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  1. Anybody know what grade Gelatin is best for Gummies? I can find the info online people just say gelatine
  2. Sorry, I am now doing Gelatin as I dont like the Agar Agar its not worth the hassle I may do Agar Agar as a separate one if theres demand eventually. Also I will take a look at those other gummies thank you
  3. I havent made any batches of Gellatin ones, I was trying to make Vegan Friendly ones using Agar Agar, honey, etc. but I found them to be too Jelly like and crumby
  4. Oh okay I see, so if I am using silicone molds, do you recommend leaving them for like 12-24hrs in the mold then taking them out and putting them on a rack to dry for a week or rather leave them in the mold for a week? Also what do you place in the mold before putting the Gummy liquid, starch or oil?
  5. Oh I see, thats really great thank you. You see I do plan to do quantities similar to you, more or less a few kilograms. it does matter slightly as I plan to sell them to a few local delis who are interested. The wax coating isnt something im fixated on if theres a better option Im open to one. Did you not find that coating them in sugar caused them to melt? Bear in mind I am looking for them to last as long as possible preferably more than a few months, not sure if the coating would help that I will be using silicon moulds as it is what I have available however if it works I might consider starch moulds, are they much better for larger quantities of a few kilos?
  6. So for example if I wanted to make 10ml of coating 0.5ml/g of Carnauba flakes and 9.5ml of grapeseed oil?
  7. Thank you so much @Kerry BealI did find that website but I wasnt sure on the exact method that helps a lot thank you.
  8. Hi guys, Im trying to experiment a bit with custom gummies and candies. The Gummy recipe I have seems good but like most store bought, it needs a coating, Im trying to find information but its super hard to come by, do you guys have any idea how to coat them? For example if I want wax coated gummies HOW should I use the Carnauba or Beeswax? And is there a type of Carnauba other than flakes? For the oil coated what oil is used? For example some Haribos seem to be oil coated but what oil?
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