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  1. 3 hours ago, Smithy said:

    What is a Solo fire pit?

    @Smithy I meant to say Breeo fire pit.  They are similar and we looked at the Solo but you can’t cook on the Solo.  I got them mixed up.  

    This past winter when we couldn’t see our kids, family & friends we decided to purchase a fire pit and we all sat out in the *^$% cold and grilled on it (appropriately distanced from each other).  Here’s a link to view it.  https://breeo.co/products/x-series-24-smokeless-fire-pit

    It was fun, warm enough to make things bearable, and grilling on that thing is awesome!  We seared just about anything you can imagine.  


    It is a bit difficult to explain without seeing a picture of the fire pit.  Basically, there is a SS flange around the edge and when the fire pit gets sufficiently hot (up to 1100 F) the flange bends in slightly to drain the grease into the pit.  The flange is wide enough to to grill a burger or steak.  It also has an actual grill top that can be adjusted in height.  We made home fries using this feature.  This may have saved our sanity during Covid.



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  2. 19 hours ago, ElsieD said:

    Hello and welcome.  Where abouts in the Maritime are you from?

    @ElsieD (Didn’t want you to think I ignored you... @TdeV kindly instructed me I have to mention you in order to reply directly)

    I’m from NB but left as a child.  Still have rellies in PQ and OTT.  I think Coffee Crisp would be truly spectacular if made with good dark chocolate and I do remember when Cherry Bombs were the size of a lemon!

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  3. @FeChef Thanks!  We went with a generic recipe for the brining, using Prague powder.  Stay tuned.  


    I now have to give more thought to the length of SV.  My goal is tenderness without shredding.  I’ll def slice it cold and likely wrap it tightly while it chills.


    Ps.  I’m grateful to @TdeV.   I now understand one has to direct each response so the poster is notified they are mentioned.  

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  4. You and my husband!  I will likely try it on rye with mustard.  Thank you for the SV input.  Did you brine it with Prague Powder?  I’m thinking of what might happen if I brine it and then cook it to rare?  OMG, the color might be amazing... or not.


    Thanks so much for the advice on notifying or crediting an eG.  I’ll try that next time.  


    Take care!

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  5. Ahhhh!  Yes!  So I actually joined eG to pick the brain of FeChef.  As I noted in my intro I research ad nauseam, but it works for me and I learn a lot.  I think there are more tasty bits to discover in this thread.

    I will be sure to take pics and notes along the way.  The only way I won’t post is if we croak from our efforts.  

    Thank you for responding with helpful information!

  6. I come from a family with strong cooking genes and use my intuition as much as possible.  I entertain close friends (and myself) by identifying unusual ingredients in dishes.  I love to do extensive research before cooking something - which is what led me to join egullet.

    I’m originally from the Maritimes and now live in the country not too far from Lancaster, PA; love growing unusual herbs and plants; enjoy coming up with new twists on bread recipes (latest is a stunning Borodinsky bread that needed red rye malt!); have a husband who proudly and quite jokingly self-identifies as a food snob (because he grew up in B’klyn eating chow mein sandwiches at Nathan’s ... UGH!).  I’m learning to cook well on a Solo fire pit and am pretty good with my SV.  I’m a potter (mostly wheel thrown) partly to make dishes for friends & my cooking; collect Community flatware; and wish buttercream had no calories.


    Finally, I’m delighted to be in the company of all of you learned cooks & chefs!  I bow low to you.

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