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  1. I’m retired with lots of time to both garden and cook. Canning is a bit of a hobby, and we especially cook a lot of Mexican food (imagine that) and steaks—charred surface and true rare centers. Besides me in the kitchen are my son, DIL, and granddaughters. Two are amazing Hispanic cooks—the third does vegetarian fare, so wok-cooking is a new passion. I also bake quite a bit, so from pies, cakes, and cookies to bread, my oven gets a workout. With all this going on, a new LP gas range is up for consideration. It will replace a JennAire downdraft range, and my island’s current configuration will go away, in favor of some simpler stations. I’m impressed by Blue Star ranges, but need a downdraft vent, so I’ll be browsing appliances for a while. Hit me up with any ideas of how to incorporate all this into a dream retirement kitchen. A 36” range is as big as my kitchen can handle. Can I use a downdraft vent with a free-standing range? Thanks for having me here. Can’t wait to look around! mjhtx47
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