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  1. Expanding the thread of non-ganache chocolatiers ... Purity Candy chocolates are all handmade and delicious. I am particularly fond of their chocolate-covered nuts. You'll find Purity well off the beaten path in Allenwood, PA, on US 15 between Williamsport (home of Little League) and Lewisburg (home of Bucknell U.). If you're wondering why the names Allenwood and Lewisburg sound familiar, it may be because they're home to some (in)famous federal penitentiaries.
  2. I meant to ask earlier: Whose pots do you love and find yourself using or pining for? Is there a "sleeper" to look out for?
  3. What a tremendous response, and thank you! The replies have been very insightful. The comment about "heavily hyped products" prompts me to ask whether All-Clad is worth the money or whether it's the next Calphalon: over-promoted and overrated. Adding to the stockpot discussion, I recently had to replace my workhorse 20q pot after about 10 years b/c the bottom warped. I, too, balked at All-Clad's $300+ price tag for an equivalent pot. I went to the local kitchen store and bought a nice heavy-bottomed pot for under $100. Finally, I don't want it to seem like I'm looking for inexpensive pots. I'll gladly spend the money on good pots. I'm mostly interested, as we all are, in getting the best value for the dollar. Pots from Target??? I just don't know.
  4. The time has come to finally replace the set of crappy Farberware pots I've had for more than 15 years. I'm interested, I think, in a cookware set b/c of better value. However, I find I use 1q and 3q saucepots, 10" saute, and 6q stockpot the most. I have several specialized pieces of All-Clad, which I think are excellent, esp. the large braiser. I also have 4q and 9q Le Creuset, which really heat evenly. My 8" Berndes non-stick fry pan is superior to the Le Creuset, and my 10" Calphalon non-stick fry pan is utilitarian. Sitram is intriguing and unbelievably well-priced. How about an 11-pc set from Costco.com, of all places, for $179.99! All-Clad sets are extremely expensive and often filled with pieces I just won't use. In reading a 2002 thread on this forum, I saw some folks mention Tramontina, carried by Sam's Club. What to do, what to do? May I have your comments and/or comparisons of Sitram, All-Clad, and Tramontina?
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