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  1. I didn't need to pose my question, the answer was already here. I was boiling a couple eggs in my little Calphalon saucepot when I got distracted. Luckily I don't think it was on the heat for very long without water. There were white specs inside the pot on the bottom. After allowing it to cool I cleaned it with dish soap and a blue Scotchbrite and the spots came right off, but I still questioned the safety of the pot. I'm no longer worried about it. Thanks for the informative thread.
  2. Hello everybody! I came across your website by chance when trying to find out online, if my Calphalon saucepan is okay after I may have ruined it. So that will be my first post if I am validated. I am retired, living alone and have two daughters who live nearby. This pandemic is so hard on everyone, especially businesses. And for those who love to cook for their loved ones, it's difficult too. I love to cook for others but even enjoy cooking when no one else is around. Sometimes I do make a family-size entrée and freeze part of it. It does seem like I am buying and cooking food a lot of the time though 😉 I appreciate the security here. Thanks for your consideration. -- Joy
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