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  1. Hi everyone, I reside in the southern part of Germany and cooking is my passion since years, especially "fine dining" at home. A big bunch of my thoughts revolve around cooking every day. Since having a memorable dinner at a restaurant I was fixed on how to create such a meal at home. And thus my journey started. But what I love the most is pastry (and baking). No wonder I have 50+ magazines of Fou de Patisserie in my book shelf. I stumbled upon this forum while I was trying to create chocolate bonbons and found the topics here immensly interesting. I hope I can learn some tricks here. BR Sayd
  2. Hello there, since I do not have any airbrush equipment at the moment, I used a brush for coloring the moulds. But the result was really, really bad in combination with Roxy & Rich pre-colored cocoa butter. The coca butter was correctly tempered and in the end I used my finger to paint the moulds. Is this a problem with my brush or my cocoa butter? I used it at 28°C. All the other colors posed the same problem in the moulds. In a tutorial I watched the person painted all the moulds with a brush and the coca butter was sticking very nicely to the mould and covered it quite good unlike the translucant result I got below. As you can see the tempering should not have been the problem, since they come out very shiny.
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