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  1. Hi Liuzhou, Thank you for responding. I doubled checked, sanded(sanding) sugar is the alternative term. It's bigger than the granulated sugar(砂糖), and it's sooooo good😁 Thank you!
  2. Hi Jimbo, Thank you for responding & the questions(which would help but I failed to include 😅) The recipe I use creates a very soft dough, even hours after been in the fridge, the dough is still top soft for rolling. The cookie doesn't spread much while baking. The instruction was to roll on the sugar & use a bottom of a cup to flatten the dough. I'd like the sugar to be on the cookies rather than in the cookies (hope that make sense). I have a salt shaker that looks close to the picture, and I will give it a try. I thought it was too big but I should at
  3. Hi, I am having hard time spreading crystal sprinkle (sand sugar?) evenly on my sugar cookies. With no luck from searching on the net, I get frustrated every time I bake. Frustration causes mistakes, and with even spread it just looks nice, hence my quest on sand sugar sprinkling secret! My operation will be home-based, so space, and money are very limited. Is there a tool, method, or tricks to apply evenly? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hi: I am so excited that a forum like existed with great questions, and contributions, thanks everyone for that. I'm in the process of getting a Cottage food license, and hoping one day(sooner rather than later 😁) that my city will allow microenterprise home kitchen timer operation. I can't wait to share my Asian, and Asian fusion dishes. Popcorn chicken, beef noodles, 2-5 alarm chili, pasta, to name a few. Creme brulee is one of the dishes I serve at our private holiday gathering, and most of my friends love it. Some wants it to go! I was searching f
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