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  1. Hey Guys, I run a pizzerria back in India & I'm looking for a place to source a counter from. I have half a mind to give my Pizzerria have an open ambience, as such I wanted customers to be able to see the kneading and base making process. The pizzerria has two stone ovens which are operational 24*7. I wanted to have a great quality counter placed right in front of these ovens where customers would be able to see their pizza bases fly. I needed help/suggestions/inputs from you guys on how to proceed with sourcing one of these counters. The one's I am looking to source locally are turning out to be quite expensive since they will be handmade. There are a few suppliers of restaurant bar counters (Link) in India that are providing a very competitive price, although I am not too sure whether I should go ahead with this. Any suggestions?
  2. While this does seem quite ingenious. Any sort of plastic that is heated either in boiling water or upfront poses significant carciogenic hazards. I have to agree with @TicTacon this. Do it the hard way but do it right.
  3. Since you mentioned cheap and young couples, I would have to recommend to keep chips and dips. I'd done something very similar last year - I'm a masters student myself & I had arranged for a somewhat less glamorous party. But yeah, chips & dips, truckloads of hummus, garlic dip + spicy dip is something that most people always like. you can't go wrong with this.
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