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  1. fried egg, smells awful ... but delicious.
  2. Some products are missing from UK supermarkets because there are not enough drivers and the problems related to covid and brexit. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/shopping/supermarkets-pingdemic-empty-food-shortage-21115363 Also there are also closing car factories due to a shortage of microchips.
  3. Why do you want to complicate using a different technique to get the same result? Maybe out of curiosity, but it has to be sticky in hot environments.
  4. I only bought a Japanese Tojiro knife on Amazon which was shipped to me from Japan.
  5. When I see more laurel branches, it is at the festival of "Palm Sunday". When I was a kid, we hung these donuts from San Blas.
  6. Google, forums and Youtube are the places to learn for me.
  7. I hope you get better soon. Household accidents are common and people do not think about it.
  8. I used dried bay in only 1 recipe in my live... and this the most popular food in my town, a tuna stew with potatoes and laurel.
  9. In Spain, sugar comes from beetroots. I read that the USA border citizens try to get coca cola from México, because it is made from cane sugar and not corn syrup. I try always to use moscovado sugar for everything.
  10. It has never disappeared in Europe, I ate it last year and it was the same as always. Yes, it was famous and luxurious as a kid, a lot of marketing. The only problem for me is not that the chocolate melts in my mouth, and it would be better if it had nuts.
  11. When I was young there was a few ice cream cakes, but now there are very nice frozen cakes better than the viennetta.
  12. I have this one, very cheap, with good precision, but it goes up and down slowly.
  13. Elkyfr

    Cooking with Beer

    I only used beer to cook chorizo. I had fish and chips when I visited London, and I thought they were joking when they told me that the secret is beer.
  14. It is like when I think about to make a list of my favourite food... wine, pizza, cheese, ice cream, cookies... and when I organise for the most I like... wine is top, not drunk.
  15. Elkyfr

    Caramelized onions

    For burgers is delicious, and very easy to make.
  16. Elkyfr

    Cooking with Beer

    There are recipes for batter that contains beer... and deep fry, delicious for fish.
  17. Rice is not in my habitual diet... Sometimes in rice pudding, delicious. My diet normally is greens and proteins... Ans one day a week everything I want to eat.
  18. Elkyfr

    Hot Chocolate

    I make simple, milk, sugar moscovado, chocolate and butter. For churros I use cornstarch to make it thicker.
  19. It is common the restaurants grow their own herbs and flowers... I remember for one michelin star restaurant were growing edible flowers on the backyard, because they bought each flower for 1 dollar.
  20. I have not changed my diet in this year, only I could not go to eat in restaurants. I am working for a food company, and the production ready meals was increased. People had more time and not engaged in the kitchen.
  21. Elkyfr


    Anyone tried a silicone mold in the oven to make waffles? Is it good as the iron? In New York there is a truck food making waffles and putting on top meat and complements, and the people bend it and eat, like a taco.
  22. It looks like the rice in restaurants, "half cooked", but I do not think it is a good idea of soaking to rehydrate and become fresh pasta. The chefs cooks the pasta from dry in tv programs.
  23. I have never seen this bombs, it will be nice in these cold winter, when we are cover with a sheet on the sofa, and playing with balls in hot milk, to make nice instant hot chocolate.
  24. Seafood? It is something that was on the table as a family ... with beef and cod. Happy Christmas!
  25. Wine, If you consider it as food, which is pure grape juice ... usually products that are not usually common, such as bonbons. and caramelised almonds, almost everyone loves them.
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