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  1. Thanks both for the continued help! I'll try mixing the colours with white cocoa butter or adding in some titanium dioxide, or as you've mentioned Jim looking out for specifically opaque CBs. Pastrygirl, those have come out great and it definitely seems like the colours are standing out on their own; I'll look at grabbing a couple of Roxy&Rich to test out.
  2. I've been using Squires Cocol so far, as it was easy to get a small pack of several colours; picture attached showing how the orange came out without backing, and the yellow was similarly lost. Looks like Roxy&Rich are fairly cheap to acquire in the UK, so I'll definitely try them if you think they'll come out better than below! I'd love to see some of your work if you have any pictures handy for comparison.
  3. Thanks both for the great responses! Jim, I've got a few larger brushes so I'll have an attempt with those; I'm sure with practice I'll get the hang of it. Pastrygirl, those are good suggestions, and I hadn't thought about sponges! Re the Pollock style of splashing CB onto the moulds, how does one get a bright finish when using dark/milk chocolate? I found that even with bright colours, without a white backing the colour is almost completely lost. Is it worth mixing some white with the other colours before use? Is it possible to colour a small batch of dark/milk with CB before making the shells, or does the colour tend to become too diluted? Thanks again
  4. Hi All, Amateur chocolatier and newbie to the forum here! I've been dabbling for a couple of years but recently have invested in some polycarbonate moulds and coloured cocoa butters, and my first attempts have gone well (picture below), but it'd be nice to have a way to create a full colour backing for more professional finishes. I've seen the various threads about airbrush recommendations, but I've only got a small space to work with and nowhere to set up or store a compressor and the necessary equipment. It's also a considerable investment for what is currently just a hobby. Can anyone recommend a non-airbrush way to create even cocoa butter coatings? It doesn't have to be perfect! I've had various thoughts such as using a spray bottle or simply filling and tipping out the moulds as one would with the shells, but I don't imagine either would be adequate. Thanks, Max
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