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  1. Whoops, should have added an emoji or something to indicate that I was joking about an unacceptable situation, not suggesting that you should actually be glad. The communal wisdom over on Reddit seems to be to get an aluminum jelly roll pan (10" x 15") for high heat cooking and some third party stainless steel pans that just happen to exactly fit on the racks for low heat cooking. The racks the APO ships with sure seem to be repurposed wire grids of the size that goes inside half sheet pans. They have a tendency to jam in the rack supports. Some people have found other half sheet pan wire grid
  2. Hey, at least you got a pan with yours! Some people in early batches received ovens with no pans or even no racks.
  3. The descale light is time-based. I think they even say as much in the documentation.
  4. Maybe. That sounds a) like a defect and b) specifically like a problem someone on Reddit had, although in their case it was accompanied by the oven itself not getting up to temperature. Is yours also like that?
  5. It's a known issue, the workaround is to turn off the fan. There have been a couple of threads about it in the CombiSteamOven community on Reddit. Holding low temp in APO: Turn fan off and APO temperature swing and Bread proof temperature fail? I set the temperature at 77F but it went up to 87F are the ones I found.
  6. Anything specific that I'm trying to cook, hmm. I saw a post somewhere else in which the poster was proudly showing off the cheesecake they'd made in the APO at 300°F with 50% humidity, and it had the kind of spatter of dark spots across the top that I associate with convection fans blowing the heck out of delicate things. I went ahead and ordered the APO, but I'm curious as to whether any APO owners have noticed this effect and if so, what your workarounds are.
  7. My CSO shut off in the middle of a bake a few days ago and won't turn back on. I let it cool down for several hours, drained all the water I could get to, let it dry out, and tried plugging it into a different outlet. Results: nothing. It won't even turn on and display the time. I know some people on this forum have done repairs to their CSOs, but has anyone successfully brought theirs back from not turning on at all? Relatedly, it turns out my CSO is still under warranty. I've gathered from this thread that since the CSO has been discontinued, Cuisinart gives you store credit for
  8. My Cuisinart CSO just croaked, poor thing won't even turn on. I'm looking for a larger countertop combi-steam oven as a replacement/upgrade instead of getting a NOS Cuisinart CSO because I'd really like to be able to have several trays of food going at the same time, which just doesn't work in the Cuisinart CSO. I'm trying to decide between the larger F. Blumlein (the JU-3200), the smaller F. Blumlein (the JU-2500), or the Anova Precision Oven. Anyone have words of wisdom for me? I'm a little worried that the Anova will turn out to be a pricey mistake for me because I've read that
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