looking for unique gems hidden away - we eat anything and everything so any hints would be great! Thanks
  15. Sounds great, will be in Ottawa the second week of May, have already had the pleasure of Beckta our last trip to the city,but will do the Gastropub this time for sure. Bob, we seem to be following each other around a lot - haha! We will be heading into Montreal for a 4 night runaway from family at the end of our trip, and good suggestions. We are staying at the Hotel St. Paul in Old Montreal - looking forward to a lot of good food, especially some of the cheeses from Quebec.
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