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  1. Made another batch, putting more chocolate in to coat the mould, and had no release problems at all. Thank you for your spot on guidance!
  2. That point about thickness may have something to do with it. I should have said this in the original post but what I did for these bars was basically line the mould with a thin layer of chocolate, place my inclusions on top, and then pour on the remaining chocolate. I was already planning on pouring in more chocolate to line the bars in future because the system didn't work perfectly. Perhaps that process is the culprit.
  3. Yesterday I made two solid milk chocolate bars with inclusions (squares of caramel and bits of shortbread). Like I usually do, after filling the moulds I let them sit out for 15 minutes, then popped them in the fridge for 15 minutes more, then left them to continue setting at room temperature. I couldn't tell you how long it normally takes bars like these to fully release for me but when I checked these bars over 12 hours later they still hadn't fully released, which has never happened before. My question is were these bars likely doomed from the start or is there something I could
  4. Follow up question: have you ever made the chocolate variation of his caramels? The idea of putting the chocolate in at the start frightens me.
  5. Brilliant. Thank you for all of this! I'm going to be able to dip them today but good to know there is a bit of flexibility there.
  6. I've literally just made a batch of Greweling caramels (the condensed milk version) and am looking for some advice about storage. I'm going to be dipping them in chocolate at some point this week. Presumably the earlier the better but how long would the caramel last uncut and undipped? And I suppose I should also ask how long they will last dipped just in case we don't eat them all immediately. Thank you in advance.
  7. Has anyone made the chocolate chip, coffee, and passion fruit cake? I've made pretty much every other layer cake in this and the All About Cake book but have always been a bit wary of that one.
  8. Thanks all! My hairdryer can go back to being completely useless again then.
  9. This is incredibly helpful, thank you! I'll follow this next time.
  10. I couldn't think of a better way to word that! I'm experimenting with adding a very small amount of cocoa butter decoration onto bars I'm making and am not sure whether I should heat the moulds up with a hair dryer as I would for completely bare moulds or just abandoning this step. I would avoid blowing directly onto where the cocoa butter is as much as possible. Thoughts?
  11. I wonder if I am over-concerned about burning my chocolate and could do with leaving it alone a little bit. I'll try scaling back the amount of stirring next time and see what happens. Or I could do the whole process and a vibrating table!
  12. Thank you for all of the advice you've given so far. Really appreciate you all taking the time 😀 I did some tempering today with white chocolate. Here is a video of me stirring near the beginning of the process where you can already see my air bubbleage: https://youtube.com/shorts/39BZjT3JOhI?feature=share And here is what I do: 1. Heat chocolate to 40 degrees in the microwave using short bursts of 20 seconds max and stirring fairly vigorously in between. 2. Leave chocolate to cool down to 34 degrees with minimal stirring. 3. Add in mycyro, stir in
  13. That's the sense I'm getting! I'll upload photos next time I temper.
  14. Absolutely. Why put them in cookies when you can use them in a sundae?
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