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  1. Any suggestions for Japan cuisine influence / teachers in the USA ? As far as I know is Justonecookbook and Hiroko’s Kitchen... any other suggestions ? Thanks!!
  2. Glad to hear the Inmate ice tray works well for you. So the ice cubes from Kokubo is smaller than Inomata ? I couldn't tell the size different form the photos.
  3. That's great! How is it? Do you like it in terms of quality and price range ? Believe the shipping period should be quick for your case.
  4. OIC... therefore, shipping directly from Japan is more efficiency than US warehouse, right ?
  5. If you got it less than a week, I believe they should be sending it from the US warehouse.
  6. $7 for short should be good enough in price, it deliver within 2 weeks ?
  7. Agree, it’s hard to find good and reliable shipping courier with a friendly price.
  8. That’s great! Just wondering how much does it cost for the express shipping?
  9. Nice to meet u here! I heard a lots of great comments regarding to Japanese knives... what is the difference with western knives?
  10. Just wondering what is yr favour cookware and/or kitchen utensils from Japan? I am curious, do we have a big majority of the people who has interest in Japan cookware? ( Am I alone? am i the only one who loves Japan cookware ? ). Please feel free to say HI and share any comments below and will share as such as i could. Any Japan cookware that you ever desire ? Feel free to share... My favour cookware from Japan ; reasons 1. Marble Frying Pan (26cm) ; can use less oil and it's easy to clean even if over cooked. 2. Tusbamesan silicone kitchen tools ; high temp resist and most important, it will NOT stick and stretch any cookware.
  11. Will you consider another brand ? How about Inomata mini ice trays ( 48 small grain per tray) , just let me if you interested, thanks!
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