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  1. Any suggestions for Japan cuisine influence / teachers in the USA ? As far as I know is Justonecookbook and Hiroko’s Kitchen... any other suggestions ? Thanks!!
  2. Glad to hear the Inmate ice tray works well for you. So the ice cubes from Kokubo is smaller than Inomata ? I couldn't tell the size different form the photos.
  3. That's great! How is it? Do you like it in terms of quality and price range ? Believe the shipping period should be quick for your case.
  4. OIC... therefore, shipping directly from Japan is more efficiency than US warehouse, right ?
  5. If you got it less than a week, I believe they should be sending it from the US warehouse.
  6. $7 for short should be good enough in price, it deliver within 2 weeks ?
  7. Agree, it’s hard to find good and reliable shipping courier with a friendly price.
  8. That’s great! Just wondering how much does it cost for the express shipping?
  9. Nice to meet u here! I heard a lots of great comments regarding to Japanese knives... what is the difference with western knives?
  10. Just wondering what is yr favour cookware and/or kitchen utensils from Japan? I am curious, do we have a big majority of the people who has interest in Japan cookware? ( Am I alone? am i the only one who loves Japan cookware ? ). Please feel free to say HI and share any comments below and will share as such as i could. Any Japan cookware that you ever desire ? Feel free to share... My favour cookware from Japan ; reasons 1. Marble Frying Pan (26cm) ; can use less oil and it's easy to clean even if over cooked. 2. Tusbamesan silicone kitchen tools ; high temp
  11. Will you consider another brand ? How about Inomata mini ice trays ( 48 small grain per tray) , just let me if you interested, thanks!
  12. Thank you for your sharing! Umamimart has a lot of Japan cookware. And believe it should be high quality and durable since they made in Japan.
  13. Just wondering, do you have any particular size, shape that you looking for?
  14. I saw a multiple mandolins with the box underneath, looks alike easy to use and clean. Have you seen it before?
  15. Oic... so it’s still doable when preparing food, right ?
  16. That’s tremendously speed of delivery for your orders! With wide range in price.
  17. How long does Korin to delivery usually ? within 2 weeks ?
  18. @ElsieDAnything wrong with Bron mandolin ? problems with application or different to clean ( i saw many comments that is hard to clean ). Thanks!
  19. It’s very nice ! How long does it take to delivery after purchased ? Due to pandemic issue, many stores takes long periods of time to deliver ....
  20. All in all, totally agree with you that Korin do well covered most of the items i need. Thanks a bunch!
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