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  1. Ah, thank you! Makes sense as I’ve most often seen it with various quiche recipes.
  2. David, that was the first lasagna I ever made and it’s a great recipe! Still use the basics of it and then add my own variations. Kim, I lived in NYC until about a year or so after college then lived in Portland, OR for a few years got transferred to San Francisco and lived there for almost 15 years. Lived 6 months in France then was in Austin, TX (back to university) for 6 years and now it’s just outside of Seattle. Our daughter would like us to move closer (to Salt Lake) but it’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Seattle is just right! 🤗
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome! Let’s see...where to start...I grew up in areas of New York City where at the time you still had very ethnic neighborhood shops, mainly Italian. So I was exposed to all sorts of foods as a child including organ meats (gives you a clue to the fact that I’m a “senior” 😉 since I think they stopped selling that in the US a while ago). I will eat almost anything except raw tomatoes...which is pretty funny since I grow gorgeous tomatoes but will only eat them cooked in some fashion. As to who do I cook for, it’s just my husband and I and he’s most appreciative of all
  4. Hello, new person here, just joined! Hoping to improve my limited baking skills. Not exactly responding to the topic but since I’ve noticed that you referenced the three different pâtes, I thought I’d ask. I come across recipes which clearly are making a pâté brisée but they add an egg yolk. How does that affect the texture of the pâte? Thank you!
  5. Just joined the forum and looking forward to improving my skills by learning from the members. My grandfather was chef at the Carleton hotel in NY and his brother ( my great uncle) was his pastry chef. Sadly, my grandfather died when I was 2 but I think his love of cooking was passed down in the genes. On my mother’s side, both my grandmother and mother were good traditional French home cooks. So basically I think if I didn’t enjoy cooking, I probably would have been sent back for repairs! Lol I can still remember sitting on my grandmother’s lap and collecting the vegetable peelings to make “d
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