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  1. The problem is that the Persian rice cooker can cook at least 150g of rice, but I have a smaller one that can cook 100g - 150g. Which fits much better for a one person household.
  2. I had this rice cooker before.: https://safran-eu.de/sonstiges/haushaltsgeraete/1095/reiskocher-2-personen-pars-khazar Although it looks almost the same, it worked as described above. The new one is much better it seems to have a temperature sensor. Only when the water has evaporated does the timer start running. And it is permanently on boil. Unfortunately, I can therefore not write down the time interval. However, my problem has been solved, I was only interested in not having two devices for almost the same purpose lying around in my kitchen. The only pity is that there are no Persian rice cookers that are reasonably manufactured, it all looks very cheap. I'm not sure anymore how this thing works.
  3. I bought a Persian rice cooker: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07TZFV6LN/ I will write down the time interval when I get it.
  4. I mean with a small piece of wood to keep the switch in the cooking position and prevent it from going to the warm position when the thermostat is triggered.
  5. I want to cook it normally first until the water evaporates. Then block the switch and turn on the timer. Now it must turn on and off several times (the rice should then be ready after 45 minutes). How often and how long it goes on and off during this time I would need to know. But I will just try it out
  6. I still think what I had in mind could work. The biggest problem might be that the rice cookers are not designed to get over 100 degrees. The device could be damaged I also could buy this device, which can do both: https://www.reishunger.de/produkt/1422/digitaler-mini-reiskocher but it's to expensive for me. Persian rice cookers have just not at all the function that they turn off when the water has evaporated. But only a timer, which is not good for Asian cuisine.
  7. Hello, There are these Persian rice stoves that can prepare rice with crust. Unfortunately, they are not so good at cooking normal rice. So I want to make my rice stove a Persian one. The Persian only heats for a certain amount of time and then turns off, then heats again. After an hour you have rice with crust. Does anyone know the time interval what is used? I would then just buy a digital timer, cook rice and then block the switch and turn on the timer. Unfortunately, I would need the time interval. Maybe someone has such a stove and can observe it.
  8. Hello, I am looking for a specific sauce. You can store it in the refrigerator for some time. The consistency is very liquid, like soy sauce The color is dark almost black I tasted the sauce in Vietnam at a Chinese cook It may well be that it is a Chinese recipe that has been adapted, or simply an own creation. In it float chilis and onions It is very oily It tastes nutty and is not sweet at all It goes well with steak and vegetables It is very hot Does anyone have an idea what it could be, or a similar recip Unfortunately, he has only very superficially slipped me what is in it. What is contained in any case: Onions that you let get black Soy sauce Oyster sauce Sambal red Thai curry Chili's Sesame Oil what might still be in there: Carpern Cardamon
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