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  1. Not the I have the money to go crazy right now, but if I could by some miracle wind up catching this little fridge for my ferments and a blender at a steal, I may just lose my mind. I've got one store in town, and another close enough that it'd be worth the drive to catch a little fridge for cheap.
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    I haven't tested it myself because I've been a member for a few years now, but I've been told that anyone can get a single day membership for free once a year if you go to the membership counter and ask for it. Between the quality of their avocado oil (as tested by UC Davis) and the money I save on butter, I can't imagine leaving Costco anytime soon. My partner and I are/were cooks by trade, so we tend to go through an obscene amount of butter, and though the price fluctuates, I'm pretty sure I was paying under $2/lb for standard unsalted butter this last trip. Everything else ends up bei
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