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  1. any of you guys ever used the hybrid dust alone to color cocoa butter? How much of that powder ratio wise would need to be used? I need to make copper color. The hybrid dust copper color is a lot more expensive then the normal food colors and only come in 25g containers. Is it still the same 10% ratio? Therefore 25g of powder would only yield 250g of copper cocoa butter which then makes no financial sense and I would be better off just buying the already made bottle of copper color?
  2. Quick question here guys about capping. How do you guys manage to get perfectly clean bottoms for your bonbon each times? We tend to often get this problem, some bleeding of the ganache through the cap. This is a simple coffee ganache - chocolate infused cream and butter. Seems to happen to us often. Is it simply due to overfill? Should the ganache be put in the mold at a certain temp, should we chill the ganache before capping? Would appreciate any of you guys tricks. Cheers
  3. Hi guys, as a follow up to my above post, we made the orange CB this weekend, here is the result product (pumpkin spice flavor in a pumpkin or nipple design- you choose) , I find the 1g of hybrid sparkle dust (mica) did not give add much sparkle to the end product but you see it's in there.
  4. Sweet Market distribution? nerver heard of these guys, do you have a website or contact info for them we would love to check them out. Can't seem to find them via the good old google search!
  5. Nice, just saw your also Ont, CA. Will be nice to meet some day once this Covid time passes. Anywhere that you source powder colors / bonbon making supplies in the GTA? so far we have been getting it online from Qc stores, we know of signaturefinefoods but hard to get there during the week due to a full time non chocolate related job.
  6. Hi all, SUPER useful thread and glad to see it's still alive after so many years. 1st post form me. We have been experimenting lately with making our own CB colors with R&R powders - initially lot's of issues with transparency and peak through of the dark chocolate affecting the outcome. But adding TiO2 white powder to the colors seem to have helped a lot. And also adding a back coating of white as needed. Next will be to add some hybrid sprakles dust and / or lustre powders we just purchased and see if we can recreate this "pearl" effect to the color. Need to make a new batch of Orange color so will try 100g CB + 10g Orange + 2g TiO2 + 1g sparkle super pearl dust and see what happens. The science of chocolate making is interesting to me and my wife is the artist so we are experimenting at this stage. We spray with a 0.5mm nozzle This is the most recent creation of a mint bonbon with green emerald powder that had some TiO2 added to it so it sort of became a different green after the TiO2 was added. Does anyone have recommendations on using the lustre and sparkle dusts?
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