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  1. I was thinking first that stabilizers would help - as they do improve the texture when using just sugar. I've been using Louis François Super Neutrose. I gather it has most of the ingredients suggested above... Anycase with that and erythritol I ended up with a brick of ice... 😁
  2. Well the use case is to make for myself/small parties at this point - unless I actually crack it with a tolerable and nontoxic recipe.. Indeed allulose and polydextrose are banned as food additives in the EU, so those are not too promising. I guess I can test inulin, but with that I'm worried about tolerance. I don't want to make a sorbet that gives "the runs".. Eryrithol and Stevia combined gave a very nice taste though, only problem is the texture. Could there some completely different substance (non-sugar) that would just give the texture and keep it scoopable - with near-zero taste?
  3. Hi, I've been trying to figure out a sugar-free sorbet. I started from this nice sugary recipe: - 4dl sugar, mix with 1 teaspoon of neutrose - 5dl water make suryp, cool - add juice from 3-4 lemons - add 1.5dl limoncello - mill in ice cream machine until nice texture (It will be under -6 centigrade to be ok) However, I thought how can I make this to have way less sugar? My first idea was to just replace the sugar with erythritol, and add few drops of stevia to compensate. This looked OK in the ice cream machine, but after overnight in the freezer I ended up with a brick of ice... So any ideas on what went wrong, and how I could make it work? If I can get this work, next step is to reduce sugar even more. Cheers, //HS
  4. Hi, I'm Henri from Finland, near Helsinki. I'm currently drawn into making frozen delights - ice cream, sorbet etc. Challenging stuff! Otherwise its been mostly Asian/wok etc. Nice to be here! //HS
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