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  1. I travelled 2400 miles to meet these people... Oh wait, I've already been IN the Fresser mobile Cat
  2. Is there still room for one more on the Saturday night event, or is it full? Thanks, Cat
  3. I'm 100% there and very much looking forward to it Cat EDIT - I responded before reading the whole thread, my bad I'm in for everything as I'm going to fly in Thursday afternoon and leave Sunday night. I have multiple free places to stay, so that won't be a problem. Also whatever the price of different events is fine too. Thanks *SO* much for organizing this!
  4. I'm going to be NYC April 10th and would like to stop in for 1) a Pegu Cup, 2) a Sidecar, 3) a Corpse Reviver and 4) a cab to take my drunk butt back to my hotel. How easy/hard is it to get in and what time should I try? TIA, Cat Portland, OR
  5. I haven't been to an e-Gullet Chicago event since I moved away from Chi-town to Portland, OR three years ago. I *will* however be flying back for this one so count me in. I'm very much looking forward to it! Cat in Portland
  6. I called today to try and make a Thanksgiving dinner reservation at Craft. They didn't have any open spots but said they could take us at Craftsteak instead. I mentioned this on another foodboard, and was told that Craftsteak wasn't nearly as good as Craft and that I should try for some place else. There are five of us having dinner, but traditional Thanksgiving food is not important. I'm looking more for upscale, but also good quality. I'm the only one in the group for whom food is a major importance, so this is the one meal on the trip that my friends are going to allow me to run free with. Technically price isn't an issue, but if they have a wine list that has some bargins on it, that would help tremendously. Suggestions are greatly appreciated, as I probably need to make a new reservation in the next day or so. Thanks! Cat
  7. I too strongly recommend Teardrop. It's at NW 10th & Everett in the Pearl district and probably one of the best places for cocktails in Portland. I've been there three times now, and have been very happy with the drinks each time. The first time I was there was their first 'official' opening day so there weren't very many customers. Daniel the owner {I think there are two owners, but Daniel is the only one I've interacted with} served my friend and I and asked what we wanted. I didn't even look at the drink list, just said, "I like bitter, little to no sweet and complicated." He then made me three drinks in a row that were each different, interesting and delicious. Although I did like drinks two and three better then drink one, they were all wonderful. I've since been in there two more times and he has recoginized me and remembered what I liked. I don't think he has ever made me the same drink twice, as they are always creating new bitters, tonics, mixers, etc. When you sit down they give you a little food amuse, which I've liked. I've never ordered off the food menu though and only know one friend who has. She wasn't wild about the food, but I've only been there for drinks and can't rate the menu. You know those people that you meet in the service industry that truly seem to love what they do and try to do everything first rate? That's how I think of Daniel and Teardrop. I live on the east side of the river, and Teardrop is on the west. But if they were closer to me, I'd be the drunken barfly they had to pour into a cab every night Cat
  8. Thank you everyone one, it was very nice to hear the different opinions and that aided in me making my choice. This dinner is the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, so unless the restaurant isn't open, we're going to go with Casa. {And in one of those strange flutes of life/it's a small world - my friend that lived in Brazil now lives in Germany and is flying in to NYC for the weekend. She's the one that especially wanted Brazilian food that week, so I sent her the link to this restaurant. She has only been to NYC twice, and one of those times ate here and loved it. Go figure...} Thanks for your time, Cat
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone - it's appreciated. I also posted this request on the Portland, OR food board, as a lot of our posters are ex-east coasters (like myself) and someone recommended, Casa http://www.casarestaurant.com/ Is anyone familiar with this restaurant? Looking at the website it appears to have the quality that I'm looking for. Thanks, Cat
  10. Three of my friends and I are spending Thanksgiving week in NYC. One of them used to live in Brazil for 5 years, and one of the other ones has visited there often. They would like to eat at a Brazilian restaurant while we are on our trip and I'm looking for some opinions. I searched Chowhound and found: Via Brazil Delicia Zebu Grill How do people feel about these three? I used to eat at a restaurant in DC called The Grill From Ipanema, so if any of you know that place, something of that quality level would be great. Thanks, Cat
  11. Thanks to those who responded - this is a big help! Cat
  12. I'm shocked to hear that Fenouil serves Paella! I've got to check out their menu again as I thought they focused on French/NW dishes, not Spanish. I *really* must be out of the loop! Cat
  13. Has anyone been on a culinary tour of Thailand? And I don't mean in a bus with the polyester set, I mean a small group traveling with a Thai food expert? If yes, what were your thoughts about the quality of the food and the knowledge of the guide? Thanks, Cat
  14. You souldn't be disapointed, both dark, er... I mean clarklewis and Andina are good. The first time I ate at Andina I did not have a very good main course, but we were there for a co-worker's going away party and there were 20+ of us for lunch. I have since be back twice and had excellent meals both times. At clarklewis I wasn't crazy about how the lamb was prepared, although it had very good flavor, I wouldn't order it again. Everything else I've had there was very good and I find the space to be romantic in a *non* cutesy-pie way. Cat
  15. I have been there for both lunch and dinner but never the Sunday brunch. Has anyone been lately and have an opinion? Thanks, Cat
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