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  1. Great looking forum. Thanks to all who created and contribute to it. And thanks to all who cook and serve and wash dishes. The past year has certainly helped many of us realize how much we appreciate all of you. I’m not a restaurant owner really, or a chef, but I did own a restaurant, sort of, and would like to again. Ten years ago, I bought a building in a small town in rural Connecticut. The reason I bought it was that my friend, a great chef, wanted a restaurant but had lousy credit. I have great credit, and like to cook, but could never run a restaurant. So I bought the building, he ran the business and lived in the apartment upstairs. Last March, in the depth of Covid, he decided he could not do it. He moved out, someone has since moved into the apartment but we have had no luck finding someone who wants to run the restaurant. It seems like there should be folks who would love it. It is a pleasant little town, but not terribly far from Hartford and Providence. The area is stable, and was a great place to ride out a pandemic. I would have thought it would have great appeal to someone from New York City, for example, but have not found anyone. It is fairly inexpensive, I think - $280K to buy the whole property or $2,100 a month to rent the store and apartment and big garage building. Compared to NYC or Boston, seems like nothing. So I guess the reason I’m posting here is to seek advice on finding the right person, or the right place to advertise. Should I post this in the classifieds as well. If I am violating terms, I apologize and will remove the post. But I would really like to see a restaurant again in our town again (this was the only one), most folks in town would like that, and I think there is someone out there who would love to open a business here. How can I find them? Thanks for listening.
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