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  1. Guys guys you know what else makes a jerk chicken dish 10 times better....? Jamaican Festivals! Linked the recipe for you it is less than 10 ingredients and about 20 mins to prepare. These things work with any dish with a little sauce just scoop it up and consume. I have used with fried fish, Jamaican curry chicken and of course jerk chicken. I am from Jamaica so I might be a bit biased with some of these recipes lol. That being said I have tasted other cuisine and can say for sure undoubtedly the Jamaican festival pairing is definitely my favorite
  2. I am Jamaican living in Barbados. I've seen some Caribbean recipes on eGullet and signed up to add some parings that I loved back home.
  3. Hey Guys I am new here and am happy to be part of the community. I am a foody but not a chef.
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