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  1. I am from Singapore. I did stay in Australia for a while but due to diet restrictions never did try the pies there. The bottom is not doughy just delicate and pale. Will take a photo of it later. I made a 1st batch many moons ago (see the pic) u can see how the bottom has colour and crispy =sturdier. Also I used only shortcrust pastry. Yah I dont blind bake, I see many online dont do it. It is not undercooked just not the right consistency. I suspect it is just too thick! Need to work on my dough rolling. The pies in this pic, I didn’t blind bake them either.
  2. Hi Tdev! thank you. I too love to read and learn from others. Just a beginner here though. Made these last night, slightly too long in the oven. But am very happy with the puff but not so much the short crust pastry. Too dense, perhaps the bottom was too thick. But I was afraid my filling would fall out coz I piled it good!
  3. Hi jimb0! thank you for replying. I have never tasted a proper beef pie before (food restrictions & don’t have them here either). So my experience is based on friends who have had them before, plus it was because of their cravings that I decided to plunge on this. Today, I made a fresh batch, realised I put in the oven too long (slightly darker) and the based although stable was a bit delicate (are short crust supposed to be like this?). Maybe also my based pastry was thick ( but my fillings were plenty)...perhaps I might need to rethink my pastry thickness so the bottom is slightly “crispy”. If you have tips do share! My photo skills and lighting sucks - adds to the dark pastry look too.
  4. Hi! I am new here. Very interested in making pies. Wanting to know the best way to package/ box up pies and the best way to reheat them. Thank you.
  5. I have been baking small pies for self consumptions and recently trying to muster up enough courage to ask friends to try my small (4.5 inches) meat pies. Do I need to completely cool the pie before putting them into a box? Will it make the pies soggy? Or do the box needs holes (ventilation) to allow for steam to escape from the box? I was thinking of putting the pies into a log cake box. When my friends receive these pies what wld be the best temperature to reheat and for how long. My pie based is short crust and top of the pie is rough puff pastry. Thank you all and appreciate the help. A real pie novice here.
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